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The various breadth feats give you an additional spell slot of each level spell you can cast except for your highest two spell levels. Is this intended to include the highest level spell slots you gained from archetypes, or does it include those gained from your main class?

Either way, I hope the wording could be changed to make it explicit which limit is intended.

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"Highest spell level you can cast" only includes spell slots from the archetype for which you're taking the Breadth feat. Take a look at Wizard Dedication:

You can cast more arcane spells each day. Increase the spell slots you gain from wizard archetype feats by 1 for each spell level other than your two highest spell levels. For example, at 8th level you could prepare two level 1 spells, one level 2 spell, and one level 3 spell.

The "from your wizard archetype feats" is meant to apply to everything, including "your two highest spell levels." The example supports this interpretation, for it lacks any explanation of what happens if you're able to cast higher spell levels because of your class or another multiclass chain.

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