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Creating a Character

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I wrote up this table for randomly selecting a character to create... but I'm unlikely to ever actually get to use it so... here:

Ancestry: To randomly determine Ancestry, roll 1d6 and consult the following table.
1. Dwarf
2. Elf
3. Gnome
4. Goblin
5. Halfling
6. Human
Heritage: To randomly determine Heritage, roll 1d4 and consult one of the following tables.
1. Ancient-Blooded
2. Desert Dwarf
3. Stronghearted Dwarf
4. Unburdened Dwarf
1. Arctic Elf
2. Cavern Elf
3. Keen-Eared Elf
4. Jungle Elf
1. Bleachling
2. Deep Gnome
3. Fell Gnome
4. Sharp-Nosed Gnome
1. Bigbelly Goblin
2. Inflammable Goblin
3. Razortooth Goblin
4. Snow Goblin
1. Gutsy Halfling
2. Jungle Halfling
3. Nomadic Halfling
4. Twilight Halfling
1. Half-Elf
2. Half-Orc
3. Skilled Human
4. Versatile Human

Background: To randomly determine Background, roll 1d20 and consult the following table.
1. Acolyte
2. Acrobat
3. Animal Whisperer
4. Barkeep
5. Blacksmith
6. Criminal
7. Entertainer
8. Farmhand
9. Gladiator
10. Hunter
11. Laborer
12. Merchant
13. Noble
14. Nomad
15. Pathfinder Hopeful (DD 3)
16. Sailor
17. Scholar
18. Scout
19. Street Urchin
20. Warrior
Class: To randomly determine Class, roll 1d12 and consult the following table.
1. Alchemist
2. Barbarian
3. Bard
4. Cleric
5. Druid
6. Fighter
7. Monk
8. Paladin
9. Ranger
10. Rogue
11. Sorcerer
12. Wizard

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Time to give this a whirl.

I am, a...

Half-elf noble cleric. how wonderfully functional.
So, just for fun...

I think I'll be a half-drow positive energy cleric of Lamashtu, and I'll burn my level one ancestry feat on otherworldly magic (dancing lights). I'll take family domain, and pump cha and wis for a support role.

So probably... 10 str, 12 dex, 10 con, 12 int, 18 wis, 16 cha

For skills, I think I'd have Diplomacy, Deception, Intimidation Medicine, Religion, Survival, Lore (nobility)

CE team mum.

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Hey hey ! I wanna play too ! =D

*rolls dices*

Hmm... a Keen-Eared Elf Street Urchin Fighter. My dices are feeling classic today.

I would probably be some kind of brute for a thief guild, or a mercenary, whose main job is to scout, guard and scare/hit things if needed.

Stats :
STR 16
DEX 16
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 10
CHA 12

My goal was to max out Strength at first, but I also wanted a good Constitution to take more hits. Dex came as high nearly on its own. And a bit of Charisma to help with intimidation.

Skills (by order of importance) :
1 : Intimidation
Class : Athletics
2 : Thievery
3 : Stealth
4 : Society
5 : Acrobatics

Some well round out street fighter. I'm really glad the fighter now gets 4+INT trained skills, it helps making a fun concept not revolving around Athletics and Acrobatics only. I would probably increase Intimidation as I level up, followed by Athletics and then Thievery.

Feats :
Nimble (no other lvl 1 feat except Weapon Familiarity was particularly fancy, and Weapon Familiarity is not needed for a Fighter)
Sudden Charge (can be swapped with Combat Grab if I end up using a one-hand weapon, but Sudden Charge is a more safe pick since it doesn't have requirements)


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A Deep Gnome Nomad Barbarian... I'm not sure what to do with that.
S :16
D :12
C :16
I :10
W :10
Captured and kept as a pet by deuregar he adopted some of their methods as he was forced to fight for their amusement. Eventually escaping his captors by befriending an infant Dallo that dug him a path to freedom. From then on he wandered winding cavern mazes weighing how safe the places he's traveled were versus where he is now.

So, Titan Mauler, infant Dallo as a familiar through animal accomplice. Survival, Deception, Athletics, Intimidate, Stealth, and subteranean lore from nomad.

This is pretty entertaining. Thanks for the randomizer.

Scarab Sages

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Hey that seems fun !
My turn !

So I'm a Nomadic Halfling with the Street Urchin background and I decided to be a Fighter.

So since I'm Nomadic I speak Common, Halfling and ... let's say Dwarves.

For the first feat I will go with Sure Footed since I expect to fight a lot on roof or other uneven places in cities.


For : 10
Dex : 18
Con : 14
Int : 10
Sag : 14
Cha : 12

Skill :
Trained in Acrobatics
Trained in Thievery
Trained in Society
Trained in Stealth
Trained in Deception
Lore : Underworld

I'm not quite strong so I will try to pick agile Weapon and go down the dual-sword fighting style. I will try to make up my lack of damage by having two attack that have more chances to hit.

So I pick Double-slice as first Class feat. After that I will pick something to use distance weapon because there is nothing for twin fight at level level 2, then Twin Parry at level 4.

For defense I will most likely go with light armor, probably Studded leather since I have hight Dext and I expect to sneak and hide. Maybe try to get on in Mithral to avoid the check penalty.

At some point I will pick "DISTRACTING SHADOWS" and "Very Sneaky" so that I could use this rountine in fight :
- Hide behind someone taller than me (easy, and not restricted to allies)
- Move to get to someone that lost sight of me because of the previous action.
- Use double-slice on the flat-footed guys. (Does it still work for the second attack in double slice though ?)

Edit : (I just noticed that doesn't work, unless you are gobelin with the "Very Sneaky" feat).
I'm too lazy to found something else.

Almarane wrote:

Hmm... a Keen-Eared Elf Street Urchin Fighter. My dices are feeling classic today.

We definitely know each other !

Friend or foe ?

Probably foe.
I may have been someone that had to steal to survive but I despise brutish people. I may start has Chaotic Neutral, but the more I will witness bad people doing wrong to innocent, the more I will stand against them. Probably ending Chaotic Good (depending on how you view alignement though).

Some kind of mix between Robin Hoods and Batman.

Rogue would probably have been way better though but I kinda can pull it off I guess.
Maybe teaming with an actual Rogue is the better solution.

Anyway that was fun to test this randomization.

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If we're making this a game; I suppose I just have to play too!
I am a... *rolls some dice* Bleachling Gnome Warrior-Druid.

"Silverbeard of Bag" – Bleachling Gnome Warrior-Druid.
Abilities Str 10 Dex 12 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 18 Cha 12
Druidic Order Animal (has 4 SP; can cast Heal Animal for 1 SP)
Proficiencies Perception (T), Fortitude (E), Reflex (T), Will (E), Simple Weapons & Scimitar (T).
Skills (all Trained) Athletics (B), Diplomacy, Nature (B), Stealth, Survival, Warfare Lore (B)
Feats Animal Speaker (B), Animal Accomplice (Raven) (1st), Quick Repair (B), Animal Companion (Wolf) (B).
Starting Gear (4 B; 3 L) Oaken Staff (0 sp; 1 B), Oaken Heavy Shield (1 gp; 1 B; 3 Hardness), Oaken Breastplate (8 gp; 2 B) and Gauntlets (4 sp; 2 L), Adventurer's Kit (1 gp; 1 B)*, Holly and Mistletoe, Repair Kit (3 gp; 1 B)*, Saddlebags (2 sp; 1 L)*, and Coins (14 sp).
*(Carried by companion)
Backstory Silverbeard is an ex-tactician who was exiled from his homeland for starting a bloody civil war. Cast out and traumatized, he wandered an unfamiliar forest for decades. Living off the land, and avoiding the many unfamiliar peoples he encountered. Eventually he became one with the forest, and it revealed its primal secrets to him. His newfound bond with nature allowed him to survive the Bleaching. However he wasn't the same gnome he once was; he'd forgotten his name and much of his past. "Silverbeard" is just what the few tallfolk he's spoken to called him.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Half-orc pathfinder hopeful wizard... Oh, this is fun.

Str 16 Dex 12 Con 12 Int 16 Wis 10 Cha 12
Alignment: CN
Languages: Common, Draconic, Orcish
Skills: Arcana, Athletics, Lore (Pathfinders), Society, Survival
Gear: Greataxe, spellbook, other gear
Ancestry feat: Orc Weapon Training
Arcane school: Transmutation
Arcane focus: Copy of the Pathfinder Chronicles
Cantrips known: Detect magic, light, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, produce flame, read aura, shield, sigil, tanglefoot
1st level spells known: Alarm, fleet step, floating disk, magic weapon, ray of enfeeblement, shocking grasp, true strike, unseen servant
Typical spells prepared: Alarm, magic weapon, shocking grasp

Backstory: Born to a tribe of orcs in the Hold of Belkzen, Xegurn was valued for his intelligence - and feared for it. Never quite fitting in, his destiny changed forever when he was part of a raid that involved the deaths of several Pathfinders. Books recovered on raids were generally considered "the smart bastard's problem"; in this case, among them were a spellbook and a copy of the Pathfinder Chronicles. Enthralled both by the potential of arcane magic and the stories of derring-do and wonder, Xegurn fled his tribe - determined to one day have stories written about his own deeds.

Character progression: Definitely takes barbarian dedication at 2nd level; after leaving his tribe he devoted himself to arcane study and let his martial skill wane (except for his trusty greataxe), but once he has mastered the basics he resolves to draw on the strength of both worlds. Focuses on taking feats that enhance his combat prowess backed by spells that do the same.

As an aside: That took me less than an hour, although I didn't really do gear. Not bad for 1st level character creation. I might actually play this character if I get the chance.

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Twilight Halfing Sailor- Ranger

Str-8 Dex-18 Con-14 Int-10 Wis-16 Cha-12
Alignment: CN
Languages: Common, Halfling
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Nature, Stealth, Survival, Thievery
Gear: Handcrossbow, Bandoleer of Knives, Beltpouch of Caltrops
Ancestry feat: Lucky Halfling
Ranger Abilities:Hunt Target
Ranger Feat: Crossbow Ace

Raised on Dockside, Gavin learned how work ships. It wasnt always glorious but he knew one day a ship would be what took him away from here. So the day that he found a crew looking for "Someone small who could climb and was not afraid of the dark" he signed up.

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Inflammable Goblin Nomad Fighter; Meet Rickzor Torch

Str-14 Dex-18 Con-14 Int-10 Wis-8 Cha-14

Alignment: CN
Deity: Is inspired by both Cayden Cailean and Rovagug (the carefree impulsive nature of Cayden and the lust for fire and destruction from Rovagug)
Languages: Common, Goblin
Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Intimidation, Stealth, Survival
Gear: Rapier, Hide, Several bottles of Alchemist's Fire and standard travel equipment
Ancestry feat: Burn It
Fighter Abilities: Attack of Opportunity
Fighter Feat: Combat Grab
Skill Feat: Assurance (survival), Lore (Jungle)

A goblin that tends to get lost while traveling around, earlier he spend a lot of time in the jungle (being lost) where his fascination with fire cost him several burns on his body, but kept most of the dangerous animals away from him. Despite his lack of thinking things through it tends to go alright for him regardless. His impulsive nature gets people interested in listening to him and travel with him to begin with. He is however a liar, cheat and a bit of a bad guy if it serves his purpose. In combat he will likely throw an alchemist's fire or two before moving in closer and poking people and keeping them from dropping and rolling to get the fire out. He has a habit of throwing the bombs even though allies or himself is in the splash zone.

This is a pretty fun game :)

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