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Im starting in a new PF2 Campaign in a week or so, and am trying to decide between two characters. So far party make up is a Monk, a Chiurgeon Alchemist, a Swashbuckler, and an Ancient Elf "Ranged" Ranger/Druid with a Bear Companion. Myself and 1 other has not decided yet.

First Option:
Half Elf Champion taking Elf Atavism- Ancient to get Bard Dedication. Use a Fauchard Fork and Shield Spell with the Paladin Tenet and Ranged Reprisal at lvl 1 for a Front Liner who can move around the field and strike to punish a foe attacking the skirmishers. Get Inspired Defense at lvl 8 for more Defense and DR for everyone.

Stats: Str 18 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 8 Wis 8 Cha 14

Second Option:
Halfling Universalist Wizard with Arcane Thesis Spell Substitution. Picking Familiar at lvl 1 from Universalist and then Rogue Dedication at lvl 2 and Find Traps at lvl 4. Im thinking using Aid or Familiar along with spells to fill out his 3 actions. Possible problem is stepping on the Swashbucklers toes. Though I know he cant find traps. Using Spell Substitution I can trade out for utility spells as needed and with Trick Magic Item I can really up my utility with different wands or scrolls we might find.

Stats: Str 8 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 18 Wis 14 Cha 10

The Campaign is set on an Island that has risen from the ocean and is full of ancient ruins and wildlands. We are being paid to help start up a Settlement on the island. So there will be few shops, but a good bit of downtime on ship sailing back and forth to the mainland. So either the Wizard option or the Alchemist can use that time to create magic items.

Is there anything I am missing or thinking wrongly here? Im not 100% on the rules yet. We have not played since the Playtest and our last campaign finally ended. I can answer more questions as they get asked.

I think Cantrips should just be 1 action casts. Either Verbal or Somatic. Then have them take a Multi Cast Penalty the same as the Mult Attack Penalty.

Yes they can now cast multiple spells in a round. Yes You could get a Fireball and then a Fire Ray (for lack of a better term for an actual Cantrip) in a round. I dont do math so I cant tell if its unbalanced or not but I feel it would bring Cantrips in line with. Or heck just add in a tag line that you can only do so if you have not cast a 1st level spell or higher.

I wouldnt use it but thats just me. Im not a fan of hurting myself to use my class abilities.

First 2 combats of the Night with me Raging and I roll a 2 twice. So 2 rounds of Rage. That was some BS right there. The exact reason I dont like the variable Rage thing. I know my rolls haha

Interesting and I would like to know more

Well with it being Concentration you can always drop it, gain fatigued 1 for a round, and then start it AGAIN and regain the Temp HP. I honestly really like this idea. That way you can play it the way you need to. Also gives you a different use of your 3rd action other than I just attack a 3rd time. Still fairly boring but, you can still do 1 Activity as well. Maybe tac on a rider to the Concentration ability? Some additional add on to make it more fun? I dunno. Spitballing is a thing and I enjoy shooting em.

OH I Got it. Maybe a Straight Check DC 10 to add on an additional +1 to damage or additional temp HP. With the DC increasing by 5. Its a choice so you DONT have to roll. You can though. If you fail you cant roll anymore and you can drop rage to reset the DC.

This does take it more into the realm of a Stance instead of the Mindless Raging Beatstick but maybe its time to actually get away from that trope?

Honestly having Rage be a "Concentrate" Ability where it eats one action a round isnt a horrible idea. Would need to tweak the numbers a bit but I think it could work. Maybe have you NOT come out of Fatigue the first time in a round you drop it, However if you do it again you do get Fatigued 1 like normal, just to keep people from Rage Hopping.

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I actually kinda liked the old Rage Mechanic. Though if things are going bad and you drop rage on round 4 things are not going to look up from there. Thats kind of a trade I guess. This was my first time playing a Barbarian in any sort of Pathfinder because of the mechanic.

TLDR: I would like a slightly Longer or still 3 round Rage I can do at will with either more Temp HP because with a lower Con you dont get Many (working as intended, but not always doable). The Damage might need a tweak at higher levels but at lower it seemed fine.

DW multiclass Fighter for Double Slice Dragon Totem Goblin Barbarian. Just hit lvl 5 on Monday. I used the stat generation in the book and have a Str 19, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12 after my lvl 5 boosts. I have 80 Hp with a +11 to hit +1 Longsword for 2d8+4+4(acid) and a +11 Expert Dogslicer for 1d6+4+2(acid). Damage is great. A low Con hurt on the Temp HP for awhile though, and the Treat Wounds, but that was the direction I went with the character. He has a Decent AC using +1 Chainmail. Tac 20 AC 23 (I think I had to recheck a few times). His basic tactics are Rage then Sudden Charge into a tactical position and attack once, and then each round after is Double Slice and then if I have to move I do if not then a 3rd attack (actually fairly boring that way).

OH Actually I can talk about loosing rage with it going bad. Last Monday we were fighting in a Homebrew and a Vampire dropped a Fireball on us and dropped the Rogue. I had just dropped Rage so I sheathed my Dogslicer, got out a potion, and fed it to the rogue. Next round she dropped again so I didnt get to attack and I just fed her another potion. After that she was fine and I got into position, drew my weapon, and attacked once. We won but oh man was it close with everyone down to single digits. If Rage was more Random I coudnt of done that. I could of been fatigued on round 3 instead of round 4. OR I could of not had the fatigue and then I would of been using my OMG I finally rolled above a 5 round to heal her up. In a vacuum I guess things look good on paper. In use not so much sometimes.

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I did "Open Link in New Tab" and it finally downloaded.

Not a fan of the new Rage mechanic. I dont like random.

I got a lvl 4 Goblin Dragon Totem Barb multicalssed Fighter that DWs a Longsword and a Dogslicer. It deals pretty good Damage with Double Slice. Basically his rounds are like this. Rage and Sudden Charge. Then Double Slice and whatever.

I used a bird companion for 2 games at lvl 3. It was very fragile but didnt finally die till the very end. The bleed was a nice effect, it didnt swing combat one way or the other it was just a few more points of damage every round it was active. The Flanking it granted by being able to fly around and with very few Attacks of Opportunity was the biggest bonus.

I like the resonance system to a degree. 10 slots to wear magic items is pretty nice honestly. I could wear 4 Rings, 1 Hat, 1 Armor, 1 Shoe, 1 Glove, 1 Neck, and 1 Bracer. Mix it up and have fun with my Magic Items.

I like the idea of Focus Points. I HATE that its only tied to Charisma. Charisma + Class Stat would be ok with me. Yea its Double Dipping for certain classes but those classes would have a use for all of those points so I dont see the issue with that.

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B and then C. Less spell slots dont matter to me as long as the slots I do have actually do something. I am one of those people who much prefer to Blast and Debuff than to Buff. Not big on Control either. So I would like to be able to keep up with Martials in the damage. I tried to build a Sorcerer and the best damage option was to be a Dragon Sorc and go into melee with Fighter Dedication and Double Slice. Thats not what I was looking for.

Movement and Distance should be in squares. Tactical Square Movement and Overland Square Movement.

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I like it as it goes back to the old days of Specialists. I would however want to be a Master in a Second School and an Expert in a 3rd. That really goes back to Old School where your School and the 1 on each side of you gelled well with each other and then you had Opposing Schools.

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Twilight Halfing Sailor- Ranger

Str-8 Dex-18 Con-14 Int-10 Wis-16 Cha-12
Alignment: CN
Languages: Common, Halfling
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Nature, Stealth, Survival, Thievery
Gear: Handcrossbow, Bandoleer of Knives, Beltpouch of Caltrops
Ancestry feat: Lucky Halfling
Ranger Abilities:Hunt Target
Ranger Feat: Crossbow Ace

Raised on Dockside, Gavin learned how work ships. It wasnt always glorious but he knew one day a ship would be what took him away from here. So the day that he found a crew looking for "Someone small who could climb and was not afraid of the dark" he signed up.

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I would like to see the reroll option be cheaper. My DM isnt really giving out Points like he should. I keep track of the loot and I only get 1 point and he gives out a second point for whoever was voted MVP and or Roleplayer. He hardly gives out 1 during the game. So I sit with 1 point for a few games and no use for them.

Yea its a step in the right direction but it still dont feel right. You are going to see some of the same racials picked over an over because they are just mechanically superior. Like Inflammable for Goblins.

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I think the new Ancestries are a step in the right direction but I really dont like a lot of the new ones. Goblin is just so bland to me. Inflammable is the best out of them mechanically, and none of them fit the Goblin character I am playing at the moment.

Yea the math as I see it REALLY wants you to have the 18 in your Attack or Casting Stat.

Played a Barbarian now twice since I had to let my first character go in this campaign I am in. Level 3 Goblin Dragon Barb Fighter Dedication 18 Str 16 Dex 12 Con (yea yikes I know!) and Toughness for a 20 AC (Chainmail) and 49 HP. Gonna pick up Double Slice next level.

I have become fatigued in 2/3 Fights so far. It has not been a big deal to me either. Move, Attack at -1, Attack at -2. Have -3 AC till next round. Rage again. Might be the party composition but with the Paladin and Cleric having a low AC for one round and really drawing that Retributive Strike for the Pally has been pretty good. Cleric is basically ready to drop a heal by round 4 anyways.

Edit- Changing Rage to 1+Con Mod rounds would suck for characters like mine. 3 Rounds at a time is fine but a +1 bump at levels 5, 10, and 15 wouldnt be a bad idea.


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Zi Mishkal wrote:

I've been thinking about this for a week now. IMHO the system is still skewed, just differently. It's like trying to focus a microscope, it was too far out of focus in 1e, and now it's too far out of focus in the other direction in 2e.

My quick thoughts on how to dial that focus in.

1. Keep resonance. I can't stand it, but I understand why it's there.

2. Kick up spellcasters' # of spells a day so that they max out with 5 spells/day of 1-5th level, 4 of 6-7th level and 3 of 8-9th level.

3. Take the +1 die damage out of magical weapons and put it back into the proficiencies - so someone trained in the longsword does 1d8, someone expert does 2d8, master 3d8, legendary 4d8 (+ability bonuses get multiplied as well). Lancelot's sword isn't the hero, Lancelot is.

4. Double the raising shield bonus, but make it applicable to 1 attack per proficiency level. If the shield is equipped but not raised, you get the regular bonus (so raising it would be 3x in total).

That would get combat to feel more like a life or death struggle, I think. What we have isn't terrible, it's just very mundane. I'm a firm believer that our actions ought to be meaningful if we take the time to do them.

1- Keep it and add too it but also dont let it count towards certain consumables and class abilities like the Alchemist.

2- I agree as well. Also Cantrip Damage needs a boost.

3- I really like this idea except the Fighter could start with a 2d12 weapon since they start at Expert. Would skew low level Damage vs HP. But the idea has tons of merit!

4- I dont agree with this one. Maybe double the Dents an item can take or something but as is I feel that shields are lackluster.

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On with the Paladin using a bow, I dont like the fact that the Fighter and Paladin are pigeonholed into using Heavy Armor. Their lvl 7 Class Ability ups Heavy Armor and the Fortitude extra only works when wearing Heavy Armor. So a Dexterous Bow Using Fighter needs to wear Heavy Armor to get the most out of their Basic Class Abilities. Thats crazy and I hope they rewrite that ability to "Pick one of either Light, Medium, or Heavy Armor and shields increases to expert, and your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to master. While wearing your selection, when you succeed at a Fortitude save, treat your result as a critical success instead"