Help with a PFS build idea? (Minor spoilers 9-24)

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So first off, I know PFS 1 is ending soon, and that I shouldn’t be looking to build another character, but I just had this idea for a character that I’d really like to try out, and I really doubt I could build it in PFS2 for quite some time.

So for those that have played 9-24, you know that there are a group of undine trying to rebuild the former house of perfection for water (house of unbroken waves). I thought it would be super cool to build a monk from there that is trying to rebuild that style by learning the basics, then traveling around and trying to learn more about it, or trying to further define and refine the art.

Any ideas about the build? Undine monk obviously. Likely dex based/agile amulet of mighty fists. I am pretty sure he has to use snake style so that he can fight effectively underwater (snake style does piercing) But beyond that, I’m not sure.

Maybe master of many styles to fuse snake style and Marid style? Or do I want to go unchained monk? Maybe dip a level of unarmed fighter to get snake style ignoring prereqs? Thoughts?

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No suggestions on the build, but I am delighted by the topic.

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I am sorry to say that I have no suggestions either for this build but I do like the concept.

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So, looking into how to fight unarmed underwater, There are three options
The aquatic combatant feat
The versitile weapon feat (damage into piercing)
Snake style feat (damage into piercing)

It also makes the most sense for me to have Marid style, the style linked to water genies, as that is what the houses of perfection are based off of.

What feels the most unique would be master of many styles-fusing Marid and snake style, but other options include:

Winding path renegade (brawler archetype)-into student of perfection, take one of the House styles and reflavor it as water. This would represent the imperfect nature of his learning of the style.

Also, I could just take aquatic combatant and be a monk of the four winds for Marid style.

Or I could drop Marid style altogether and simply be an unchained monk with snake style.

Thoughts? Other build ideas?

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I've been playing an Undine Sensei (+Ki Mystic and Qinggong) Monk that's been a ton of fun. Unfortunately, he was already level 11 when I played 9-24, so I didn't get to play him.

He's a low Strength Grappler (which wouldn't be limited underwater, and coud be neat for drowning air-breathers) :
Improved Grapple, Snapping Turtle Style, Snapping Turtle Clutch, Greater Grapple.

Grappling possibly too effective, I try my best to only engage when attacked, or when I think someone could be in trouble.

I took Wisdom in the Flesh trait to get Wisdom on Swim checks instead of Str.

Blazing Rondo is a super effective Bardic Masterpiece, one of the only ones worth a feat. Throwing out a giant AoE Haste as a move action is super effective.

Level 1 sucks, because you haven't got Wisdom to hit yet.
Sensei isn't that cool until level 6, so definitely stick with Monk until then.
Level 7 Gives you Bardic Performance as a Move action.
At level 8, you can take one level of Cleric (I took Sacred Attendant) for Ki Channel. Ki Channel can give you a ton of Ki points, especially with a Phylactery.
I retrained back to full Monk at 10th level, since the level 10 Sensei power is crazy good (1 Ki Point gives your whole party a Ki power. For example, +4 Dodge to AC.)

Get a Ring of Ki Mastery as soon as you can, so that you can hand out re-rolls cheap from Ki Mystic.

I took True Strike, then Barkskin, then Gaseous Form for my Qinggong powers. Sticking with Wholeness of Body is probably fine as well. Giving True Strike to other people is very Sensei-y. Giving True Strike to your entire party is fun, if not overwhelmingly effective. Handing out +4 Natural Armor to the group for 100 minutes is great (and gets nonsensical when you're handing out +4 Dodge on top of that in many rounds.)

You can double down on Ki Channel if you want by taking the Aquatic trait for Undine and the Aquatic domain. You'll get a second set of channels. I found I didn't need that many Ki points, so I never actually did this. Also buy a bunch of Tea of Transference to get extra cheap Ki for emergencies.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.

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@Markov: thanks for the build advice, but tbh I was thinking of going in a different direction. Looking through the monk archetypes, perfect scholar seems to fit, as the idea of the character is that he is traveling the world for hints of the house of unbroken waves. If I dip one level into unarmed fighter to pick up snake style early. . .

I’ll have to work out some rough builds. Thanks for the info though.

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I had an idea for a Undine Brawler that used Kraken Style, i don't think i'll ever get around to building that character.

Strangler archetype gets you +2d6 precision ["sneak attack"] dmg while grappling at 2nd level; Kraken Style adds Wis to dmg while grappling.

Go Master of Many Styles at 3rd [after two levels of Strangler], grab Kraken Style and Linnorm Style, and add your Wisdom to damage while grappling and cause your opponents much discomfort.

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