More and shorter rest periods per day?

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Since the game has heavily changed towards a "use powers for one combat" style of play (with most buff spells lasting for only one minute), the "overbuff your party and run through an entire dungeon" tactic so common at higher levels should be effectively dead.

At the same time, though, spells per day have been reduced by a factor of about 33% and we have the additional issue of resonance to deal with now. Both of those serve as limiting factors on extended dungeon runs, where parties are now forced to retire much faster from their adventuring day. This gives place to the dreaded 15-minute adventuring in a now more severe version, the probably 10-minute adventuring day.

To avoid having to sit 23 hours and 50 minutes per day on their behinds, how about a much shorter rest period per day to regain spells, hit points, spell points, etc.? Is there place for a 4 hour rest period or maybe even a 2 hour rest period? With three 2 hour rest periods per day, parties could still make significant headway into an adventure, while also having to endure the typical hardships like getting their camp raided.

It would make the entire "you are fatigued after casting a spell for 10 minutes" thing a tiny bit less annoying, since you only need a 2 hour rest period to reset fatigued.

Maybe up to three two hours rests per day and a mandatory eight hour rest period to sleep could be a good solution. What do you guys think?

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I like it, hours of twiddling thumbs gets dull

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Of course spells like Heroism which still have a duration of 10 minutes should then also be locked to a one minute duration.

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