Breath Control Feat Broken?

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Maybe this is a misprint, but they don't call it playtest for nothing, now do they?

Breath Control page 164

"You have incredible control of your breathing, granting you advantages when air is short and allowing you to instinctually hold your breath when necessary. Even if you don't Breathe Deep, you can take actions equal to three time your Constitution score before suffocating. If you do Breathe Deep, you can take actions equal to ten time your Constitution Score. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus on saving throws against inhaled poisons and other threats you breath in, and you treat successes on such saving throws as critical success."

It doesn't say score modifier, it says score. I'm definitely taking advantage of that, given it is the playtest, cause if that is broken, well then Paizo should fix it. So my 14 Constitution character will have 42 actions. The rules have to be used at written in PFS.

Multiple Attack Penalty page 305
"Attacks are particularly strenuous and become less and less effective the more you use them during a single turn. The second time you use an attack action (anything with the attack trait) during your turn, you take a -5 penalty to your attack roll. On you third attack (and any subsequent attacks if you have a way to take more) you take a -10 penalty. This Penalty is called your multiple attack penalty. This multiple attack penalty applies only on your turn and resets at the end of your turn. Attacks you can make outside of your turn might include their own penalties."

So say I use 1 action to move to enemy and 41 attack actions.
1st one is at full
2nd attack is at -5
And the other 39 are at -10, so I'm only going to hit low AC creatures. Still, that is 39 chances to get a natural 20!

Page 315:


Drowning and SuffocatIng

You can hold your breath for a number of actions equal to your Constitution score, or double your Constitution score if you use the Breathe Deep action (see page 309) before entering the airless environment. Each action that passes during your turn costs you 1 action worth of air, even if you do nothing with that action. Creatures that have fewer than 3 actions still lose a minimum of 3 actions’ worth of air each turn. Each time you take an attack or manipulate action, you lose 2 actions’ worth of air instead of 1. You also lose 2 actions’ worth of air each time you get hit by an attack. Verbal actions cost you all your remaining air.

I find it very hard to believe you earnestly misread the feat.

Holding your breath does not grant you extra actions on your turn.

But the Feat in itself automatically gives you three times as many actions as you Constitution score without even breathing deeply!
PAGE 164, the Feat, not the Breathe Deep action.

Alright, so text should read:

"You can hold your breath for a number of actions..." etc.

Okay, but you aren't holding your breath in any way during a combat. Unless you are underwater or breathing deeply. If that was the case all creatures including PCS, if they didn't go down by hit point damage, would go down simply because the combat took too long.

Edit: Okay, I get it, the feat works, but not 42 actions in one turn. It just allows you to breathe longer underwater or whatever.

The fact that I had read the Breathe Deeply action and the action economy before I had read the feats, my mind was already focused on the fact that Breathing Deeply gives you extra actions. So when I read the feat, my mind was already thinking that way before I even read the feat. Breath=extra actions. Kind of like, Silk, say it five times, now what do Cows drink type of trick.
The playtest I'm playing where I'll get a feet though isn't till October and to ask about it on the day off that playtest would have spelled disaster, causing me to make last minute changes on the character. And I'm not one to find broken combinations easily either, which is why I thought something was wrong with my thought pattern when reading that.

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The phrase "before suffocating" is key. You get extra actions before you begin suffocating -- not extra actions per turn.

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