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As many of you, I was slighly ... dissatisfied with the way spells are (or aren't) organized. So I made a table containing ALL OF THEM. I included possible sources (spell list, bloodline, etc), number of actions required, range, duration, touch (melee/ranged?), which spell saves against it and a short description.

The table was meant for personal use only, but I thought I might as well share it with you guys. Note that it's provided "as is". Don't expect me to make any big updates or correction. I might but no promises there.

Anyway, enjoy!

Table on google docs.

Direct download as xlsx.

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Its very nice to have a quick reference as well as be able to view all the powers separated from the spells on one page.

The hero we need.

Thank you so much for doing this!

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Direct download link.

Will update Google later.

I noticed various mistakes while going through the list again. Two deities were missing their spells und there were A LOT of typos. There's probably tons left, but for now, this is the "best" version.

I've also decided to include my color rating. Feel free to ignore/remove the color in your local copy.

This is a VERY early and VERY subjective impression of the usefulness of each spell. Also remember that this is in the context of the Playtest. Don't compare it to PF1. Haste might have been nerfed substantially, but it's still a pretty good spell.

Color coding:

Red: The spell looks bad, and/or is too high a level for it's effect.
Yellow: The spell looks good, just maybe too situational or a bit too weak to be recommended.
Green: The spell looks good enough to be a prime contender for a daily spell slot.

If you want to know my personal reasoning for specific rating, I'm happy to share. Just don't turn this into a huge discussion on single spells (or even spells in general). Thank you.

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I noticed that you're missing the spells for Erastil and Gorum in your spreadsheet.

Thanks, I noticed. That's the main reason for the new version for download. Didn't have the opportunity to update google, yet. I'll try to do so in the next 2-3 hours.

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