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Trying to interpret a rule here. Trying to understand what happens when your affliction tries to go beyond it's max stage.

"If a failure or critical failure would increase the stage beyond the highest listed stage, the affliction instead repeats the effects of the highest stage."

The problem is whether it is instead of:
A) The advancement
B) The listed effect
C) The advancement and the listed effect
To illustrate I'll use a 2 stage poison. Stage 1 is d4, stage 2 is d6.

A person was at Stage 1. They crit-fail their save. Do they:
A) Go to stage 2. Since you can't advance to stage 3 you take the stage 2 effect of d6 for not advancing. Then you take the normal d6.
B) Go to stage 3. Since stage 3 doesn't have an effect we use stage 2 and take the normal d6.
C) Go to stage 2. You can't advance. You then take the normal d6.

So far I've ran it as option C, because I went with the best outcome for the players, but my gut interpretation is B. With only 4 stages of dying this could make a huge difference to a character who falls unconscious while poisoned.

Don't B and C have the same effect, d6 poison damage? I'm not sure I follow your wording. At any rate, I took the above quote to mean "if your save effect would be a higher stage than the poison has, use the highest stage the poison has." In your example, then, a failure or critical failure when saving after stage 1 would result in stage 2 effects, where a critical failure against a higher-stage poison would result in stage 3. I have not been doubling up effects as per A.

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Yeah, A I didn't believe was right but it was a possible reading I could see. As I said I felt like B or C was more likely but the rules allowed for A so I listed it also.

As far as how B and C compare, the important part is when you save next turn. If your maximum stage is the maximum of the disease it's far easier to recover, but if you can keep going to higher stages & just have that effect you'll need to pass a lot more saves to recover.

From our example above let's assume the save was passed next turn:
B) You were at stage 3 (Despite the poison only having 2 listed stages) so you go to stage 2 and take d6 damage.
C) You were at stage 2, so you go to stage 1 and take d4 damage.

Ahhhh. I've definitely been going with C, then.

I agree C seems to be the correct way. You do still end up take the 1d6 twice that way right?

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