Any hope for the return of class gear kits?

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Just something to tell your players, "buy this and move on with your lives."

Because god, I'd forgotten how tedious manually figuring out all the crap you need is.

Necroing this. Made two characters so far and sighed both times as I calculated their kit out manually. I'm sure we can handle an extra page for kits, considering that premade kits massively speed up character creation, along with lessening confusion for newcomers. Just because it wasn't core in PF1, doesn't mean it can't be core in PF2! If we don't get class-specific kits, we should at least get a listing for a "basic" kit covering the things literally every character will buy:

Adventurer's kit, barebones (5sp 5cp, 6L):
Backpack (1sp, 0 bulk [4 bulk carry])
Belt Pouch (4cp, 0 bulk [4 L carry])
Bedroll (1cp, L bulk)
Ordinary Clothing (1sp, 0 bulk)
Flint and Steel (5cp, 0 bulk)
Rations, 4 days (2sp, 4L bulk)
Waterskin (5 cp, L bulk)

I like that kit idea. Much better than everyone buying a kit that contained a 4 pound iron cooking pot, and 10 torches.

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Rakle wrote:
I like that kit idea. Much better than everyone buying a kit that contained a 4 pound iron cooking pot, and 10 torches.

I had the same problem, so I mocked up a generic kit for every adventurer.

Cost is ~26sp w/ a hooded lantern (19 if you go the torch route; 9 if you remove the compass as well), with a total character carried bulk of 1L.

Backpack (0 carried bulk, as outfitted 1 bulk + 8L)
* Bedroll
* 4 pints Oil
* Mug
* Sack x5
* Hemp Rope
* Rations x5
* Waterskin
* Candle x10
* Piton x2
* Still has 3 bulk + 1L available for Alchemist Lab's, Healers Kit, tent, cookware, etc.

Belt Pouch (0 carried bulk, as outfitted 2L)
* Chalk x10
* Compass
* Flint & Steel
* Hooded Lantern
* Caltrops
* Still has 2L available

Ordinary Clothing

Satchel (0 carried bulk, with 2 bulk available)
* good place for formula or spell books, if necessary

Dagger in a Sheath (1L carried bulk)

If I'm reading the rules correctly, then the Backpack, Belt Pouch and Stachel are really great items for nearly every character to take to enhance their bulk for free. You get 6 bulk + 4L with 0 carried bulk as long as you are wearing the items. Am I right on this?

I don't think containers increase your carry capacity, merely give you the ability to use it. If a backpack has 4 bulk cap, that means it can fit 4 bulk worth of items in it, not that it increases your carry by 4 bulk. It's analogous to the PF1 language of "this backpack can hold 2 cubic feet of items".

As such, bulk budgets are actually fairly tight for non-STR characters. Some adventurers may even consider getting a horse or a pack animal (p189).

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