Bard, but without the offense / mind-effecting stuff?


I like Inspire Courage/Competence/Greatness/Heroics. I like the Bard spell list. All the knowledge stuff is useful, if not as important.

But the rest of the performances? No thanks.

Is there any good way to keep most of the good stuff (Inspire Courage most importantly), but get rid of Distraction/Fascinate/Countersong/Suggestion?

I know there are other class archetypes that get Inspire Courage (Evangelist Cleric, Ocean's Echo Oracle/etc.), but then you lose out on the Bard-only spells. Skalds get the Bard spell list, but they dont have Inspire Courage, and their rage isn't any good for all your caster allies.

There must be some way to be a fully buff/defense focused Bard without getting offense-focused/mind-effecting class features you'll never use, right?

Best answers I could find are the Silver Balladeer archetype, which swaps suggestion for remove curse and Studious Librarian which focuses on knowledge

Most of the other ones that sub out that list of performances either replace it with some other mind-affecting ability or goes into some variety of offens (e.g. the Arrowsong Minstrel and the Thundercaller

Side note: there is A skald archetype that doesn't use inspired rage, but the counterspell focus usually puts it behind the standard (losing spell kenning hurts badly)

Masked performer? If you're into being Rey Mysterio. Because... yeah.

But it trades away everything you didn't like or didn't care about for some nifty tricks.

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