Need Help Building a Familiar for my players witch


She is a NG Good Witch and is getting the Improved familiar with the protector template on it.

I have chose to give her a Pseudodragon

She is level 9 and she prefers Role-play over combat
But i still want it to be useful even if combat is not her favorite thing. and I think she'd like the pseudodragon.

But i have never dealt with familiars and do not know how to build one

She is hopefully going to find it next mission

wait she changed to NE so i need a good familiar for that
still want it to have the protector ability

ok sorry to keep changing things
I have chosen to give her a Tiny Dragon Looking Clockwork Familiar
with the protector archetype

can i get some help building it? i have no clue how do to familiar

If you've chosen a clockwork familiar and the witches' stats are decided then there's no further choices to be made building it (aside from any magic items, anyway).

The familiar's HP will be half that of the witch, its saves will use the class save bonuses of the witch (F +3, R +3, W +6) and the familiar's ability mods for a total of F +3, R +5, W +7 and it gets the BAB of the witch - +4.

It otherwise uses the stats of a clockwork familiar with the modifications for a 9th level master and the protector archetype. That's it.

Silver Crusade

Improved Familiars cannot be Protectors, since they lose the ability of speaking with animals of their kind.

The best way to customise your familiar as a Witch is going Beast-bonded archetype. Apart from that, you can only swap their initial feat for one of the specific familiar feats in the Animal Archive, such as Spell Sponge

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