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Java Man wrote:

You will be 2 combat feats behind a fighter (fighter has 6 bonus feats, you have 3 from using talents for ranger combat style, one from taking combat trick as a talent), if you want weapon focus you can also get that for a talent, putting you only 1 feat behind the full fighter.

Keeping studied target in use gets you +3 hit and dmg. Sneak attack will be great when you get it, but you should be in good shape without it.

At this level carrying an assortment of bane arrows (at 160gp each) is a sound plan.

Would Taking pinpoint Targeting to deal with the main foes of the game . Dragons be worth it or should I go with something like Evasion?

I fear my Actual to hit won't be high enough to deal with the Bosses of this game.

Also if I take improved Precise Shot I have no needed for the Deadeye bow trait right?


I've talked to my GM and will be Reconning My Fighter in to a Slayer to give my a bit more Utility. I'm chosing to go Sniper as I still want to be an Archer to not switch things up to much.

I could use some advice on my feats and Talents.

I know stuff like PBS, Precise and rapid shot along with Deadly Aim but I don't have access to the feats I did as a fighter somy over all damage per arrow is lower as is my To Hit score .

If i can go full Sniper that be cool but idk if I can . I mean That being to pull off whole Sniper thing.. sniping and hiding ans sniping again

Going to see if my GM will let me rebuild my Archer since it's been a lil over a year and I no longer have the Sheet

I was a Fighter with the Archtype but will plan to Switch to Advance weapon Training

If I where to optimize My Ability To Actually land Hits and optimize My DPR what should my Numbers look like

This is keeping with in My class No cross classing and keeping with in pazio for my feats and items.

I also need way to Dea with a A Dragon DR and
Ways to Ignore wind Effects

Ok as much as I thought I would enjoy playing a Support build I don't Think I'd have as much fun as if I was going with a Offense build

So my idea is a Half Elf Urban Barbarian and just hamming out Dexterity
18 to start +2 race to start +2 from levels +6 from a stat item plus 6 from controlled rage for a total of 34 Dex

My idea came cause of thinking of what all dex effects Initative, armor class , ref , and witb build I'd effect atk and damage

My dex would basically be to high for any armor but I think bracers of armors might work

And for Offense I'd go with Elven curve blade and take weapon Finesse and throw the 3pp feat Deadly Agility in to the mix

I know like 12 AoO Around seem like a lot but are foes have a bunch of natural attacks and we normally have 4 to 7 enemies on board so getting surrounded is not impossible

Any way any way to optimize this idea so it runs, smoother?

Any non Tranumations i should consider
I like to have a bit of utility if just a lil.

@ Melkiador

Would i be better off going

Flagbeaer with Arcane duelist Bard.?

Not sure the exact buffs off the top of my head but just wondering if those buffs could be worth it.

If I go strait Brown fur transmuter could you recommend me a couple good transmutation spell at each spell level to take.

Fightimg evil Dragons by the way

Melkiador wrote:
It sounds like you have a good idea of it. Are you planning to play this more as a caster/buffer, or were you wanting to be more hands on. If you want to be more hands on, then there are some hoops you may want to jump through

Caster / Buffer mostly .

I mean if I have to defend my self I'd like to as well lol

Advice needed from My Party Buffing Brown Fur Transmute

Level 12 playing as a Human

20 point buy. How should I Spread out my stats

What feats should I take? I Know extend spell would be good I think
But what Else?

Any Arcana worth noting for such a build ?

Any other General advice I should be aware of?


Party is an Alcemist (Bomb user) Orcale (Melee Focused) and path of war Medic

So A game I was in that Took a break do to myself and a couple others having personal issues. And as it was I was I the process of switching characters so ite been awhile
gm has to find his notes cause we all forgot the exact level we where at

Though I now we where at least level 10 but it might have bee as high as 12

Any ways I'd like to play a roll that helps the party shine vs Are powerful enemies...but I can still be cool too

We have a six man party consisting of

A PATHOF WAR Medic is melee based
A orcale who focu3e on Melee combat . Don't know much other than he uses thr shield staff feats and likes to buff before a Fight of he can
A Bomb Focused Alchemist ....has saved the day with confusion bombs before
Two new partymember not sure what they play

I'd like a build that helps supports the party in battle above all else either buy dealing more damagd are other support like rolls

Can some one suggest a feat lay out for this ?

I'd be going Dex Base for this build

Race = Human
Class = Warpriest (Arsenal Chaplian )
Fightimg method = TWF with Kukri

I'd like to push my to hit very very high and Rely on My Two Kukri to rack up crits and deal a ton of damage .

I know a level 12 Warpriest has access to good Buffs but I'm unsure of what to prioritize and what my numbers should look like at level 12

I know I'll probably go Strait +s on my Kukuri maybe Holy if able

Basically I'm asking

At level 12 what Buffs should I have active. What items / weapon abilities should I use to maximize my chances to hit.

WE some time fight targets above are level but the Gm style is open world sandbox so some times you run in to stuff above your level range

Id say we're level 12 so I'd like to be able to land hits on stuff CR 15-17

@ Claxon

So Thinking Slayer with a terbutje

But had an idea and wanted to know something

So After Googling what a terbutje is I had a idea to Try and Do Sword and Board Paladin using a terbutje and Shield in The style of a Aztec / Amazonian Female Warrior

is there God that fits that flavor I could serve ?

My Idea would be to be dressed more as one wouid expect a Tropical Warrior to dress.

My Idea would to be a paladin of that God but flavor them as I said

@ Claxon

You know I wanted an Axe but I feel using a terbutje would just be wicked.

I'd even be willing to Drop the Shield and work on a Shattter defense build

But could use some suggestions

1 The terbutjecan, can it be made of things like mithral , cold iron, Adamantine (The Material I choose woukd likely Depend on the Game)

2 it has the fragile quality. Is there any thing I should now about this, is it just a down side or is there any benefit

@ DeathlessOne

Ok if I was to go with slayer what is the biggest axe I could wield one hand , maybe taking EWP for a war-Axe or could I get by with a battle Axe ?

@ Claxon. I get it's more cool than Effective .

Perhaps Sword and Board as a slayer ?

I have the Image of My character wielding massive stone Axe and a wooden shield

There Dress in light armor , and she has several Battle scars on arms and legs

So Far this what I have

STR 18 (22 With Rage)
Dex 14
Con 14 (18 With Rage)
INT 10
WIS 14

1ST Level = Titan Mauler
2NDLevel = Titan Mauler
3RD Level = Viking (Fighter)
4TH Level = Viking (Fighter)
5TH Level = Viking (Fighter)


1 weapon Focus
1 Shield Focus
3 power Attack.

Can I get some suggestions on my feats ?

20 pont buy
Race Human

STR 15 + Human = 17 (18 Starting At level 4)
Dex 14
Con 14
INT 10
WIS 14

Likely 22 STR with rage. 24 if I could afford Stat boosting item

Speaking of items

What should I have (WBl)
+1 Great Axe
+1 Armor
+1 Shield
Stat booster?.

@ DeathlessOne

Ya Viking Fighter sounds good for flavor wise

What feats or features would you think I should take to push my chance up to 60 to 70%?

@ DeathlessOne Thanks for doing the math


If I Drop the Two Weapon Fighting and Just used the Shield To Defend that would Help right?

BTW Character is Two levels Titan Mauler and The Rest Fighter. I did consider Slayer if I was going to TWF but Feel the a fighter might work better if I'm Dropping that

What is the likely hood of me Hitting my target of appropriate CR or 1 or 2 CR Higher

To Explain

The Character level Is 5
The Factors are Jotun Grip
Weapons Are Great Axe & Heavy Shield
TWO weapon Fighting
Possibility of power Attack
Assume the Axe is at least a + 1
And I have weapon focus for the Axe
Strength is 20 With Rage

With out any buffs from fellow party members what is my chances to hit?

Not looking for the most optimized character but I'd like to get a decent amount of the time

What would be the visually largest Axe a Human could Wield in one hand with out class features. Feats are ok like if the answer is Dwarven War Axe and getting EWP to do so is the answer

I would like the The Blade to be made of stone as well some sort of steel to help reinforce it

And have it further reinforced by Magic so even though it's Stone it can bust and Slash through just about any material . It technically slashes by Bashing with enough force it splits the target like a Slash. But that's more for flavor.

I Plan for the character use a Shield in their other hand so that's why just a single hand weapon

Claxon wrote:

You could sort of simulate it with a spell storing weapon, but yeah you're not going to get spell strike and bloodrager together as far as I can see.

And even if you could spell strike you're not going to get a two-handed weapon with it.

And you're not nearly as martially inclined as a magus as I thought your character sounded, but maybe that's my bias.

I would probably use a scimitar for the crit range, and build a fairly standard shocking grasp magus, which you can find plenty of guides for.

COULD I use spell storing and spell Strike at the same time?

I just want to know if I I can pull the same stunt I use too

Claxon wrote:

Have you looked at Bloodrager?

You can wield a greatsword and cast spells. It might be closer to what you're wanting, unless you specifically want to channel your spells through your weapon.

Bloodragers do more sword swinging than casting, so if your character did more casting magus might be a better choice.

Ya Blood rager could be worth a look

But ya her main bag was chaneling spells through her blade

About 10 years ago when I first started playing TTRPGS the first character I built my self was a Gestalt character who was a Tefling Dusk-Blade / Warmage. She was the first character i stuck with for a long time, all most a year and a half. ( My previous character the GM built but I'd always switch them out after couple sessions)

Well its not like I have a game coming up.
And I'm not wanting a gestalt character, but I'd like to Transfer as much of her over to pathfinder so when I do play I can use her.

She was a Tefling who Swung Around a Great Sword and used , I think it was shocking grasp or some similar spell, the Sword was a spell storing Blade.I normally Stuck lighting bolt in and I think the Blade was shocking and when I wanted to end a fight I'd unleash everything in one great alpha swing.

I know the best class for this would be Magus.
I know sadly I can't use a great sword. so I'm kinda thinking of going Kukri but not sure. I now a scimitar would be optimal with the right feat but I don't want or need the most optimize character just enough to where I don't feel like im a joke

I know a Schocking Grasp magus main bag is Criting and I think pf 1e still has spell storing .

And idk if I can even use a spell storing & spell strike combo but if I could what spell likely from my own list should I stick in it for the spell storing?.

Can I get some help rebuilding her in PF 1e
I'd l Iike her to not be as janky but still feel familiar enough to where it feels like old times

Ok if I start be between level 3 to 5 and play ti level 10 . Would i be better of going TWF or TH A nodachi?

Java Man wrote:

If you are going to two hand a katanna without the EWP, why not use a nodachi?

As for level 6 feats, power attack for sure, maybe weapon specialization, lunge is good, if you have a decent intimidate then curnagon smash and hurtful.

Take it the nodachi in the game is just a katana with a higher Dice , reach , maybe brace and the same threat range ?

Ok I've been copying down the spells everyone has mentioned and will Mark them Base on when I should cast them. IE like Divine Favor Power, likely on my first round I engaged In combat.

could I get advice on feats for a level 6 Tieflig With the Human FCB
This of course being My warpriest that uses a Katana. I'm relying on the fact that I'd two hand it, so no need for EWP. 1D8 is not Bad and I'd get keen for it so crit 15-20 with several Buffs like divine Favor is what I'm going for .

Likely power Attack for 1 but not sure what else

I guess I should break my questions
In too different parts

Best in combat offensive Buffs.

Best precombat buffs for defense ie I have a few rounds before the enemy is up to me or my party and I are to bust down a Door and engage in combat

So I've finally chosen a Arsenal Chaplain Warpriest and using Katana 2H as my Weapon.

I known Divine Favor with Fates Favored can be good
But am not sure if there are others I can use on top of it

What would likely be the best 3 Buffs I can use before Battle for this?
Say 3 cause I don't think on average I can a lot cause of my groups play style

So Full BAB Level 6 Character has A BAB of 6/1. If I have The outflank and Paried Opportunist Team Work Feats and am able to Benefit From them like from fighter Tactics, Fighter feature. How would having Combat Reflexes and Being lucky and landing a crit after crit (Likely From High Crit weapon) work out?

Would It Go Initial Strike , Score A crit get AoO from Outflank , score A Crit from that via paried Opportunist, would this continue till I'm out of AoO

Or would it be the most i could get is 1 AoO from. Outflank , that paired Opportunist is wasted and not worth it.

And lastly on a full attack can I trigger outflank out each of my Normal attacks as long as i Score a Crit with that attack?

I want to build A Teifling Vigilante who specializes In Stealth and Assassination Tactics

Normal for Red Hair Tied up in Bun / vigilante Hair let down and is White

Normal outfit, standard adventuring clothes / vigilante outfit , Dressed in black from Head to toe , a black mask over her face skin tight , leather like outfit, with leather straps over her arms , black boots with Spikes leather gloves witg iron Studdes
A sleeveless over coat / Trench like coat,

basically I want her in a very concealing outfit with only her eyes visible,and she wears a sliver Skull mask over her face on the outside of her outfit.

She fights with two back bladeded kurkuri with hand guards and small silver Skull pomples

And only speaks In Sign language in this persona

How can I get her hair to change color?
How can I get her to switch outfit with a reasonable speed?
How can I have an outfit like that with still having a good ARMOR class ?

Any and all input and suggestions welcomed

@ Claxon

Ok so how should I do my feats if I went siegebreaker ?

I know power Attack is needed
And or course Improved Bullrush and Overun

Charge through

Spiked Destroyer

And Bullete charge style

So let's see

Human Fighter siegebreaker feats

1 Power Attack
1 Improved Bullrush
1 Siegebreaker Breaker Rush feature replacing 1st LV Fighter Bonus
2 sigegebreaker Breaker Momentum feature replacing 2nd LV Fighter bonus
3 Improved Over Run
4 Disruptive or step up
5 Spiked Destroyer
6 Bullete charge style
7 Charge through
8 Siegebreaker Disorienting Blow feature Replacig 8th LV Fighter bonus

My armor is both my Offense and defense.
What should i Enchant my armor with
And what about the Spiked?

@ Ryze Kuja

Can you explain why that Archetype would be helpful...sorry having trouble wrapping my head around it. The level 20 feature looks good but very unlikely I get there as most the games I'm in don't go past Level 12 or 13.

I just don't see what makes it good but I'm willing to here why I might want to consider it.

@ Claxon

So what Should a Turn in combat and My Damage look like?.

Claxon wrote:

Why not just pick up Focused Weapon and Warrior spirit using Advanced Weapon Training options and focus on Armor Spikes, eschewing the shield and battle axe?

Also probably throw in the feat stunning interruption at some point.

Might also want charge through feat, spiked destroyer feat, and bullete charge style and bullete leap.

I would drop improved shield bash, and shield slam. And unfortunately Two Weapon fighting, as you're thing is just going to be overrunning every round.

So Feats what should my feats look like by level 8?

Would this be decent ?

1 Improved Bullrush
1 power Attack
1 Weapon Focus Ammor Spikes
2 Improved Overun
3 Spiked Destroyer
4 poised Bearing
5 Painfull collision
6 bullete charge style
7 Greater Bullrush
8 bullete leap.

My idea is for a Armored character covered in Spikes Brandishing Heavy Spiked Shield and A battle Axe charging strait in to a group of enemies, knocking them down and in to each other and trampling over them.

I ended up choosing Human as my race , the bonus Feat is much to important for me
And I can pick up Bred for War for a lil CMB Boost

I plan to go Advance Armor and weapon training and grabbing Armored Juggernaut and imposing bearing once my levels are high enough respectively.

I wanted a way to Boost my Armor Spike damge so I might just put Vicious or Bane / Holy on them

So far these are my feats
power Attack
1 Improved Shield Bash
1 Two Weapon Fighting
2 Improved Bull Rush
3 Improved Overrun
4 poised Bearing
5 Painfull collision
6 Shield Slam
7 Greater Bullrush
8 Imposing Bearing

I'd like some input and Advicd on This character as I want to have a good build so I can focus on the role playing part of the game easier.

A few questions
could I pull off Full Plate or would the Dex penalty effect me to bad?
Weapon Training what should I put it in at level 5 ?

I Plan To play a Dwarf character next time I'm able to play in a pathfinder game.
I like how Dwarfs can be very Tankish and want to build A Strong combatant who is very Hard to take down.

I view Them as A Armored figure, wearing Black Armor, covered In Spikes and using a war Axe and shield . He charges and bullrushes / overruns his opponents. Want him to be a Juggernaut style character.

I am Thinking Fighter cause I just need A bunch of feats and I'd like to Take Steel Soul at level 1 for the boost to my defenses.

I know I want the following Feats , Steel Soul, Shield Slam, Spike Desttoyer, Improved bullrush BUT NOT SURE what other feats i need or should take.

I'll likely start between level 3 & 5 ans play to level 8-12

Melkiador wrote:
How about inquisitor? You could use solo tactics and seize the moment to provoke some extra Attacks of Opportunity.

Any Archtype

What about Feats?

Dwarven (Torag) Paladin (Stonelord??) Or Warpriest
Would like to use a Warhammer and Shield . I like to use Torag Divine Fighting Style
So I'd like a list of feats needed to make this work and would like to know what
Class Between Paladin and Warpriest would work better for game going level 3-12
I'd like to have a Good mix of Offense and defense

Ok So I'd think I'd go Regular Barbarian.

Going with Dwarf as his Race.

I'd like to be a Hard as heck to kill.
High Saves. DR. Maybe even some energy resistance and of course good offense.

Groups doing a new game and id like to play a Dwarf Character who is hard to put down.

Thinking Babarian and going anti-Caster
Long with Having plenty of DR To Deal with mundane melee.

I am just not sure if I'd get more out of going unchained or doing a Regular Barbarian

For weapon I plan to 2H a Earth Breaker

Would War Axe and and heavy Shield be effective or i should I go about 2Hing a weapon.


What feats would you recommend ?
I am not sure what grab for a natural attackb

@ DeathlessOne. Rage comes from VMC Barbarian at third level.

What Druid spells would be worth it to cast with Furious spell?

So I Have the idea of doing a Lizard Folk Nature Fang Druid with crocodile Domain
I know Lizard Folk Dose not boost wisdom but I'll make it work. Figured 14 would be good to start in that stat

I know rage would block my spells from happening but I'd either buff prior to activating rage or use them for out of combat situation.

I know I want to use natural weapons but have never down so and am not toelly sure I under stand how to use them .

I want to studied my target like a crocodile watching it'd Prey in the water and then strike.

I just want advice on my feats
I know stuff for Stealth and stuff to help with my natural attacks would be good

So this is what I've come up with so far.

Race: Tiefling (Kyton-Spawn)

Racial Trait of Note

Trait (My Group only allows 2 of these)
1: Chain Master: +2 To Trip with Whips
2: Whip Specialist: +1 DMG With Whips

Arcana and Feats
1: Enforcer
1. Weapon Finesse (Class Feature)
2. Weapon Focus Whip
3. Whip Mastery
3. Arcana: Maneuver Mastery Trip
5. Rime Spell
6. Serpent's Lash
7. Arcana: Lingering Pain
7. Improved Whip Mastery

Class By Level
1. Unchained Rogue (Thug)
2: Magus (Kensai)
3: Magus (Kensai)
4: Magus (Kensai)
5: Magus (Kensai)
6: Magus (Kensai)
7: Magus (Kensai)

1 question comes to mind. Should I switch one of traits out for the bruising intellect for INTELGEINCE to Intimidate?

Ideally I'll start with a +1 Hopefully crule whip

Ok. I THINK I Have and Idea of how to go about this as a Warpriest.

Can someone show me a List of feats and and Arcana for a A magus of the same level (10) that uses a whip and focues on Debuff. I know some feats are the same just not sure the best level to take each feat and what arcana to take. I want to use a physical whip too so none of the Whip spells

@ Name Violation. How would you recommend I build a Whio Magus?
Truth be told I'm just looking to use a less common weapon than Sword of various types or Axes.

@ MrCharisma

Ya I'm leaning more toward the Magus

Thinking this for my feats and Arcana

1. Weapon Finesse
1. Weapon Focus
3 Maneuver Mastery Trip (Arcana)
3. Whip Mastery
5. Combat Reflexes
5. Rime Spell
7. Improved Whip Mastery

I do want to debuff and Use Trip And disarm with her

Well as for Strength vs Dex I kinda want a good De for my Ac since my character woukd be a kensai Magus...so no armor

@ VoodistMonk

For the Magus.

How should I play Her in battle ?
What spells should I use via spell Strike?

Is a scorpion Whip worth it?

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