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Hi guys, I’ve created this thread to clear the air about Heightened spells.

In the “All About Spells” blog, they left out some key clear wording, Spells do not Auto heighten when you gain a new spell level. Rather the spell description now just states what happens when this spell is taken at a higher level. This reduces the amount of room needed in the book for printing each individual spell level. This means that if you wanted to cast Heal as a 2nd level spell you would still have to expend a 2nd Level spell known to add it to your list. The only class this really impacts is Sorcerer, as a wizard gets more spells known per level at every level where he gets a new spell level and clerics can cast any spell from their list, they just have to choose which ones at the start of the day.

This assumption is further evidenced by the Cleric Channel Energy Class feature that specifically states that heal and harm are automatically the highest level you can cast, and only heal and harm through channel energy are this way..

This makes the sorcerer class feature Spontaneus heightening, much more appealing. As a sorcerer need only choose 2 spells and he can cast them at any spell level without having to expend his spells known.

What game are you talking about? Doesn't sound like Pathfinder to me.

Sorry this might be in the wrong thread. But I’m talking about PF2.0

That makes much more sense then. Flagging to be moved.

Just flag to delete I already created one in the right spot

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