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I know there have been a number of threads involving this talk, but hear me out! With the blood of angels book, there are a number of variations to the aasimar, one of which is Agathion-Blooded Aasimar. This particular race has the following trait available.

Enlightened Warrior:You have always found it easy to maintain inner peace and enlightenment that translate well to the battlefield. You may take levels in monk even while maintaining a neutral or neutral good alignment.

In theory this means that one can be both a monk and a barbarian at the same time, though the problem is that the only stats that help this build, that the Agathion-Blooded Aasimar has is +2 con, the char may be benificial for barbarian things, however from a defensive stand point it is useless as memory serves

Silver Crusade

These Combination is great for Invul Barb and Stalwart feat. Going master of many styles you can grab both Crane and Dragon Style which is fantastic for DR and Pounce Charges.

Or you could get into intimidating to use that +2 Cha. There's relevant rage powers, and a scaled fist or nornkith monk can use Cha instead of Wis.

That's one of the 4 ways I remember to combine those two classes (not counting 'just play a bloodrager'). The martial artist monk archetype and menhir guardian monk, and the geminate invoker barbarian all alter their classes alignment restrictions in ways useful to this. Edit: a quick check tells me that there's another way now, the elemental monk, and the karmic monk has existed for a while though I hadn't previously noticed it.

martial artist monk can do it on all races.

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