"Steel" John Henry Irons, how to best build him


Ok, for some odd reason, i thought of "Steel"....

He would be fairly easy to build in pathfinder since he had like no powers at the start, other than being an engineer/Weapons builder and building himself a suit of power-armor. Wielding a Greathammer/Maul/Earthbreaker and wearing fullplate is easy to pull off.... but how would some of you build him??

Any suggestions? We are currently lvl 3, any paizo material, and 20 point build.

Thxs in advance

Invulnerable Rager comes to mind, giving strength and flight eventually.

As for a suit themed build, though, probably some sort of fighter that doesn't give up armor training.

Maybe use some sort of alchemist for mutagens. Kind of fits the engineer aspect.

I know I said don't give up armor training if you choose fighter, but... there's an archetype of fighter that gives you mutagens in place of armor training. And Mutagen Warrior stacks with Opportunist Fighter for quite a bit of fun alchemist stuff on a fighter full BAB framework with bonus feats.

There is the Armored Battlemage Magus Archetype. There is a 3rd Party Psionic Arctype called Aegis. Both of these are Armor-characters.

I like Voodist Monk's idea about Alchemist.

You can take Master Craftsman and then Craft Magic Arms and Armor if you are not a Spellcaster. Alchemist is a good candidate for that.

The Mutagen Warrior gets a mutagen at level 3, his first discovery at 7 (Wings), and another discovery every 4 levels afterwards.

The Opportunist Fighter gets his first Edge at level 4, and a new Edge every 4 levels afterwards. Edges include Bombs (@4) and Alchemical Admixture (@8), among others (like Rogue Talents).

Plenty of feats left for literally everything like extra discoveries or crafting feats.

I actually think it's a superior option to just about any pure alchemist build for this character.

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You could take a dip into the Faceless Enforcer (Vigilante archetype) for the ability to "hide" your identity while wearing your helmet.
at 2nd level, you get faster at donning and removing your armor... but not much else worth pursuing beyond that.
At later levels, when you can afford magic items, getting some Armiger's Panopoly allows you to instantly equip armor keyed to the bracers.

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Go standard fighter with full plate, an Earth Breaker, and Boots of Flying. Use the ocasional potion/scroll of flying until you get the boots.

Thxs all for the ideas!!

This is helping me, keep em coming!!

Drakaar wrote:
Go standard fighter with full plate, an Earth Breaker, and Boots of Flying. Use the ocasional potion/scroll of flying until you get the boots.

Adamantine Earthbreaker!

Steel Shoots spikes from his wrists, so how about a Robe of Needles?

Grab a Steadfast Grapple. Combine with a Rope of Climbing so that it will pull him up.

Also, modify the Quarterstaff of Entwined Serpents to be a maul and change it from Magic Missile to Sound Burst [same CL, a little more cost].


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