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Hi all, have a session today in a few hours wondering if I could get some help here. I need a reason my Witch is leaving the group (I've created a cleric who is taking his place and have come up with the reason for that). This witch was an odd one, he started as neutral then later through his adventuring career become chaotic neutral and a worshipper of Urgathoa. He will now be departing the group, anyone have some possible reasons why he is choosing to leave? Thanks a lot for all your help.

Have you talked with your GM about switching characters? It would be a lot easier to just tell your GM that you wish to switch character, and together invent a reason why.

As for an actual reason, that's probably something you as the creator of the character should have far more insight in than anyone else.

Ya I've talked to him, he's cool with it. We are not heavy into Roleplaying, so anything will do really, anything plausible.

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He won a contest for all you can eat wings at hooters.

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He has been called to a big coven meeting.

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Aight, then here's a couple reasons.

He doesn't want to die.
While you have been facing repeatedly more and more dangerous foes, it's become clear to him that this adventuring business will only lead to his death.

He has a greater calling.
Eager to prove his devotion to Urgathoa, he has now chosen to spread his faith or serve his god in more direct terms.

He has earned enough gold.
Adventuring is a very lucrative business. A level fifth PC should have enough gold to live his whole life in luxury, just by selling his magic items.

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Dave Justus wrote:
He won a contest for all you can eat wings at hooters.

Perfect for a witch whose patron is the Goddess of Gluttony!

But Uragathoa is also the evil Undead Goddess of Gluttony and the Dead, so how about an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet?

Who sits at the head of the coven?

Scarab Sages

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1) The "otherworldly power" that grant you power calls you to its presence.
Your efforts to work to it was not in vain. You have been called!

2) That entity order you to work at another place, to fulfill its misterious objectives.
It affected your ways subtle long enough and now wants you to make its presence somewhere else.

3) He want to start a coven.
One is little. Two is good. Three is goodier.

4) Your teammates bothered you to death.
Time to do more exciting things with others than those fools.
That Paladin/Clerk is bothering me, it's time to part our ways.

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He realizes that the party's goals do not align with his own and that his time is best spent pursuing his own interests rather than those of some band of do-gooders/mercenaries/whatever. If he's feeling charitable, he might say so when the party prepares to leave on the next stage of their excursion or when they wrap up their current adventure. If not, he just doesn't show up--or leaves when the party's back is turned.

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