Ideas for improving stat blocks and character sheets in PF 2E

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Let‘s talk about stat blocks and character sheets.

Here is my personal wish list for PF 2E:

I hope that PF 2E stat blocks will follow the same basic layout as PF 2E character sheets. This would make it much easier for novice players to figure out what is where when they are handed a stat block for the first time (e.g. a summoned creature).

I want to see at first glance which feats on a stat block provide an active ability (e.g. a special kind of attack that is not repeated anywhere else on the stat block) rather than just a passive bonus to something (which is already factored in in other parts of the stat block). Something to help novice (or lazy) game masters to prepare encounters, and make sure they are aware of all the special capabilities that a creature has.

Related to the above, I would like both character sheets and stat blocks to show both the innate statistics (based on class, levels, feats, etc) and the current statistics (including temporary effects from gear, spells, raging, etc.). Today, Paizo tends to give some plain text notes as part of the stat block (something like „the statistics above assume such and such spell has been cast. If not use the alternative statistics below...“). This is already very helpful to figure out if an effect has already been incorporated, but I am hoping for a more elegant and less verbose solution. Also I noticed at my own games that players often forget where a certain bonus came from and whether it is still active or not.

I am all for clear, comprehensive stat blocks. I am especially in agreement about some kind of reminder notation for "feats that do something." Even if it's just a short blurb in parenthesis rather than being called out as a separate attack line item, like:

Power Attack (2 AP: +X melee dice)

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