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Greetings all,
I have a PFS Dwarf Bloodrager 1/Spiritualist 6 and upon reaching lvl 7, while calculating his HP- i can't make heads or tails of it. At level 6, my sheet said he has 58. When I run the math through levels, my total comes to 73 HP at lvl 7. So, i'm baffled as to where the spike is coming from, considering i'm progressing into a d8 class.
My Dwarf has 16 Con, took the Toughness feat at lvl 1, and spent his Bloodrager FCB on an extra round of rage; with his spiritualist levels, he's been putting them into HP. At 7th, i've found out about the new Dwarf/Spiritualist FCB [1/4 Phantom damage] from Horror adventures i'm planning on investing in for a bit.

(10+3) Bloodrager + 6(5+3) Spiritualist + 7 Toughness + 5 FCB HP = 73 HP
Either, i miscalculated his HP at 6th, or I'm missing something somewhere.

Likewise, with my Phantom with a d10 HP pool, with Toughness- I calculated her at 33 as a 5th lvl Phantom before I remembered her Stat bonus at 5th. I put the point into her Con, as i plan her to be the Spiritualist's "body guard" most of the time. Now, as a 6th lvl Phantom with a +2 Con bonus...
So, 6(6+2)+5= 53HP Sound right?

Lastly, does my Phantom's inherent +2 Dodge(Incorporeal)/Natural Armor (Ectoplasmic) AC bonus stack with the Armor progression she gets as she levels? At 5th/6th she has a +4 bonus, for a +6 total?

Thanks much

How do you have two favored classes?

If you used bloodrager as a favored class you can't also do spiritualist.

So 10+3 for first level = 13
13 + (5+3)*6 = 61
61+7(toughness) = 68
If you have the +5 more from favored class somehow then 68+5= 73

I have no knowledge to offer about the phantom.

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Level 6:
10+3 bloodrager
5+3 Spiritualist x5 = 40
Favored class 1x5 = 5
Total 58

Toughness 6 = 64

Next level 5+3+1(Toughness)= 9

New total 73

In your total at level 6 Toughness wasn't included. Or you had some constitution damage/drain.

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@Diego- thanks that makes sense.

Any other answers for atleast my Phantom Armor question?

Your Phantoms hp are off slightly.
It's 5.5/level rounded down (but not lost). And if you have 6 Hd you should be adding 6 for toughness which brings us to 50hp. If your phantom only has 5 hd then it's 5(5.5+2)+5=42hp.

The AC bonuses stack.

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