Tree Soul Oracle Advice


Was just looking to see what suggestions people might have for making a Tree Soul Oracle. For the campaign start we are beginning at level 5 with a 20 point stat buy.

Any help for beginning or for progression after is much appreciated, I'm not that well versed in the pathfinder or D&D feats yet so making a character isn't the easiest for me yet.

For reference

Let's see, you can wear less armour than default oracles, have a major weakness you can't defend while adventuring and no upside from your curse, and are restricted to IMO not particularly special revelations. My advice is to use the Wood mystery with a different or no archetype.

Yea, gotta say this feels more like the kind of curse for an NPC oracle guarding a particular location than anything. I guess technically your tree could be in the middle of nowhere and be relatively safe from harm unless your GM decided to have something randomly happen to it. But at that point, why? The only other way I can see this make sense would be if your campaign centers around a single location so you can plant your tree at that location - though it doesn't seem like you really interact with the tree at all. So I'm just not sure.

That said, Feather Token - Tree is a relatively cheap way to get some solid oak trees out wherever you happen to be. Either to bond with if something does happen to your tree while you're away or to get some plants to use your other abilities. For instance, you can drop one outside a dungeon and then inside to create a waypoint system for Tree Stride.

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