Need fellow GM help with fleshing out custom scenario / encounter

Rise of the Runelords

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So, in a 'prequel' session for one of my players, I had them run into a halfling boy (Paeter) who had been forced into working for the Szcarni as a pickpocket by his low-life alcoholic father. The PC managed to solve the situation by getting the kid to an orphanage in Ordelia, and avoided a fistfight with the father (thanks in part to a passing Hellknight).

My players are about to complete The Misgivings, thus will soon be heading back to Magnimar, and I had planned the boy to show up at Pug's Contraptions, released into Pug's custody (turns out Paeter had an uncle and cousin he never new about, and Pug doesn't like discussing his brother). I've statted Paeter out as a potential cohort (party doesn't have a rogue), but I wanted to throw another encounter into the second half of Chapter 2 with his father.

I was thinking of having the PCs be put into a situation where maybe they have to bail him out of jail so they can get something out of him, or maybe at someone else's request. I can't think of a good way to work that into the story though, and that's where I'd like some help.


Ironbriar learns of his connection with the PCs, and holds him as a hostage.

Have Paeter get murdered by the Skinsaw Men (possibly giving the PCs some way to avoid it.)

Paeter could have gotten a job at the Seven's Sawmill, and the Skinsaw Cult is in the early stages of grooming him for entry. Paeter knows something weird is going on but isn't sure of what it is.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens Subscriber

Thanks for the reply, but maybe I should have mentioned that Parter is in the Young age category. Also, if there's a PFS scenario that I could tie it into, that could work as well, since I plan on having them go through most of season 4.

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