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I'm getting ready for a Con coming up in February. My DM assures me I can make a level 3 character, so I've decided to make an archer cleric. I haven't made one in Pathfinder before, and I haven't played anything other than a pregen for PFS. I start with 3453 gold to spend. Here's what I've got so far:

Bent Shaft!
Male NG Elf Cleric 3
Init +5
AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 17 

Ranged composite longbow str (+2)
Channel Positive Energy 
Deity Sarenrae; Domains: Good, Heroism

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 10
Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot

Possessions outfit (traveler's); breastplate +1; cloak of resistance +1; arrow (x20); arrow, blunt (x10); Composite Longbow STR (+2) ;

I'm considering variant channeling, such as Bravery/Valor or Disease, but haven't decided.

I'm interested in any or all feedback! I don't have much of a concept other than a balance of his casting and archery skills, maybe more of a support flavor than offense.


Silver Crusade

You might want to consider a Human Cleric of Erastil (longbow favored weapon). The extra feat would allow you to get Rapid Shot as well. Equipment-wise, you want a masterwork longbow. For stats, I would prioritize Dex over Wis (14 Wis should be sufficient).

Erastil also have a no cover trait.
Feather domain add a mount, i would go as a small race.

Lastly, evangalist ia need for heavy armor and the bard boosting ia welcomed.

666bender gave you a really good advice.
You can also consider going Divine Paragon of Sarenrae. At level 5 you will get 3 cure light wounds or Fireball 1x a day as a supernatural spell like ability.

Thanks, some good suggestions. Of course I considered Erastil, but I was leaning more toward a god that could give the Good and Heroism domains. Still, Good and Feather are good also. Deadeye Bowman seems like a good trait, but I'd still need to take Precise Shot anyway, wouldn't I?

Small creature sounds reasonable.


Is this character a one-shot for the convention? What kind of convention? (The character looks like 20pt-buy, but I gather it's not a PFS character.)

If it's a one-shot, you might have more fun as a Ranger2/Cleric1 than a Cleric3. (Enjoying the extra skills and additional shot-per-round with zero feat expenditure for archery are a worthy trade for a couple 2nd-level spells; and the Magical Knack trait will make do for low-level owies.)

I start with 3453 gold to spend.

That's the tough part. No Adaptable bow for you.

Hmm... You could always play a mad elf:

str: 14
dex+ 16
con- 10 (elf 20pt)
int+ 10 or 14
wis: 14
cha: 14 or 10

Alternate Racial Traits: Dimdweller
Character Traits: Fate's Favored, Magic Knack (warpriest)

1 barbarian1 (savage technologist), Extra Rage
2 warpriest1 (weapon focus: longbow)
3 warpriest2 Quick Draw

Equipment: MW STR+4 composite longbow, MW bardiche, mace, half-dozen daggers, light quickdraw shield, parade armor (which you will sleep in), ...tons of cash left over for arrows, quivers, weapon cords, scrolls and other items. At least one scroll of Magic Weapon and a few of Bless. One or two scrolls of Lesser Restoration. Partially-charged wand of CLW (GM's decision on capacity; 750gp for a full one).

Spells memorized: a heapin' butt-ton of Divine Favor.

Prep: swift-fervor Divine Favor (Luck bonus +3), then rage str+dex.

Ranged attack (bow): +11
Ranged damage (arrow): d8+7
Ranged attack (dagger): +10 (before increment penalties)
Ranged damage (dagger): d4+7
Melee attack (bardiche): +10
Melee damage (bardiche): d10+9
Melee attack (one-handed): +9 (before any defensive fighting penalties)
Melee damage (one-handed): d?+7

+1 to attacks if you got a Bless off.

Tactics: normally walking with polearm for AoO here and there. Quick-switch to archery if the coast is clear, or enable quickdraw shield and quick draw the mace for defensive-fighting. You won't have a ton of hitpoints, so avoid toe-to-toe melee. Try not to get nailed in the first round before you can rage-pump your AC (i.e., don't be on-point even it turns out your Perception is better than anyone else's). Attach weapon-cords to your belt, not wrists.

(Late edit: add +1 for bow attacks due to Weapon Focus.)

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