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Hi folks,

i was just researching the whole thing about ioun stones, wayfinders, resonate powers etc.
I know there are a few threads already about this topic, but i thought it may be helpful to start a thread with a little more focus.

So this is what i've learned and i would like you to tell me what your deductions / opinions on this matter are:

1. In their normal state, you can have multiple ioun stones orbiting your head on different orbits. All abilities will be granted.

2. A wayfinder removes the necessity to have the ioun stones in plain sight, BUT an ioun stone in a wayfinder will suppress the wayfinders own ability, for standard wayfinders this is the "light" ability.

3. There are wayfinders with multiple slots for ioun stones and each slot used, will suppress one ability of the wayfinder.

4. Multiple wayfinders will interfere with one another and seize to function properly. Their abilities will no longer work.

5. While in a wayfinder, an ioun stone may resonate with the wayfinder, thereby manifesting a "resonate power"

6. Resonate powers, manifested by multiple ioun stones with resonate powers used in one or multiple wayfinders will cancel each other out. The effect of two resonate powers at the same time is not possible.

So..these are the "facts" i was able to gather.

Now a question: Is there any indication, that the powers / abilities (NOT resonate powers) of ioun stones, used in multiple wayfinders will stop functioning?

For example:

I have 2 standard wayfinders on me. Both have an ioun stone. One of those has a resonate power, the other does not. I expect both stones to be working normally including the resonate power.

I know that the abilities of the wayfinders (light) will not work, as long as there are multiple wayfinders in proximity to one another. But there is not word about the abilities granted by the slotted ioun stones.

As far as i understand it, i can use X different wayfinders with ioun stones, ONE with a resonate power, and all of the abilities granted by the ioun stones would still work.

What are your thoughts concerning this topic?
Do you have any rules/errata/author comments that would challenge my "interpretation"?

Thank you in advance.

Kelemvor187 wrote:

4. Multiple wayfinders will interfere with one another and seize to function properly. Their abilities will no longer work.

Now a question: Is there any indication, that the powers / abilities (NOT resonate powers) of ioun stones, used in multiple wayfinders will stop functioning?

I believe this to be inaccurate. As per Seeker of Secrets, "The auras of multiple augmenting wayfinders tend to interfere with each other" (emphasis mine.) This sentence is also under the section dealing with the wayfinder+ioun stone combo, NOT the section dealing with general wayfinder use.

I would say that as long as only one of the wayfinders is actually augmenting, everything behaves well. "Augmenting" is defined in the text as synonymous with "resonating", and "the mechanism of using a wayfinder to boost the power of an ioun stone." From that, it looks like without the boost (resonant power), it's not actually augmenting.


i don't own Seeker of Secrets, so thank you very much for the clarification.

So a wayfinder with an ioun stone that has no resonate power, is not "augmenting", therefor will not interfere with another wayfinder.

So while my collection of "facts" is inaccurate, my intepretation is supported by you correction. Interesting.

Seeker of Secrets was where the whole resonance bit originated.

That being said, that's just my reading, and I haven't ever seen this come up in an actual game before. I could easily be missing something, or the Adventurer's Guide could have changed something (I know they changed some of the resonant powers in there.)


the problem is that this may come up very soon in our game.
I've created a wayfinder with a cracked version of the spell storing ioun stone and this is a good method to equip my non-spellcasting party members with spells that may help them. Shield for example, Protection from Evil or Enlarge Person. Especially shield because this is a personal spell that i cannot cast on them myself.

Having multiple wayfinders with different spells in it, dramatically increase their flexibility to react to certain situations.

The first cracked stone i created had a resonant power (25% chance) so i "hope" that the next stones i create don't have a resonant power ;)

This combination is even reasonably priced. 1250 GP crafting costs for a wayfinder + spell storing stone.

(Hint: the custom magic item rules are not permitted in our game, for good reason)

While your at it, to add to the theme get a Wyrd Familiar and have him hold on to a couple of stones for you.
They don't resonate but they are probably safer inside the Familiar then they are floating around your head.
Bonus points for having a Gall Stone, a Wyrd Tumor Familiar with a Gamboge stone :/
That would be a hard one to pass up!!

The stones are in a wayfinder, so no "floating around your head" stuff ;)

I'm playing a Exploiter Wizard so no familiar for me (at the moment).

After looking over the ioun stone rules I agree that, if resonant powers do not come up, you can have infinite wayfinders on your person, each holding an ioun stone, and receive all the stones' benefits as if they were orbiting your head.

If you're only putting them in wayfinders so as to not have them in orbit, you may be interested to know that ioun stones can also be implanted permanently into one's body (see "Implanted Ioun Stones" in this page). Works best for people with high Cha. Also it helps if the first stone in is a clear spindle, so that fasting is not a problem.

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