Shifter & Gestalt


There's been a ton of scuttle-butt about the new shifter class. In about 50% of my home games, we use gestalt. What do you all think would be some awesome gestalt combos?

It's not likely to be especially effective, but anything roguish + ooze sounds awesome.

Going into mouse form as a mouser swashbuckler (& further dex-based classes) could probably recreate the Songbird of Doom effect.

Ecclesitheurge cleric for buffs and maybe the odd attack spell sounds good.

shifter/rogue, shifter/brawler, and shifter/monk are my three favs. However also Shifter/warpriest would be actually pretty powerful with some self heals and buffs, plus i think the claws might even get better natural damage from warpriest.

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monk for flurry if going single attack route, fighter if going multiple attack route

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