Mk 3 Personal Upgrades for SFS?

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They are level 14 items. Do I thus interpret that only a level 12 character that has it on a cert could ever get one?

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Edit: Opps.. mis-remembered what the guide said.. Nothing to see here. Move along... These are not driods you are looking for...


Did someone change the book? Mine says:


• All equipment listed in the Starfinder Core Rulebook with an

item level equal to your character level + 1.
• All equipment listed in sanctioned Starfinder content with an
item level equal to your character.
• Any equipment listed on your character’s Chronicle sheets
with an item level equal to your character level + 2.
• All items and services purchased with Fame.

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No, I was posting from memory, which is never good. Thanks for helping out.


The way things change around here sometimes, I was getting kind of excited thinking I could get better gear.

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So... do we think I have the right of this?


To actually answer the OP's question, you are correct and your characters would need to be level 12 with Chronicle access to the item.

I suppose the downside is that this means only 2 enhanced ability scores until then.

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Keep in mind that SFS does not have the PFS level 12 retirement age either. In fact, John Compton stated in this Facebook post that there is currently no plan to have one. In other words, there is a distinct possibility that you might be able to buy it at level 16 with two points of infamy in Society play.

The beauty of releasing Starfinder with OP in mind from the beginning is that level 15-19/tier 18-19 scenarios are entirely possible as long as balance is maintained as the level of available scenario and AP content increases. They can stay ahead of PFS' power creep from the beginning, making yet another great distinction between the two systems.

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I am seeing fewer issues with high-level play in Starfinder than in Pathfinder, looking forward to it.

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I agree, the spellcasters don’t blow the top off the power curve in Starfinder.

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