Why No Rules for Dark Matter?

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XD y'all.

despite what sci-fi shows (a dark matter asteroid on Voyager, dark matter spheres on Orville, etc.) real dark matter is boring beyond its mystery. It reacts with nothing. Ok it reacts very weakly with gravity but otherwise nothing.

It's like asking why their are no neutrino beam weapons. Shoot someone and it goes right through them, missing every atom on the way.

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^That's not always quite right. Crank neutrinos up to high enough energy and they react just fine (see Figure 1, on page 3). Also, get enough of even the lower energy neutrinos and they can kill you -- kind of impractical for anything short of the Devourer, though. But if you combine a lesser and achievable but still large number with high energy, you can get a situation that people already worry about for scientific experiments to be performed with near-future (slightly souped-up current) technology.

The bottom line is: There is no practical reason for creating rules for Dark Matter in (core) Starfinder.

I'd not be surprised if we got some sort of rules and maybe a class option that relates to it, eventually, but that strikes me as splatbook territory.

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Obviously dark matter is too powerful for the current scope of Starfinder. We'll have to wait for Mythic Starfinder before we start dealing with it. :P

Because we don't know what it would do anyway.

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XKCD worked out how close to a Supernova you have to be for Neutrino flux to kill you. It turns out that it is not something you have to worry about as it is very close.

As others have said Dark matter and Dark Energy are not yet fully understood, interact with normal matter very weakly and apparently only via gravity and certainly in the case of Dark Energy are not proven to exist, only that they explain problems with the maths of Astrophysics.

In the Electric Universe, there is no dark matter or dark energy.

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{adjusts imaginary professorial glasses} Well, actually, the rules for dark matter interactions with normal matter are printed in the core Starfinder book. In their bid to be as authentic as possible, Paizo specified to the printer that those particular rules be printed using ink composed exclusively of dark matter. As a result, the printed text interacts extremely poorly with the wavelengths of light visible to most humanoids' eyeballs. Even ghorans, who are practically 100% carrot, lack vision powerful enough to see them.

Now I'm curious for which kind of "dark matter" did the OP wanted to see in the rules. What TV show(s)/movie(s)/other fiction's depiction of dark matter did you want to see in the game?

Yeah, my thought when I saw this thread was "You want to see rules for something that does (practically) nothing?"

Dark matter as best as we understand it is necessary to understand how the universe is formed and why certain objects (think solar systems and larger) move through the universe as they do, because if dark matter didn't exist there would be all sorts of confusing things happening (because gravity, and because they estimate ~80% of the universe's matter may be dark matter). Also dark matter helps resolve some of the problems with the math.

But aside from affecting gravity, it doesn't really do much.

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Spacecaptain Pillbug Lebowski wrote:
Now I'm curious for which kind of "dark matter" did the OP wanted to see in the rules. What TV show(s)/movie(s)/other fiction's depiction of dark matter did you want to see in the game?

They put an "XD" in the original post, so I'm assuming they are referring to the cable channel Disney XD. Or they are joking.

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