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My hopes for Starfinder (and some Starfinder/pathfinder crossover ideas) that I doubt would be seen soon.

Pact Worlds Xenobiology: sort of an alien archive for the pact world systems. Answering some of the many hints dropped along the way. Who are Triaxus’s Whale Singers,blue aquatic humanoids, and savage mantis people? How does Distant Worlds hint that girallon may be distant evolutionary relatives of shobad hold up in Starfinder revelation that shobads are descended from an alien species? We’re the many armed gorillas introduced from elsewhere?

Mastera of Media: information on the info sphere’s, vidgaming, and entertainment medias biggest players and how players can get in on the game.

Pathfinder Akiton World Guide: A pathfinder world book set on the fantasy Akiton from distant worlds.

Golarion Modern: Absalon Station started being built before the gap. Golarion must have went through a stage where it had modern era technology. Thus we have the idea of a unique modern era campaign setting not set on earth.

Is their a simplified version of the OGL that cuts through the legalese to use as a quick, on the fly reference?

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Garretmander wrote:
The Ragi wrote:

Although some powerful

governments and religious organizations occasionally make use
of expensive and dangerous supernatural communications, such
as employing angels and devils as messengers, most residents
of the Pact Worlds are restricted to the use of technology for
their long-range communications.
New idea for a creature. An outsider that's easier/cheaper to summon with planar binding, and has integrated usb sticks for easy file transfer across the universe. 50% chance it attempts to hack your computer/install a software imp/etc.

Or an outsider with a purely digital form. It exists in a network.

Server Daemon? yes, literally.

Apes. a few chimps, orangs, and gorillas for all those early space missions found and uplifted by aliens.

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I liked the searing grasp for the flavor potential. A heated glove for metal sculpting that inflicts seriouc burns on enemies.

Just picture it.A villain leaving a hand shaped burn mark on an enemies face as his signature. Investigating an abandoned outpost and seeing hand marks melted into the walls, etc.

What if the magical and nonhuman creatures died and the continents rearranged themselves fighting Rovagug. In desperation the gods placed Golarion in an anti magic zone strong enough to render Rovagug harmless. Forgetting history due to the gap, the residents now call the rearranged Golarion by a new name, Earth.

I want to see theories about the gap beyond the vanishing of Golarion. From other solar systems forgetting to the far that raged in the pact worlds at the time. Sure, the main planet from a pathfinder perspective vanishing is fairly big, but the events of the gap go well beyond that..

Girallon, common on Aliton at one time, their four arms made people assume they evolved their. Now we know the “Quadrabrachs” (my term for the wytchwyrds and their relatives) originated in another system which makes the related girallons story more puzzling.

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I picture a Vesk serving bowl of aggressive small furry critters with sharp teeth.

Vesk cuisine, eat it before it eats you.

I know app versions of pathfinder core books exist but is something similar being made for Starfinder?

I prefer book format but often read while eating and Starfinder books are very susceptible to damage from liquids. No, not just spills, mere unnoticed droplets rendered a hole in the envoy abilities info and a section in alien archive 2 unreadable. A digital copy would mean I would at least have a version I do not have to replace each time that happens. (I haven’t replaced either yet due to a lack of a gaming group).

I was thinking an operative/mechanic cross. Someone who slips into starships unseen, hacks their systems, sabotages devices, etc. A tech guy but with infiltration abilities.

I remember in alien archive the creature who was a larva filled exoskeleton and it said the larva are a delicacy I thought “a delicacy to who? What species eats grubs?”

A few thoughts on food for common aliens.

KASATHA: Kasatha with their hidden mouths tend to prefer small food items and drinks with straws they can easily slip under their mouth covers.

SHIRREN: Loving choice and variety Shirren likely mixspices and flavors in odd ways that do no tend to go together. Shirren likely taste more flavors than humans and live forvaiety and new taste combos.

YSOKI: Being ratlike I picture a Ysoki eating everything including garbage. Raiding dumpsters is probably a Ysoki tradition.

VESK: Vesk probably like meat but view scavenging as dishonorable. As such they try and keep their meal alive as long as possible. A plate with a small sedated yet living herd animal and a cauterization tool as a utensil to stop blood loss seem likely.

CONTEMPLATIVE: Nutrient rich pastes and fluids for these tiny mouthed brainy guys. Some may be beyond eating entirely and take in nutrients through IV injection or absorb it through a nutrient bath.

SHOBAD: their slicing teeth seem made for cutting pieces off of meat and crushing shells.

BARATHU: I see them sifting plankton from the brethedan winds so likely order food that is gaseous and full of floating nutrients.

KALO: I see fish, crustaceans, and worms making up much of their diet.

I wonder if one of those plant guys from alien archive 2 who were bred to be delicious ever became a chef and literally puts a piece of himself in every meal.

If I remember right a Star Shaman can only fly within a planetary system.

I personally assume that TECHNICALLY one could fly between star systems but it would take a long long long long long time.

I think they need uplifted apes. After all, early space races using test apes. Magic making them smarter to do better at tasks, it just escalates from their.

Overweight orcs rarely survive long. Orcs face a cruel life.

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Can they use weapons? We have a right to arm bears.

Not so much a combination but the Searing Grip is a great flavor weapon to give a villain. Burning a hand print into someones face leaves an impression.

MECHANICS TOOLKIT: A book for mechanic and technomancer types.

Tools, improvised weapons, spells, drones, etc.

Want rules for a drone/cyber implant? Or a permanent battle junkbot? This book will have it.

I can picture an oddly amorphous astrozoan cyber implant composed to microciruitry, wires, maybe even some nanites.

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Pantshandshake wrote:
Wait, we're getting an Ultimate Desserts book?!?!

Arrakis, Dessert planet.

*Image pans to a world covered with granulated sugar sand. A giant gummy worm emerges from the sugar.*

Azalah wrote:
Isaac Zephyr wrote:

Guitar lazer (which would probably work better with the Uniclamp arguably, but the guitar is the larger item).

"Guitar lazer" is a funny way of saying, "GUITAR FLAMETHROWER!"

Can you key the rate of fire to the guitar being played? Flip a switch and use your perform skill as an attack roll or such.

a "special friend" or "new bestie" someone who annoyed, insulted, or upset a skittermander so they decide to help them just to be a nuisance to them. Expect the help to be extra annoying, full of inconvenient literal interpretations, or more a hinderance.

A few thoughts I had, they seem more like archetypes than classes though.

Robot Pet Class: Either enhancing a mechanics drone or giving a technomancer a permanent junk bot.

Melee Operative: Either a martial artist or a close range weapon user who uses dex for melee attacks.

Primitive Warrior: A soldier varient for low tech worlders

I once had an alien race idea for a species which was a cold, souless, corporate type with crews arranged by corporate rank (manager, supervisor, etc.)

Their biggest profanity insult translated to entrepreneur. Yes, they saw anyone who went against the corporation as individuals to make money and succeed as reckless and disrespectful, plus their success went against the difficult to rise in ranks of the incorporate, where crew members rising in rank is rare, and most citizens stuck in factories on their home world have no hope at all.

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Skittermander devourist.

He wants to help the whole universe... reach its heat death.

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Pantshandshake wrote:

Space Chef?

Gourmand of the Inky Void?

Sorry, I saw 'space ingredients' and just started playing Paizo's Iron Chef in my head.

Because NO ONE hungers like a Devourer Cultist!

fleshing out a few species mentioned in other books but not detailed.

Corpse Folk, Skull crabs, whale poets, blue aquatic humanoids, savage mantis people. etc.

DJEternalDarkness wrote:
All I know is if the Skittermanders did NOT get a official hugging holiday then this is not the game I thought it was...

I hope it goes better than Hug a Vesk day did.

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Dracomicron wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:


Crystal Frasier wrote:

Keep in mind, this is all head-canon and not official:

Skittermanders don't use personal names by default. They're lack of long-range thinking/coordination ability

This might imply that Skittermanders have trouble with the long courses of study need for some careers - scientist for instance. :(
You need to trick them into an education. Tell them that they need to help their teacher by memorizing the table of elements.
But who (save another Skittermander) would do such a thing?

"I helped by building your table of the elements!"

"building... uh oh"

"Yep, built all the elements into a table for you"

"But some are highly reactive, toxic, or radioactive..."

"Ooh, they react with a pretty flame, I helped you well."

UNIFICATION DAY: Dedicated to the birth of Triune, a celebration of drift and technology, and of bringing different species together. Some telepaths use this day as an excuse to form a massive collective mental connection, though more and more shirren are shying away from this as it feels too swarm like.

REMEMBERANCE DAY: Originally made to remember the lost world of Golarion, it now is just as much about remembering those who were lost in general. It is an odd mix of Golarion Races celebrating and sharing their heritage in wild classical costume and exotic food, and solemn graveyard vigils to honor those who passed away. Some on Eox use this day to honor those who have risen from the dead and to spread hope that friends and loved ones who have passed may yet join them in undeath.

I didn't stat all of these is the math is hard as their is no real examples for everything I had ideas for. Also I literaLLY started ths yesterday.


Ricochet Disc: Popular in the arena's of Akiton, this disc is able to bounce off enemies and objects. Though Simple versions are plain metal, polymer, or even primitive materials. More advanced ones have inlaid light patterns, iconic designs, or sponsor labeis on it.

level: 1 (2 with fusion)
Price: 300 (420 with fusion)
Damage: 1d6 B
Critical: arc (ricochet)
Bulk: 1
Specials: analog, ricochet (you can hit targets with total concealment with usual penalty you normally cannot if you can hit a solid object in line of sight of the target).
Fusions: returning level 1
Variations: some have sharpened edges and do slashing damage,
Range. 20 feet


Swarm weapons are living mindless critters usable as weapons. They are reloaded by feeding them. A few rare varients can recharge shopts with humanoid blood one charge per HP damage it inflicts. NOTE: As swarm members and living critters the swarm CAN take mental control of these and use them against their enemies.


The webber is a spider like critter that grips the wrist. When the abdomen is squeezed it sprays out webs.

level: 4
Price: 500
Damage: 0
Critical: pinned condition
Bulk: L
Specials:nonlethak, entangle
Range. 50 feet


This is a wasp like wrist clinging critter. A quick tap on its back causes it to launch its stinger (they regrow). Sometimes with venom or acidic poison.

level: 1 (3 with fusion)
Price: 200
Damage: 1d4 P
Critical: corrode
Bulk: L
Specials: injection
Fusions: venomous (level 2)
Range. 50 feet


Another wrist mounted critter this one resembles a beetle. When hit it explodes outward with a spray of venom/

Damage: as per black lotus extract
Critical: corrode
Specials: Blast
Variations: venomous (level 2)
Range.30 feet.


this soft bodied bug when tapped shoots out a flesh burrowing parasite doing 1d4 damage. On a crit or when the adrenaline of combat ends each burrowed parasite emerges doing 1d4 dmg each.

ROCKET HAMMER: A hammer with rockets in it. It can be used to either anhance a downward swing, or allow the user to fly forward in a charge. On rare occasions in the Akiton arena someone tries the spectacular move of rocketing upward then crashing down at their target. This does amazing damage and occasionally even hits the target.


A ship launched weapon contained in a ships missile. It contains a softball sized mass of neutron star matter surrounded by several layers of spells to neutralize it for safe transport. The first layer pressurizes the neutronium core to keep it from instantly exploding once removed from a neutron star. tHE NEXT FEW LAYHERS ARE ENCHANTED TO NEUTRALIZE ITS GRAVITY AND WEIGHT, THEN THE WARHEAD SHELL FOR LAUNCHING AND EXPLODING THE LAYERS TO RELEASE THE core. (sorry on caps). If used as intended it is fired into a sun, the explosions release the core into the suns heart. The sudden gravity increase causes it to implode slightly, then explode in a supernove. If it hits a ship, well, the ship is gone and you wasted a sun killer.

level: don't ask, literally, don't ask. it's illegal
Price: several hundred million
Damage: incalcable
Critical: does it need one
Bulk: as per warhjead, or that of a small planet if containment fails.
Specials: You want more than sun killing?
Fusions: Would you really want a fusion on this.
Variations: One is rare enough
Range. as per warhead

LEECHER PODS Another weapon fit into a modified warhead. When fired it attaches to the target vessel and taps into its power system. It's damage is 20 power core units each.

ANNHILIATOR CLASS ARTILLARY CANNON: A massive gun that ignores hardness and shields, an anti vehical weapon.

FirstChAoS wrote:
The only name I thought of involved rhyming. Xander Lysander skittermander commander

And the ones from the post here that got added too the generator that I forgot about until I viewed it.

The only name I thought of involved rhyming. Xander Lysander skittermander commander

Can a SRO get a maze core built into him so he doubles as a weapon?

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FormerFiend wrote:

Way they feel the need to point out that orbiting further than Aucturn is outside a habitable zone, which is kind of the equivalent of saying "Living in London, England, he existed well outside the borders of Hong Kong", makes me think that the habitable zone in SF is just bigger than it is irl. Want to call that Sarenrae's influence, want to call that "that's just the way it is" style plot convenience, either way works, but that's my takeaway.

So all these worlds are shoved into the habitable zone? No wonder they call them the packed worlds. :)

When I saw the weapon named "artillary Laser" or whatever it is called, I pictured a vesk ripping a vehicle mounted weapon off of a tank and weilding it in his hands.

I can picture some lower planar fiend looking over a whole wall of electronic boxes in the material plane. Each box a complex AI waiting to attract a soul, which then gets sent to his home plane so the box can get another.

because they are saving that plot point for GM's to use. :)

it'd be interesting if the worlds that got destroyed to make the diaspora were not destroyed by Eox but my Triaxus gravity messing with their orbit.

(I still cannot believe sarcessians are from both world, I can see them from one and colonizing the other)

I have seen a serious decline in rpg's and in player creativity.

Before 2000 my local game store had about 8 major rpg systems in stock now it has 2 (D&D and pathfinder). A few other comic stores may have as many as four (with either fate, shadowrun, star wars, or numeria depending on the store). I miss the old days where the shelves had large sections for D&D, white wolf, gurps, palladium games, and a smaller section for champions, paranoia, torg, etc.

I am not sure the real reason for the decline, I heard video game competition being blamed. I noticed however alot vanished when D&D 3rd edition formed, and a few of the remaining ones vanished when WOTC closed their OGL.

As for RPG's being simple now. I wish they were simpler. I am a bit mathematicly inept and prefer a simple system with alot of flavor to endless bonus chasing.

This comment leads to my main complaint on the new generation of gamers. No imagination. As both a GM and a player I loved the items that relied on imagination such as decanter of endless water. Fixed spell effects and number values do not stick in my memory. Now I rarely see players attempt things without a fixed number value and saw a D&D facebook freaking out over an unbreakable arrow as overpowered. An item like that which is all flavor and imagination is what I love. The lack of a defined value was more a problem to them than the unbreakable. Without numbers or spell effects to define it they were lost.

I dislike how things like the ability to speak to burrowing animals in gnomes became cast speak with animal once a day. Knowing the language of animals is cool flavor, adding a spell is not and takes away things instead of adding it.

Thinking of Pact Worlds ships, I love the sleek and colorful designs of the ships from Verces. In the core book way too many ships looked boxy and industrial. Verces should all give them hull makeovers.

Pets and mounts.

Alien critters to ride on alien worlds? Stats for an Eoxian skull crab? What the space version of a retriever or a house cat is, etc.

A crowbar

A fishing pole.

A large fish.

Combine with the previous two ideas and get a fish on a pole...

A dog on a leash.

A large bone

A giant log used as a club (Not sure how this could work one handed)

A disgruntled armor solarion upset weapons solarions get crystals to improve their weapons and all he gets is the MonStar schtick. Not a solar weapon directly, just a solarion picking up another one and using his armored form as a weapon.

Ravingdork wrote:
Master Han Del of the Web wrote:

I actually going to wish that they DON'T add rules for mecha. More power armor and vehicle options like walking tanks, sure, but not full on anime/battletech style mecha. Humanoid vehicles in excess of a story tall is a trope I find extremely tiresome as they make absolutely no practical sense in terms of design and equipping them.


Yeah! And no martial artists that can punch through tanks!

Or magic that can throw out the plot!

Or carrots!

Definitely no carrots!

I agree with no mecha. Picture space opera style walkers. Lumbering AT-AT's and such with a couple lasers.

Now picture a nimble humanoid mech dancing among them armed with a sword or a battletech mech overloaded with weapons. It sort of breaks the suspension of disbelief. Why have lumbering walkers when nimble over armed mechs exist. In that caser the walkers would be made with mech tech and sprint like gazelles while launching volleys of missiles.

Also carrots exist, they are secret tools of the drow used to destroy humanity from within.

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AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
or a gun that shoots oozes at people, for my new "favorite", space goblins!

the oozey!

Drone builders guide.

DJEternalDarkness wrote:
96) Rock and roll music. Always blame the music.

Actually it was orc and troll music.

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Modifying the monster creation rules to handle weak and squishy critters with abilities and skills.

I tried making an alien using alien archive, and it seems way to powerful. I had the idea of a small bird alien with clever abilities to manipulate. The abilities were vocal mimicry, fast learning of languages, a bonus to bluff, perform, intimidate, diplomacy, and disguise checks that involve mimicry, the ability to remember three phrases so exactly that they can fool even machines,, and of course flight. However four special abilities(flight is free) meant a high CR (as did cutting it to three, which was cr 12 at the lowest. With a high melee damage ability. I was wanting a small, weak, bird with dreams of glory and enough tricks to manipulate others and access voice activated ship systems. But it seems by the alien archive a skill critter with an envoy trait needs a high CR to have four special abilities.

With all the great starfinder products it is tough to picture what else is needed. But this is the ideas I had cross my mind.

1. Veskarium Guide: With the pact world guide on the way this seems like a natural follow up.

2. Fleet Commander: A guide to playing fighter squadrons, ship positions, small ship types, how to cripple larger ships and do support maneuvers to help other PCs, etc.

3. Vehical designers guide: A quick guide on how to make land, sea, air, and space vehicals

4. Akiton campaign setting: Ok, this is more pathfinder than starfinder as it is set in the pre-gap past, but I wanted this since the distant worlds book.

The war against Rovagug destroyed most nonhuman species and seriously reshaoed the continents. So the gods stuck it in an anti magic zone and renamed it after their favorite elemental plane. Fire, they named it Fire.

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