Race points totals


Anyone have an idea what the races of


Are for their Race point values?

I'm going to penalize traits for playing a slightly higher race value. But these ones escape me. Even a general value like "12 to 15" would help, so long as there is a reasoning to the total reached.

I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks.

samsuran appears to be around 10 i think i would estimate changeling to be around 7 and kitsune maybe around a 10 as well its difficult to get exact numbers as they have abilities not covered in the race builder but overall they look pretty standard

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The race points system is quite noticeably broken. I'd be careful about using it for anything.

Samsaran with mystic past life would probably be in the top tier of races, without it's about average. Changeling is likely near the bottom. Kitsune is above average.

The race builder should not be used for anything except for the GM to create a unique custom race. Penalizing a character because the race builder says they are more points is not a good idea. The point values are at best an extremely rough estimate, and often completely out of scale. I think they designed the system so that the core races would come out roughly equal, and then went from there.

It is actually not that bad if the GM uses it and looks at the race as a whole instead of going strictly by the points. But a player should never be given access to use it themselves.

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