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I know that when you retrain a class level, you loose the class features that are listed for that highest level of the class you are retraining. My question is this, if that class feature includes an object, do you loose the object? A good example is I create a Gunslinger 1 and after playing for several games I don't really like it, so I am going to retrain. One of the 1st level gunslinger class features is Gunsmithing. I know I loose the gunsmith feat, but in that feature it also states that I gain a firearm. Would I not also loose the firearm chosen since it is part of that class feature? Or am I able to keep it and then down the road take the exotic weapon proficiency (firearm) feat and use it?

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The easiest way to handle this one would be to say that the gun goes from being merely broken to destroyed and useless, as you lose the ability to keep it just barely working.

If that firearm had a known price and worked for anyone, you could instead have suddenly incurred a debt that required you to either give back the weapon or pay the price for it (with that price added to your training cost for convenience).

Page 190 Ultimate Campaign:
When you retrain a class level, you lose all the benefits of the highest level you have in that class.

Getting the gun for free is a class feature of the highest level of the class out of which you are retraining, therefore you lose the gun. If you bought the gun with gold, you wouldn't lose it, but you would not now have proficiency to use it.

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Kinda pretend you never got the gun in the first place.

Your trainer demands that, as a symbolic gesture of embracing your new path, you break the gun.

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VRMH wrote:
Your trainer demands that, as a symbolic gesture of embracing your new path, you break the gun.

Sounds like a good way to handle it. Or perhaps you leave it at the altar of your deity.

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