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im searching for Useful Chronicle Sheets for Starting a Character.
Since I will beGming I want to give a good start for new PLayers.

The Wounded Wisp Chronicle is extremely Useful with the Darkness Nullifying Gem/Ioun Stone (2PP/750g) and the Option to get Fame/Prestige if you fail a Success-condition.

Do you know any other Scenarios that have fulfilling rewards?

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Good start for new players is confirmation. It gives you a free wayfinder.

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Thank You Alexander,
The Free Wayfinder is a good set up, but the engraving makes it personal and the +1 Knowledge Check in GL builds on the "work together" Elements that the Wounded Wisp begins.
These are nice Roleplay Rewards.

Also the Items listed are very nice, especially the Wands.

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I'm 100% certain that if I asked this same question as "I'm a player and I played my first scenario, First Steps, and the rewards sucked, what scenarios can I play that give me ub3r 1337 rewards?", then I'd be told a couple dozen different ways why it's looked down on to go "chronicle fishing".

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Confirmation --> Wounded Wisp --> Consortium Compact.

Everything a growing Pathfinder needs to survive (and a really good intro to the game to boot).

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Agree. Those 3 scenarios are great for new players.


Several of the evergreen scenarios have really useful low charge wands which will serve you well in your first few levels. Including First Steps.

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