Fill the Dungeon with Loot


I'm planning on running a homemade dungeon in a few months, and while it's (mostly) built, I'm still not sure what sort of loot I should be putting inside. So far I have a pair of wands, a rod of wonder, scrolls that explode when you read them and miscellaneous gems and coins (and also a jar that shoots fire, lightning, acid and the screams of tortured flumphs, depending on your roll, but that's a long story).

The primary idea is to give the party as many "useful" items as possible, and to stay away from just throwing gold at them. Hence the wands and rod of wonder. The secondary idea is to make roughly half the loot have either drawbacks, be a trap, or to make it situationally useful at best (but nothing completely useless or that's just made to kill them). Hence the scrolls that explode when you read them, but otherwise do what they're supposed to.

Long story short, I'd like them to have loot that's more unique than gold pieces or a +2 sword of whatever. And bonus points for loot that they can accidentally hurt themselves with (emphasis on accidentally).

Oh, and the party will be roughly 9th level, and I don't know what sort of classes they'll be playing as yet.

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Fill the dungeon with minor items of value, and familiarize yourself and your players with the Appraise skill.

These reddit posts are a great starting point. Feel free to add your own additions or modify the theme of the items you suit your dungeon. I've included the lists below as spoilered content.

Minor Treasure Table:
01- A pair of brass candlesticks carved into the image of monks raising torches (value 3sp each)
02- A broken dagger with some silver insets (8sp)
03- A finely woven blue, wool scarf (1gp)
04- A trio of bone dice with silver-filled pips (1sp each)
05- A rotting leather cap with a copper buckle on the brim. (4sp for the buckle)
06- A book of wood-bound paper; blank. The forty pages are severely water damaged and the maple wood cover is warped. (7sp)
07- A cracked mask of teak wood, colored in (chipped) blue and red paint depicting the face of a fairy (4sp)
08- A worn leather belt with 17 silver pieces sewn inside it. (18sp)
09- A small steel shield, triangular, emblazoned with a griffon device in red on a field of gray. This battered shield is inscribed on the interior with the words: “May this shield be your protection in battle, Jallak. Honor the Galbrand name.” (7gp)
10- A ceremonial short spear; ash wood with an iron point. Seven red and three blue dyed vulture feathers are attached to the head of the spear. The iron is fluted to whistle through the air, if thrown. (3gp)
11- A leather harness bearing three short quivers (sized for quarrels, rather than arrows). The first holds a dozen red-fletched quarrels, the second a dozen green fletched quarrels, and the third has a dozen white fletched quarrels. (5gp)
12- A small, poorly-done, woolen tapestry depicting a field of flowers with a mountain and stream in the background. The foreground has a trio of men with spades digging up a grass-covered hillock. One of the men has his right arm raised, showing a golden crown to his comrades. (10gp)
13- A copper scroll tube, sealed with wax. (Firetrapped! A fiery explosion fills the area within a 5-foot radius around the spell’s center. The flames deal 1d4+12 damage; reflex-save against DC 16 for half damage.) There is nothing inside. The Fire Trap spell does not harm the scroll case. (7gp)
14- A silver ring shaped into the likeness of a bull’s head. (4gp)
15- A copper necklace set with a small amulet shaped into a symbol representing the sun. (2gp)
16- A necklace of human teeth on a chain of silver wire. (1gp for the silver)
17- A large (5ft x 4ft) crude painting of a pinch-face man riding a brown and white dappled horse. The frame is intricately carved on oak, bearing a long inscription in some lost, runic language. The frame is obviously much older than the painting. The inscription can be deciphered by a sage, or with a Comprehend Languages spell (or the like). The inscription should lead to some adventure (treasure map or the like, at the DM’s discretion) (5gp for the frame)
18- A well-used copy of Danver Teth’s “Of Blazing Glory”, a religious volume honored by the church of the fire god. Inscribed on the opening page is the following written in a flowing, red script: “This foretells of the coming fire. When the Flame ascends, all glory comes to the Pitmaster!” (3gp)
19- A stuffed falcon, tattered with age, with black onyx eyes. (Onyx value: 5gp each)
20- A goblin skull that has been dipped in molten copper. (1gp)
21- A one-gallon cask of Demon’s Vale Wine; a fiery red wine known to be made from hot peppers. (10gp)
22- Four bars of copper. (2gp each)
23- An archer’s bracer of leather and electrum. (25sp)
24- A petrified bone greatclub with an obsidian head. (9gp)
25- A leather bag containing a black silk shirt with eight silver buttons. (Bag: 1sp, shirt: 8gp)
26- A finely made silver chalice etched in arcane symbols (non-magical). (7gp)
27- A small, white jade pendant without necklace. The pendant depicts a unicorn rampant with a cracked back leg. (10gp)
28- A fluted crystal vase 18inches tall. (8gp)
29- A copper hand bell with a pinewood handle. (15sp)
30- A 5 ft. tall bookstand in maple-wood, the front of which is carved into the likeness of three intertwined foxes. (6gp)
31- A marble bust of a long-nosed man wearing a broad-brimmed hat. (7gp)
32- A set of four copper pots of various sizes. (8sp, 12sp, 23sp, 30sp; 9gp for the set)
33- A dagger sheath of bronze, set with a small moonstone. (10gp)
34- A pouch filled with 13 silver sling bullets. Each bullet is engraved with the holy symbol of Pelor. (1sp each)
35- An ornately carved quarterstaff of teakwood. The end is carved into the likeness of a dragon’s head, with (painted red) flame issuing from its mouth and the butt end carved into an entwining serpent-like tail. (5gp)
36- A foot-high bronze statuette of a pair of entwined nymphs, dancing. (8gp)
37- A large chunk of raw silver ore (roughly 25 pounds). (5 gp; 8gp when smelted)
38- A bronze hooded lantern with four colored-glass panels (red, green, yellow, and white). An inscription on the bottom reads: “Place carefully at the apex, aligning the colors, to release the Captive.”(10gp)
39- A wooden sizing mold with a suit of padded armor on it. (Mold: 3gp; padded armor: 5gp)
40- A silver-tipped quill with an elaborate white feather. (7sp)
41- A set of 12 matching pewter mugs in a wooden crate. (6sp each)
42- A set of eight stonemason chisels in a leather case. (10gp)
43- A silver thimble. (4sp)
44- A gold tooth; unattached. (8sp)
45- An electrum pendant shaped like a curled-up cat. (6gp)
46- A thick copper necklace set with a small aquamarine. (7gp)
47- A string of 8 beaver pelts. (4sp each)
48- An oak cane carved with many small holy symbols of Heironeous. (7gp, can be used as a holy symbol)
49- A newly crafted barrel filled with iron nails. (Barrel: 2gp, nails: 3gp)
50- A rotting wheelbarrow holding 167 torches. (Torches: 1cp each)
51- A short quiver holding 3 sunrods (2gp each)
52- A book of bad poetry, entitled “Talk of the Majesty of Mice” by someone named Callybaw Yure, bound in copper plates. (2gp)
53- A human skeleton in rotted priest’s robes wearing a ring and necklace. (Electrum ring: 4gp Silver necklace: 3gp)
54- A leather ball stuffed with chicken feathers and a plain electrum ring. (Ring: 35sp)
55- A small silver whistle. (3gp)
56- A large (36” diameter) bronze bell. (10gp)
57- A logging saw designed for two-person use. (8gp)
58- A copper mortar and pestle. (6gp)
59- A child’s cloth doll with a small silver brooch pinned to it in the shape of a butterfly. (Brooch: 4gp)
60- A bright red hooded cape sized for a child, spattered with dried blood. (1gp)
61- An ornamental rod of office, bronze topped with a key-like device, roughly 24” long. (5gp)
62- A jar containing six eyeballs (2 human, 1 goblin, 1 ogre, 1 worg, and 1 hawk) in a clear liquid. (2gp for all)
63- A small wooden shield bound in human skin bearing a (full-shield) tattoo that appears to be some sort of map. The skin is held in place with a rim of beaten copper. (7gp)
64- A small colored-glass window depicting the crowning of the first king. (10gp)
65- A set of 8 silver spoons. (6sp each)
66- A set of four paint brushes (horsehair and pinewood). (Total: 9sp)
67- A low, three-legged stool with a brass seat. (4gp)
68- A small fish (4”) in silver with green-colored-glass eyes. (2gp)
69- A low, broad table in polished birch wood, large enough to seat ten people. (8gp)
70- A rotted saddlebag with coins spilling out. The copper coins have some verdigris, and the silver coins are badly tarnished. (142 cp, 46sp, 2gp)
71- A blood-soaked book; a partially written history about a long-lost keep on the borderlands. The last written page is done in a different hand, and is scrawled with “The rules have changed!” in large, bold letters. Roughly a third of the book (of 100 pages) has been used. (5gp)
72- A string of sixteen goblin teeth alternating with seventeen silver beads. (2gp)
73- A well-made satchel of red-dyed leather with brass fasteners. Inside the satchel are a variety of financial records that are in code, but (if deciphered) detail some of the illegal workings of the Moonscar Assassins’ guild. (4gp)
74- Four pink satin pillows. (5sp each)
75- A slim, golden hairpin in the likeness of a shrike. (6gp)
76- A dozen chicken eggs; hollowed out and filled with white flour. (5cp each)
77- A cask full of bronze caltrops (6 pounds). (3gp)
78- A delicately embroidered black linen robe with silver stitching in a flowing design. (5gp)
79- A shattered iron-bound oak door with three silver latches. The door had once been carved with great care, but whatever was depicted is now destroyed. (Latches: 2gp each)
80- Six bolts of green-dyed linen (10 sq. yards each). (1gp each)
81- A barrel filled with broken crockery. Near the bottom is a mouse nest in which, amidst the tangled mouse fur, lays a silver ring set with a polished tigerseye. (4gp)
82- A small, brown glass jar, sealed with wax, with a gray dust inside. A white label is affixed to the jar, and reads: “Zombie Dust” in a shaky script. (It is zombie dust. Value: 3gp)
83- A wooden leg, carved to appear as a standing leopard with green agate eyes. (Agates: 4gp each; the whole leg, with eyes: 10gp)
84- A scourge of red-dyed leather with iron filings entwined in the leather. (4gp)
85- A small cask of yellow clothiers’ dye. (8gp)
86- A thin malachite bracelet with a silver clasp. (6gp)
87- An iron torc with six small silver figurines: A hare, a horse, a spear, a wolf’s head, a simple circle, and an oak tree. (9gp)
88- An ivory and copper smoking pipe with stale tobacco inside. (4gp)
89- Three large iron ingots, such as those sold to blacksmiths. (1gp each)
90- A pair of elaborate, unattached bronze wall sconces suitable for use with torches or oil. (2gp each)
91- An iron-banded oaken door ready for mounting. (5gp)
92- Seventy-three clay vials of oil (1 pint each). (1sp each)
93- A hand-fan of clipped, black-dyed harpy feathers bound with copper wiring. (9gp)
94- A six-foot cubed block of black granite, suitable for sculpting. (10gp)
95- Rabbit-fur mittens and hat sized for a child. (1gp)
96- A thick leather satchel containing an adventurers’ kit: 6 wax candles, two pieces of white chalk, two pieces of red chalk, a small bag of (100) clay marbles, a whistle, four pieces of charcoal, three large sacks, six iron pitons, a hammer, a tinderbox with flint and steel, 2 empty copper vials, a chunk of coal, and three large sheets of paper. (10gp)
97- A rotting horse carcass with a broken lance in its chest, but with usable pack saddle, saddle bags, bit and bridle. (9gp)
98- A small, crystal vial of a clear, viscous liquid that smells strongly of honeysuckle. (Vial: 4gp, Perfume: 3gp)
99- A finely crafted figurine of a blue dragon, rampant, done in wood and painted. (6sp)
100- A set of 2 hard-backed chairs of hickory. (1gp each)

Lesser Treasure Table:
01- A cloak of griffon feathers set on black velvet. (60gp)
02- A large (30”x24”), oval serving tray of (tarnished) silver trimmed in gold. (55gp)
03- A broad dagger with a hilt that can be unscrewed. The space revealed is sufficient to hold up to 25 coins, and currently holds 10 gold coins and 15 silver coins. (Dagger value: 15gp)
04- A bronze-reinforced wooden chariot sized for two riders, painted red and yellow. (80gp)
05- A set of scale mail created from copper coins with matching gauntlets. (80gp)
06- A delicate silver chain set with a tourmaline (28gp)
07- A set of five small silver statuettes (each about 2” tall) consisting of a cat, an owl, a falcon, a horse and a griffon. (5gp each)
08- A pair of silk slippers encrusted with tiny pearls. (95gp)
09- A silver brooch depicting a mage’s tower. (This could be a pass for magical wards at the mage’s tower, at the DM’s discretion.) (12gp)
10- A used, slightly rusted (but usable) double-bladed sword. (60gp)
11- A leather string holding 11 silver shuriken. (2gp each)
12- A small bag of saffron. (22gp)
13- A large copper shield, embossed with a (copper) dragon’s head. “Elvalynte” is inscribed on the interior in a flowing script. (34gp)
14- A battle pennant, triangular in shape, of a black dragon on red silk. The staff is a silver-tipped lance. (Pennant: 30gp, Lance: 25gp)
15- A bandolier holding 8 silver flasks (empty (x3), brandy (x2), acid (x1), ogre blood (x1), gold dust (x1, value of gold: 12gp). (Flasks: 3gp each, bandolier: 5gp, ogre blood (to alchemist): 12gp, acid: 10gp, brandy: 5sp each)
16- An inverted monkey skull filled with silver and gold shavings. (Total value: 13gp)
17- A large tome filled with over one hundred recipes for wild boar, goose, and venison; written by Kilan Wester, a former royal chef (retired). (95gp)
18- A life-sized copper and silver statuette of a cockatrice. (17gp)
19- A leather bag containing 6 green dragon scales (young adult). (5gp each)
20- A two-wheeled cart carrying 48 oak planks. (Cart: 15gp, Planks: 5sp each)
21- A rolled painting, oil on canvas and roughly 36”x44”, depicting the hero Balsallard defeating the Giant-King Maan, painted by Balsallard’s squire at the time, Wespin Condelouche. (60gp)
22- A large (18”x28”), rectangular electrum sheet with ancient writing on it. The writing, if deciphered, is a brief history of a powerful magical item known as the House of Winds, with several clues as to where the item may have been lost fourteen hundred years ago. The House of Winds is described as an ornate mithral helm of legendary power. (75gp)
23- A weapons cabinet, unlocked and immovable, containing: 12 score arrows (1gp/score), 40 javelins (1gp each), 120 crossbow bolts (1sp/each), and a short bow (30gp). (Total value: 94gp)
24- An ironbound chest with an average lock. (55gp)
25- An elaborate, whalebone scrimshaw carving of intertwined orbs, each showing the legend of creation story of one of the seven civilized religions, roughly 10” in diameter. (45gp)
26- A battleaxe of iron sized for a fire giant. (35gp)
27- Studded leather armor made from sharkskin set with iron disks. (44gp)
28- An abacus with copper, silver and gold markers. (100gp)
29- A skeleton trapped in rusting scale mail with eight rotted bolts piercing both the mail and the corpse. (Scale mail: 25gp, usable if repaired by a skilled armorer (cost of repair is 15gp)
30- A finely crafted rug of intricate, geometric designs worked with silver threading. Careful examination (Search DC: 16) reveals an inscription in dwarvish runes laced in the threading: “When the sky boils, the sentinel returns.” The dimensions of the rug are 4ft x 6ft. (50gp)
31- A roughly beaten golden orb, roughly 10 inches in diameter. The orb is etched with the likeness of an orcish skull with an axe embedded in it. This was used by an orcish chieftain as his “royal orb”. (72gp)
32- A miniature (3 inch) silver gauntlet, trimmed in mother-of-pearl. (Could this be a failed spell component in an attempt to improve one of the ‘Hand’ spells? Or, is it the lost gauntlet of a fairy prince? Or, some remnant of a real gauntlet affected by a curse, perhaps?) (25gp)
33- A set of three porcelain ewers in blue flowers on a white field with silver trimming along the rim. A fourth, the largest, is shattered, but the silver is salvageable. (8gp, 12gp, 20gp, 2gp)
34- A large tome bound in thick bison-hide that is a common-orcish language primer, as well as a primer on orcish culture. The author of the primer, Darius Woodherd, seems to have added a lot of information on orcish heraldry and politics, as well. Darius spent almost twenty years amongst the orcs of the north, and eventually married an orc before being killed a score of years ago in a rival tribe’s ambush. Access to this book allows a +2 circumstance check on speaking orcish, knowledge of orcish history and heraldry, and on diplomacy checks when dealing with orcs. (90gp)
35- A pinewood totem pole of the northern barbarians, bearing six faces (from top to bottom): a hawk, a demon, an elk, a man, a fox, and a white dragon. The hawk has a silver feather on the left side of its face (8gp), the demon has a gold nose-ring (6gp), the elk has copper antlers (4gp), the man has electrum eyes (3gp each), the fox has a black onyx nose (15gp), and the dragon has ivory teeth (30 teeth worth 1gp each). The pole is fifteen feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. (4.57m, 90.7kg)
36- A pair of stuffed ermines, poised as if listening, mounted on a rough oak plank. (Pelts: 20gp each)
37- A rapier in an ornate, electrum-trimmed steel scabbard worked in swirl-patterns. (Rapier: 20gp, Scabbard: 45gp)
38- 4 ceramic canopic jars, holding the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver of a long-ago monarch. Each has a golden lid with a likeness of a paunchy, hook-nosed man with pale skin and a squint. (20gp each)
39- A miniature golden chest with tiny emeralds lining the top that trace out a mage’s sigil. The chest is crafted in exquisite detail. (This is the material component of a “Secret Chest” (from the spell of the same name) for the ruthless lady-mage Aumurille, who will likely want it back....) (75gp)
40- Six stuffed wolfhounds with black leather collars set with white onyx. (Collars: 10gp each)
41- Two spools of delicate threading; one of silver and the other made of gold. (Silver: 5gp, Gold: 25gp)
42- A finely crafted steel trident wrapped in sharkskin. Four rows of shark teeth line the shaft just below the tines and three small holy symbols of a water-demon cult are etched in the steel near the butt end. (33gp)
43- A dwarven holy symbol in silver; shaped into a flaming war-hammer set against an anvil-shaped backdrop. (55gp)
44- A collection of 6 wigs in varying lengths and hues on wooden head-shaped molds. The third (a curly green-haired piece that falls well past the shoulders) has a silver and pearl hairclip. (Wigs: 2gp each, hairclip: 42gp)
45- A brightly colored maple-wood case filled with an assortment of cheap, costume jewelry and makeup. Tucked away in a latched interior compartment is a paper flyer advertising “Gammul’s Traveling Troupe – Magicians! Acrobats! Dancers! Players! See the finest entertainers in seven lands!” (14gp for the lot)
46- A single, platinum skeleton-key on a platinum ring. The key is finely crafted, with a delicate design etched in elvish characters along the length and across the bow. (37gp)
47- A pair of blacksmith’s puzzle; each has a pair of interlocked iron designs that users try to take apart and put back together. (8gp, 12gp; Intelligence DC: 12 and DC: 14 check to solve (the second puzzle is harder than the first), which can be repeated every 10 minutes of working on the puzzle until solved.)
48- A spell component pouch (worth 5gp) containing: 6 pieces of cured leather (Mage Armor), 2 small replicas of an archery target (True Strike), A small piece of silk (Magic Aura), some sand (Sleep), 2 small pouches of gold dust (25gp each, Arcane Lock), some talc and powdered silver (1gp, See Invisibility), and 3 pieces of gum Arabic with eyelashes embedded in them (Invisibility).
49- A detailed rose, with petals and thorns, constructed of silver and electrum. (40gp)
50- A brown and red flecked egg, about the size of a loaf of bread, that gives off a rancid scent. (Troglodyte egg, worth 50gp to an interested alchemist, wizard, or university)
51- A crude, tarnished silver skullcap with three round-cut lapis lazuli set in a triangle. (88gp)
52- A delicate brass dragon egg; hollowed out and painted into a seascape, resting on a wooden stand. (35gp)
53- A collection of 6 elephant tusks. (2x12gp, 4x10gp)
54- A female gnome’s head, largely rotting, with an electrum and peridot nose ring. (66gp)
55- A scimitar with a gold and snakeskin hilt set with a citrine. (100gp)
56- A pair of steel flasks, sealed with wax bearing the symbol of St. Cuthbert. (Holy water, 25gp each)
57- A standard wizard’s spell-book with 100 pages. The first five pages hold the following spells (one per page): Arcane Mark, Light, Open/Close, Mending, and Disrupt Undead. (85gp)
58- A bright green cap of ettercap silk lined in black linen. (15gp)
59- A frost giant necklace of silver upon which are pierced 17 human-sized hands (all right hands). (Necklace: 55gp)
60- A large, four-post bed of mahogany with golden silk draperies. There is no mattress, pillows, or blankets. (90gp)
61- A mounted boar head wearing a thick golden necklace. (The head is actually that of a rakshasa, and radiates evil and illusion/transmutation to detection magic.) (45gp)
62- An ettin-hide cape, dyed blue, with a silver clasp shaped into a pair of malformed faces. (28gp)
63- A purple-colored apple. (This enchanted apple has all the properties of a potion of Cure Light Wounds. 50gp)
64- A carved wooden mantle, meant to be mounted above a fireplace, crafted of ash-wood and stained a medium brown. The left side is carved in images of demons and flames, the right in images of angels and air. The top is carved into an idyllic forest theme and has a moon above the left corner and a sun above the right. This piece weights just over a hundred pounds. (65gp)
65- A pair of tarnished silver horseshoes, possibly from the Lake Terrace wererat troubles of ten years ago. (12gp each)
66- A large crystal vase, silver trimmed, with a dozen dead roses and some stagnant water within. (14gp)
67- A wicker basket with a pair of mink furs within. (20gp each)
68- A large, wrought-iron sign crafted to read: “Beware of Wyvern” in a bold script. The sign weighs 80 pounds. (70gp)
69- A silver statuette depicting entwined triton lovers. (50gp)
70- A 3’ square replica of a castle, in wood, complete with ramparts and miniature ballistae and toy soldiers. Scribbled in some spots are notes written in draconic that suggest a plan to assault the castle (“Kill guard here first”, “Murder holes overhead”, Fireball this area”, etc…).It weighs 120 pounds. (65gp)
71- A leather vest with climbing gear: 12 iron pitons, a hammer, 50’ of silk rope, a grappling hook, a set of bronze crampons, thick leather gloves, and a leather harness seat. (32gp for all)
72- Four cat skeletons, each wearing an identical collar; black leather set with a small tourmaline. (10gp each)
73- A large bronze wardrobe, banded in steel, which contains Violet Fungi (hp 15) and a human body with rotting noble’s clothing, a rusty dagger, and a thin platinum bracelet set with a moonstone. (75gp)
74- A rolled and oiled cloth sail sized for a warship’s main mast; dyed green and tied with rope. (60gp)
75- A large pile of dismantled copper pipes covered in mold and verdigris; roughly 140 pounds. (35gp)
76- A life-size basalt statue of a raven. (25gp)
77- A masquerade mask crafted of leather and peacock feathers. (12gp)
78- A crude altar of white granite, bloodstained, with a streak of gold ore running through it. The altar weights 300 pounds. (75gp)
79- A silver hand mirror with mother-of-pearl backing. (28gp)
80- A horse sleigh capable of seating four people comfortably. The leather has dry rot and must be replaced before being useable. (30gp)
81- Seven lengths of extremely thick, 30’ long, hemp rope, such as that used for catapults. (5gp each)
82- A granite fountain designed to look like a school of brightly colored fish cresting sea waves. The fish are bedecked in colored glass, silver, and copper scales. Water coming out of the six ‘above-water’ fish is designed to be tinted to the colors of the rainbow by the colored glass. (1355 colored glass scales: 1cp each, 245 copper scales: 2cp each, 245 silver scales: 2sp each. The fountain is valued at 100gp if the entire thing can be moved.)
83- A silver-headed heavy mace, the head of which is shaped into the likeness of a ram’s head. (90gp)
84- A tower shield of bronze, cast into the likeness of a chimera’s heads and enameled to provide the appropriate colors. (85gp)
85- An ivory-colored robe of fine wool which is capable of bursting into illusory flames once a day for up to one minute. The command word, “Fladarro”, is stitched in red thread on the left sleeve. (100gp)
86- A lovely ivory-colored dress of silk with flowing sleeves. The dress has tiny pearls sewn at the neckline. (70gp)
87- A pair of blue enameled steel spiked gauntlets. The palms of both gauntlets are designed to display the Cambersome family crest, a stylized ‘C’ shaped into the likeness of a coiled serpent. (90gp)
88- A baby rattle crafted of silver. (10gp)
89- A merchant’s leather case containing a selection of twenty well-made daggers of varying designs. (2gp each)
90- A brass chamber pot in which has been hidden 3 pieces of rosy quartz. (Chamber pot: 3sp, rosy quartz: 4gp, 7gp, 12gp)
91- An iron tomb plaque (for setting on a tomb to identify its occupant), that has rusted away to reveal a hollow space within, in which is a rolled scroll of very thin, beaten gold. The scroll is etched in an ancient language (“The treasure of the Wavestar is secured in the cave of the cove.”), and has a crude map showing a coastline with unknown markings (star readings for ships). Research can find that the Wavestar was a merchant ship that was presumably lost at sea over a hundred years ago. (80gp for the scroll)
92- A mithril-headed branding-iron bearing the sigil of the Manticora Trading House. (100gp)
93- An electrum drow house-medallion bearing the image of a crimson scorpion with the house name inscribed on the back in the drow tongue (House Ulrather). (20gp)
94- A small cedar cask of dwarven pipe tobacco. (25gp)
95- A small wooden case holding four pairs of fairy wings. (4gp per pair to an alchemist, wizard, or university)
96- A cross-section of an ancient goldenbough tree, roughly a foot thick, which has been meticulously carved into a three-dimensional map of the terrain of the kingdom with major cities, castles, and ports marked accurate to about forty years ago. The whole weighs in at three hundred pounds. (50gp)
97- A (non-magical) crystal ball that radiates divination magic if detected for. (15gp)
98- A large pile of coal. Two small, rough diamonds are hidden near the bottom. (20gp, 25gp)
99- An iron flask holding a viscous liquid of intense, emerald-green that smells faintly of citrus fruit. The liquid is a concentrated, magical dye for clothing and the like, equal to four full barrels of normal dye. If consumed, it turns the drinker green for a full month. (65gp)
100- A crude bone rod made from a goblin’s femur and set with a cracked jet stone lashed to the rod with cartilage. (A former ‘wand of bestow curse’ used by a goblin witch-doctor, now drained of charges. 20gp)

Moderate Treasure Table:
01- An iron-strapped oaken coffer holding 12 trade bars of silver from “Manham’s Trading Cartel”. (25gp each)
02- A huge (14 ft.), basalt statue of an armored knight with spear and shield. (340gp)
03- A beautifully crafted, masterwork mandolin with electrum frets and silver inlay. (460gp)
04- A finely detailed, life-sized granite statue of an ancient warrior bearing ring mail, shield and spear. (290gp as art, however this warrior was petrified by a medusa, and can be brought back to life with a ‘stone to flesh’ spell)
05- A rug made of winter wolf hide. (150gp)
06- A leather bag containing 13 black candles, a flint & tinderbox, and 13 platinum coins bearing an image of flames on one side and various demons’ faces on the other. (140gp)
07- A mithril-headed pickaxe. (450gp)
08- A newly-sprouted, potted treant. (800gp to a sage or university)
09- A golden disk with nine small gems inset (diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, onyx, pearl, moonstone, jacinth, and jet). Disks such as this are used in the Wizards’ Guild to identify someone as an archmage. (1,000gp)
10- A deed to a tract of 40 acres of farmland and low hills near the border of the gnoll lands. (200gp)
11- A well-crafted marble chessboard with electrum pieces as white and gold pieces as black. (Chessboard: 35gp, 16 electrum pieces: 10gp each, 16 gold pieces: 20gp each or the entire set for 580gp)
12- A ballista on the back of a wheeled wagon that also carries 12 spears. The ballista is fired toward the rear, to protect the single horse or mule that pulls it. The wagon has a bronze-covered wooden shield near the back that provides 75% cover for up to two operators that sit in the wagon. (370gp)
13- A large, locked bronze chest (DC: 28 Open Locks) in which rests a breastplate, gauntlets, a full-helm, and a light steel shield, all of masterwork quality and enameled in white. (Breastplate: 400gp, Helm: 160gp, Gauntlets: 160gp, Shield: 160)
14- A large (24”x36”) tome of 400 vellum pages bound in leather with a silver cover in the likeness of a dragon’s head with two small green-flecked black opals as eyes. The contents, written in draconic, detail the early history of three distinct clans of silver dragons, the interior politics of each clan, and the rumored locations of the three clans’ hordes. This tome was written by the red dragon historian Pyrokorius, known to humankind as “Inferno”, some two hundred years ago and may be out of date. (Value: 950gp)
15- An intricately carved, elven-manufactured masterwork composite longbow of ash and decorated with ivory and silver. The carvings depict a great oak tree surrounded by dancing elves. (625gp)
16- A silver orb roughly the size of an apple, polished to mirror-like shine. Half of the orb is decorated with three key-like projections of steel, while the other half has been etched with the symbol of the Kalister family, a six-armed demon. The orb was crafted to be a key to the burial vaults of the Kalister Necropolis. The Kalisters were wealthy sorcerers whose burial vaults have been lost for centuries. The orb has been enchanted to resist tarnishing. (340gp)
17- A small, locked (DC 18 Open Lock; DC 22 Strength Check; hardness 10, HP 25) steel canister which holds a twenty pinches of powdered pearl. (Canister: 90gp if intact; powdered pearl: 200gp)
18- A copper and mahogany divan with crimson silk cushions. (160gp)
19- A pair of worn black leather boots sized for an ogre, mostly dry-rotted. The heel of the right boot is hollow and holds a tourmaline of good quality. (Tourmaline: 300gp)
20- A broad manticore-leather belt containing six steel flasks for containing potions. Four of the flasks are currently empty, one contains a Potion of Mage Armor (50gp), and the last a Potion of Cat’s Grace (300gp). Belt value: 35gp
21- A magical statuette of white marble, roughly a meter tall that shapes its form to the last sentient being that touched it. It currently has the form of a Dark Naga (or whatever person or creature the DM would like to be the owner…). Should a PC touch it, it takes only a round for their image to be transferred to the statuette, which may alert someone that they are nearby. The statuette weighs nearly 200 pounds. (Hardness 15, HP 50). (500gp)
22- An ore cart filled with coal and spider webs. Hidden in the coal are six rough diamonds (DC 24 Search check or DC 18 Profession: Jeweler check to find). (Cart: 25gp, Coal: 1gp, Diamonds: 25gp, 20gp, 40gp, 30gp, 25gp, 55gp). Also in the coal cart is hidden a colony of Tiny Monstrous Spiders (8 spiders). They attack if the coal is disturbed.
23- A tortoise-shell shield; banded in iron and decorated with electrum inlay. (Treat as a Masterwork Heavy Wooden Shield that weighs 6 pounds, 220gp)
24- A locked steel coffer (DC 28 Open Lock check; Inflict Light Wounds trap: CR 2; magic device; touch trigger; automatic reset; spell effect (inflict light wounds, 1st-level cleric, 1d8+1, DC 11 Will save half damage); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 26.) containing six rare books on magical theory: “Finding Familiars” by Thaddeus Hornkeep (45gp), “Planar Bindings: keeping your demons held securely” by Teona Kell (90gp), “Magical Matrices and Their Power in Dwoemercraft” by Mikyl Demaj (120gp), “Conjuring the Elemental” by Pierce Blackhand (65gp), “Countermagics” by Simon Felstar (40gp), and “Enchanting Solutions” by Helena Barwight (95gp). (Coffer value: 250gp)
25- A simple wand of elm wood, decorated with three red hawk feathers. (A fully-charged Wand of Darts: This wand can be used to fire up to two darts per round as if hurled by the caster (no strength bonus applied, but dexterity bonuses/penalties do). Once fired, the darts become non-magical. A new wand of this sort will have 100 charges. A wand can be recharged by someone with the “Craft Magical Arms and Armor” feat for 2gp of raw material per charge.) (450gp)
26- A three hundred-twenty year old bottle of elven wine. Called rose wine, the bottle is of Goldenbough wood, crafted by a ‘Shape Wood’ spell and appearing as a delicately crafted rose, with the date and winery listed in elvish runes along the stem. Rose wine is a brilliant red in color, delicate and dry, with the flavors and scents reminiscent of spring and life. The grapes for rose wine are grown only in a remote wood, and recent disease has destroyed many of the vines. Only a few dozen bottles of rose wine are crafted each year, and most of these are held close by the clan of elves that create it. (Intact: 600gp, bottle only: 185gp)
27- A platinum scarab, inlaid with gold and four emeralds. (920gp)
28- A leather sack containing 3 vials of antitoxin (50gp each), a tanglefoot bag (50gp), and a flask of acid (10gp).
29- A mounted moose head. The head has a bag in the skull, placed by the taxidermist, which contains a thick gold ring set with a ruby (350gp).
30- A scroll in a leather tube containing schematics on the design of a repeating light crossbow. The design allows someone a +4 circumstance bonus to their Knowledge: Engineering check when crafting a repeating light crossbow and reduces the cost of crafting the item by 5%. (850gp)
31- A wall display of captured weapons and armor, all kept in useable condition, consisting of: 3 long swords, a greatsword, 5 spears, a light mace, a heavy flail, a falchion, a dented breastplate, 3 wicker shields, a tower shield, and a set of scale mail. (Total value: 430gp)
32- A plain, beaten platinum diadem set with a large oval-shaped lapis lazuli. (275gp)
33- A portable battering ram of iron-bound oak with the head of a bear as the ram. The bear has blue onyx eyes. (Value: 225, Onyx eyes: 50 each)
34- A small painting of the Battle of Seymond Run, depicting knights with lances battling frost giants some 300 years ago. The painter, Sir Rens Palto, painted it from memory soon after the battle. Palto became one of the most well-known artists of the time, and this work was mentioned in some famous writings, but its whereabouts went unknown until now. The painting is framed in a simple wooden frame. (640gp)
35- A silver flask with a holy-symbol runed stopper, extremely cold to the touch. The flask contains wraith essence. If the flask is opened outside of a Protection from Evil or Law Circle, the advanced wraith (8 hit dice) regains its form in three rounds and attacks. (Flask: 25gp, wraith essence: 620gp)
36- An intricately carved ivory rapier scabbard trimmed in electrum and set with three red garnets along its length. There is a small opening at the terminus end to allow the scabbard to be used as a breathing tube, if needed. (445gp)
37- A ring of platinum, shaped as intertwining grape vines. An inscription on the interior reads: “When life fades and darkness falls, there is still the final hope.” (110gp)
38- A mechanical songbird in a wire cage. The bird is of copper and brass and when a small crank is turned, the bird can sing one of five birdsongs: canary, warbler, cardinal, nightingale, or barn owl. The contraption is fragile (0 hardness, 5 hit points). (185gp)
39- An eye-patch of gold, set with three red spinels, on a black leather cord. The back of the eye-patch bears a stylized shadow in black lacquer, the symbol of The Dark, a large criminal organization that has hands in everything from drugs and prostitution to assassinations. (310gp)
40- A scroll of birch bark covered in tree resin for strength and found in a bear-hide scroll case, which contains druidic spells: Barkskin, Heat Metal, and Hold Animal? It appears that two other spells have already been used off of this scroll. (Caster level: 3rd, Value: 450gp)
41- A beautifully crafted steel breastplate sized for a halfling or gnome, with gold and silver enameling depicting seven mountaintops; the holy symbol of Yondalla, the halfling goddess. (380gp)
42- A leather satchel containing a dozen bottles of various inks and twenty needles of assorted sizes that makes up a masterwork tattooist’s kit. (105gp)
43- A life-sized sculpture of a two-horse chariot and rider done in white granite. The sculpture is immovable without the help of magic. (875gp)
44- A small coin purse that holds a sling and 4 adamantine sling bullets, 12 cold iron sling bullets, and 12 alchemical silver sling bullets. (Adamantine: 60gp each, Cold Iron: 2gp each, Alchemical Silver: 2gp each)
45- A large saddle with several extra straps and buckles (suitable for a winged mount), which includes a long sword scabbard and a masterwork long sword. (Saddle: 60gp, mw long sword: 315gp)
46- A massive key, roughly 3’ long and crafted of electrum with a piece of green jade carved into the bow in the shape of a longboat. This key is decorative, and there are no matching locks. (145gp)
47- A leather girdle (i.e. wide belt) of bear hide set with an electrum and topaz buckle (Buckle: 230gp).
48- A large ewer of silver, etched with scenes of a boar hunt. There is an inset brown garnet in the shape of the boar. (500gp)
49- A ceramic pot with two blooming blue tulips. (DC: 20 Knowledge (Nature) check to realize this is the Hanjil Tulip, a flower thought extinct for over a hundred years. The Hanjil Tulip is a vital ingredient in several potions that deal with the school of charms and enchantment. Value to an alchemist or wizard: 500gp each.)
50- A suit of black dragonhide banded mail and gauntlets (all of masterwork quality), trimmed with gold. This suit of armor is lovingly maintained and is polished to a brilliant sheen. (975gp)
51- A broad-beamed rowboat carrying three chests of iron-bound oak. The first chest is locked (DC: 24 Open Lock) and contains 1150 silver coins. The second is unlocked and contains four formal dresses for a petite woman. The third chest is unlocked and holds a lute and a lyre, both wrapped in bundles of cloth. (Rowboat: 50gp; Dresses: 15gp each; Lute & Lyre: 5gp each)
52- A deed granting the bearer the rights to the Whispering Shallows Silver Mine; which produces a profit of 3d4x 10gp per month when fully operational, with a decent site manager… Unfortunately, the mine is currently inhabited by monstrous spiders and the equipment is rotted and needs to be replaced. Oh, and that back tunnel leads to the troglodyte clans... who work for duergar, who are trying to keep the drow from expanding, on orders from the mind flayers… (Equipment costs are 500gp to get production going). The deed can be sold for 750gp.
53- A set of three small, geometric stones; each about two inches long with runes carved upon them. The first is red marble in the shape of a sphere. The second is white jade in the form of a spindle. The third is a purple crystal prism. These are Ioun Stones awaiting enchantment. (Deep Red, Pearly White, and Purple Prism; each valued at 170gp)
54- A stuffed green and black-banded giant constrictor snake, some thirty-feet long. The skin can be salvaged (with a DC: 14 Profession Leatherworking check or something similar) and is worth 300gp.
55- An orcish throne; a large seat of heavy wood with sheets of gold, etched with scenes of warfare and violence. Two gnoll skulls with just a bit of sinew left on them sit atop the back of the throne, as well as a pair of crossed halberds that rise above the back of the piece. (Total value: 480gp)
56- A sculpture done in silver wire that creates the life-sized image of a bull on a thick granite base. (740gp)
57- A large turquoise bowl, roughly eighteen inches in diameter. The rim is edged in silver. (175gp)
58- Six identical wax-sealed clay pots. All appear to be the same weight, but five of the pots hold chemicals that will explode on contact with the air (3d6 damage in 5 foot radius; Ref Save DC: 14 for half damage. Search DC: 28, Disable Device DC: 28). Opening the clay jar while under water circumvents the explosives. The other contains a similar (non-explosive) gelatinous concoction that holds three sapphires. The clay pots can be hurled with a range increment of 10 feet. (Sapphire value: 250 each).
59- An electrum longsword scabbard set with five (100gp) jets along its length. (575gp)
60- A prism that will project a map of the kingdom (or anywhere else the DM chooses) against any flat surface provided there is a light source to refract through it. The interior of the prism can be seen to be etched in amazing detail and has dyes suspended in it to provide color to the map. (350gp)
61- A simple brass ring; a “Ring-pouch”. This simple band is a magical extra-dimensional space about the size of a pouch. When worn it seems like a normal band of brass, but when taken off, the ring can be stretched to open a space that is capable of holding about 100 coins or the equivalent (gems, spell components, etc.). This ring does not detect as magic unless the spell used is 2nd level or higher. Very useful for smuggling or ensuring you have a dagger or lock-pick handy…. (1000gp)
62- A large-sized morningstar, consisting of an oaken tree-limb imbedded with 23 pieces of obsidian. (Obsidian value: 6x5gp, 13x10gp, 4x20gp)
63- A jar containing four applications of drow poison (evaporates if exposed to sunlight). (Injury poison; Fort DC: 13 Frequency 1/minute for 2 minutes; causes Unconsciousness for 2d4 hours; value 75gp per dose).
64- A set of tarot cards etched on electrum plates. The six suits for this deck are: Caverns, Demons, Fates, Moons, Swords, and Wands. (60 plates, each worth 5gp, the entire set would sell for 350gp)
65- A ship’s bowsprit carves into the likeness of a woman warrior with drawn sword pointing forward. The blade is composed of steel, while the woman is crafted from ash wood. (240gp)
66- A large pearl in a decorative marble display case that is shaped like an oyster. (Pearl: 500gp, stand: 125gp)
67- A large yellow and blue banded egg, roughly a foot long, which rests in a pile of leather scraps. (This is a hippogriff egg, which if kept warm and safe will hatch in three months. Value: 750gp)
68- A silver-backed hand mirror set with a large zircon. (345gp)
69- A white porcelain tea set decorated with blue snowflakes. The set includes a teapot, bronze brazier, and 6 cups. (125gp)
70- A long-lost battle scene involving a small dragon’s skeleton with brittle bones and eight sets of rusted armor and weapons. Hidden within the ribcage of the dragon (Search DC: 18) lies a grime-encrusted set of three sealed bronze flasks. The first holds a milky liquid that smells of cotton (a Potion of Bless Weapon. 100gp), the second a clear syrup that smells like butter (a Potion of Protection from Evil. 50gp), and the last a dark gray, viscous concoction with a sandy-grit consistency smelling of lemon (a Potion of Bear’s Endurance. 300gp)
71- An iron maiden set with 50 slender silver blades; perhaps for use in torturing lycanthropes or undead? (900gp)
72- A mountaineering set including 200 feet of silken rope (40gp), two grappling hooks (1gp each), six sets of crampons (5gp each), twelve tindertwigs (1gp each), two small tents (10gp each), a miner’s pick (3gp), 60 pitons (1sp each), two hammers (5sp each), and six heavy bedrolls (1gp each) in a large, unlocked wooden chest (2gp).
73- A beautifully crafted, life-sized marble statue of a middle-aged man in fine clothing and hat, painted in vibrant colors. The man depicted is a famous city mayor that disappeared ten years ago. (400gp)
74- A miniature platinum sword with a grip and pommel of copper and zinc. This is a material component for the spell “Mage’s Sword”. (250gp)
75- A large, oval plate crafted of gold and decorated with a scene of men wrestling. Inscribed along the lower edge of the plate is the inscription: To the victor, the spoils”. This plate is a trophy for winning the wrestling tournament in an Olympics-like competition. (500gp)
76- A scroll written on a piece of demon-skin containing two arcane spells: Arcane Sight and Ghoul Touch. The scroll is bound with a carved jade ring shaped into the likeness of a demon’s face. (Scroll: 525gp, Ring: 230gp)
77- A handheld court seal for a local land composed of silver and carved lapis lazuli. This item grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Forgery Checks on items created that are based from this land when using the seal. (Value: 200gp, Value to criminal organizations or the government: 650gp)
78- A giant beetle carapace of iridescent blues, purples, and greens. An armorer could make this into a masterwork large shield or breastplate. (120gp)
79- A shirt of black elven silk. This silk has the unusual property of resisting cuts and blunt force trauma, acting as masterwork padded armor without the bulk, and allowing arcane spell casters to benefit from it with no chance of arcane spell failure (Armor bonus: +1, Max. Dex bonus: 8, Armor Check Penalty: 0, Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 0, Weight, 1 pound). This is a masterwork item and can be enchanted. (650gp)
80- A mannequin, slightly smaller than a life-sized woman, crafted of steel, wood, and leather and dressed in a blue dress. Levers on the mannequin can adjust the size of hips, waist and chest and the legs can be lengthened or shortened as needed. (Dressmaker’s mannequin and dress: 145gp)
81- An unlocked coffer holding eighteen gold bricks stamped with the symbol of an evil god. (50gp each)
82- A set of masterwork steel manacles covered in alchemical silver, with a key attached. (220gp)
83- A weathered black leather quiver with eight rotted arrows within. A false bottom within the quiver holds five pink pearls wrapped in linen cloth. (Pearls: 3x100gp, 2x250gp)
84- A carved wooden throne (actually an aggressive Mimic with 60 hit points), against which rests a greataxe of steel, trimmed in silver and decorated with feathers dyed blue and red, with a black onyx set in the bottom of the pommel. The greataxe is glued to the mimic until the mimic is killed. Strong alcohol dissolves the adhesive, but the mimic still can grapple normally. A mimic can dissolve its adhesive at will, and the substance breaks down 5 rounds after the creature dies. The mimic is willing to give up the axe in exchange for its life if brought below 15 hit points. (A masterwork greataxe: 975gp)
85- A round granite door carved with ancient symbols. The door weighs almost a ton. (The symbols are actually in three languages and would be worth 800gp to a university or sage specializing in history or ancient cultures. The inscription reads: “Herein lies the plight of the barrow warden; dressed for eternity. Lower thine eyes from the glorious radiance. Raise thy voice in supplication.”)
86- A dagger of masterwork quality carved from a single blue-crystal shard that has the hardness of steel. The hilt is wrapped in snow-serpent skin. (540gp)
87- Four ancient coins crafted from mithril. They are triangular in shape, with a hole in the middle. On one side is a chariot and driver and the on the other is the face of an ancient king of unknown lands. They are roughly fourteen hundred years old, but due to their construction appear as they did when newly minted. (Coins: 160gp each)
88- An ermine cap with an electrum brooch set with a small jacinth. (875gp)
89- An alchemist’s notebook, consisting of sixty-three loose-leaf pages rolled up and shoved into a wooden tube with a cork stopper. The rough handwriting is cramped, but contains the recipes for potions of Reduce Person, Enlarge Person, Darkvision, and Jump. The skill of the research allows for the user of the notebook to spend only 75% of the normally required experience points when crafting these potions (Though the Brew Potion feat is still required). (750gp)
90- A perfectly preserved wyvern in a massive, sealed jar filled with embalming fluid. (1000gp)
91- A small silver pendant in the shape of the holy symbol of the sun god. Twice per day, the wearer can call forth the power of the pendant, creating Light (as the 0-level cleric spell) for ten minutes. (850gp)
92- A small pouch with 12 Goodberries. Each transmuted berry provides nourishment as if it were a normal meal for a Medium creature. The berry also cures 1 point of damage when eaten, subject to a maximum of 8 points of such curing in any 24-hour period. (As per the druid spell, “Goodberry”, except that they will last indefinitely until consumed.) (Value: 20gp each)
93- A jacket of blue silk embroidered with golden roses and secured with seven gold buttons. (145gp)
94- A herd of 86 black sheep. (Value 1d3+1gp each)
95- A bracelet of seven gold medallions, each etched with the symbol of a good god and set with one of seven different stone: Bloodstone, Carnelian. Jasper, Amethyst, Green Spinel, Violet Garnet, and Moonstone. (900gp)
96- A masterwork dire-flail with a cold-iron head on one end and an alchemical silver head on the other. The shaft is of iron-bound ash wood that has been carved into the likeness of gnolls in battle. (770gp)
97- A set of archer’s bracers made of electrum and set with seven small jade discs set in a circle on the back of each bracer. (Value: 300gp each, 675gp for both)
98- A stone eye symbol, long since disconnected to the wall that it was carved into, covered in gold leaf and then freshly painted in red, black, white, and blue. The entire piece is roughly the size of a watermelon and weighs a hundred pounds. (180gp)
99- A dire bear pelt fashioned into a cloak fit for an ogre or ettin. A large, crude silver clasp is attached. (175gp)
100- A set of six quill nibs used for scroll making. (Silver nib: 2gp, Gold nib: 18gp, Platinum nib: 75gp, Adamantine Nib: 190gp, Dragon Bone nib: 200gp, Oak nib: 1sp)

There's plenty on these lists that will reward creativity by the players if they try to think outside the box.

Definitely a lack of things for them to accidentally hurt themselves with, but pretty good lists overall. I'll definitely be using at least a few items from the Moderate Treasure Table. And I'll probably use the other tables the next time I run a session at lower level.

Usually you want a reason for the loot to be there.

Either its items that the defenders want/use or have something to do with the history of the place.

There's this book called "The Mother of All Treasure Tables". If you need to fill a place with evocative loot of varying values, it's a pretty good choice.

A flying carpet is fun. For the accident factor you seek, maybe this rug likes to turnover & fly upside down when/if it reaches a height of 10 ft. (if you want a deadlier version add a random factor of when it turns over--the trick is can they stay on it)

Or perhaps they find some cute and cuddly creature that one PC adopts--until they later discover it has the same disastrous reproductive rate & eating habits of a Tribble.

They could also find a lost relic important to a temple in the area. The clergy could then grant them strong favor for future needs if they return it (but this could also gain them an enemy from within that same faith who had gained power from the relic being "lost").

Ring of Forcefangs is fun too, but perhaps it is cursed. If/when discharging the max 5 missiles in a single round, maybe it fuses their fingers together for a period of time (and also reversible by some action you devise). The can still use their hand to hold a sword, etc like a mitten, but playing the piano might be out of the question for a while. Fused fingers might make it more difficult to cast spells as well.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

I would give lots of fun the monsters! That puts a time constraint on the fights--THEY'RE EATING OUR TREASURE!!!! Actual monetary treasure usually isn't very useful in most dungeons, unless you are bribing monsters or feeding rust monsters.

Actually, some funny "joke" treasures, like a magic wooden sword, might become significant depending on the circumstances, like fighting rust monsters. Potions of reduce person might be lifesavers if the PCs end up fighting Tucker's kobolds or other warren raiders.

I would be careful about giving out trapped treasure. Either the PCs will stop trusting it, and just avoid all treasure, or they will spend hours coming up with all sorts of special ways to search each piece of treasure, and the dungeon crawl will grind down to a halt.

But you know your PCs. How will they respond to trapped treasures?

1-One half of a set of ring gates. The other is at the bottom of a pond. One of my old DMs pulled this on us, it might be from an old adventure.

2-A +1 Flaming Burst Spear- Drawback: Burns constantly literally never stops unless you keep it in a bucket of water. If not submerged it might light hair clothing or other flammable materials. Even worse it bursts ever 1d6 rounds that it is not submerged or has struck something. If it hits an enemy on the round it will burst the additional damage is added. If you are holding it when it bursts you get burnt with the additional burst damage. Cane from an old Dragon mag but I added the burst property cause it just makes it more fun. But you got to love watching the warrior carrying a spear in a bucket. Probably needs a Cha penalty to intimidate.

3-Splinter a +1 LG intelligent club- the loud boisterous personality that possesses this wooden practice sword was a incredulously pious paladin who trained many squires. The newest is of course the new wielder. YOU'RE WELCOME.

4-Enchanted art- Looking at a painting without saying the password you get trapped inside. Take a dynamic action fight showing an adventuring party (cover of the Bestiary works). The party starts the fight in the positions of the heroes in the picture.

5-More enchanted art- This is really a trap but fun. Lining a wide hall is a pair of exquisite tapestries one side is a fortress on the sea soldiers man the walls and fires burn in places. On the other side of the hall is an armada of ships. When some moves into the hall things start to move the smoke rises, the banners flit in the wind. A figure on the lead ship yells in a booming voice at the fort. I had the guy say the threatening rant soliloquy from Henry the 5th. The key is that the threatening speech ends with "Speak Peace and this avoid." If some says "peace" the tapestry stills if not hell is unleashed from both sides of the tapestries, cannon balls, ballista, arrows, flaming arrows you get the idea. I have to hand it to my players. They simply went behind the tapestries by passing the negative effects.

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