Any way to get improved familiar on a none caster?


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Pretty straight forwards

could something like "Familiar bond" and other feats quallify you for "improved familiar" and be able to choose one of the familuiars without having a caster level=?
Or could a simply fea that a few times a day gives you a spell quallify you?

anything else i should know about iths?

You would need both of the familiar bond feats, to take the feat.

Not since the most recent SLA ruling, at least by RAW.

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See the Improved Familiar FAQ

relevant bit wrote:
To that end, you can always substitute your effective wizard level for the purpose of determining your familiar’s abilities for “arcane spellcaster level” to determine the available improved familiars for your character.

The eldritch guardian fighter archetype gets the familiar class option. There are probably a few other options in the Familiar Folio that might help.

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KingOfAnything found the relevant FAQ.
Point being that "arcane spellcaster level" =/= "caster level".
The first is a reference to CLASS LEVEL (and "effective class level")
of the class(es) (or other source) which granted the Familiar ability.
"Caster Level" is a distinct mechanic, even though levels of spellcasting classes also grant it.
There are various mechanics outside of class level to boost "caster level" (e.g. Ioun Stone)
but those don't help get higher tier Improved Familiars or boost Familiar abilities.
AFAIK, even full caster level PrCs don't advance Familiars...
(unless they explicitly state so, or Familiar is gained from non-Base Class source like Feat... which utilize ALL levels, even Commoner)

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