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Scarab Sages

a few questions about diseases

1) any chance for a character to realize they're under a disease before the drawbacks hits?

2) at this dorment stage can the player or other player attempt heal check to identify the disease?

3) can you fully recover from a disease without magical or use of items by regaining a point of ability damage a day?

4) Second save you make against a disease will that be before or after the penalty sets in?

5) When is an object a creature and when is it food? Purify food and water can remove diseases, poisons etc from food but not from creatures, so if you kill a poison frog does it still count as a creature when dead or would it count as food that can be targeted?

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I think there's plenty interesting things in the book, they're just a degree to underwhelming in general.
I like it's not so powerful that we see drakes everywhere, kinda interesting for them to stay rare.
Good that they've improved their capability to use magic items to not just be a single, but now can have a similar amount as other avian companions.
I think in PFS the easiest way to "FIX" the drakes without making them powerhouses, is simply allowing them to take monster feats they qualify for. This would make them unique and have an appeal in that direction.

General setbacks for the drakes if i'm not mistaken:
7 years to get a new.
Cost a lot of features to get something of less power, granted with more skill points.
1 magic item (fixed)
can't get animal companion limited feats or get buffs that can usually buff animal companions, mounts only.

I still keep looking for options to try and get the right build to use one. atm the most likely situation i look at is just have it be flavor more than a carring part of the archtyes.
Would also have been interesting with a bit more Cha to have been able to make an intimidate build

Hoping to see a faq clarifying and rebalancing several hings from this book

Scarab Sages

I like the feats you suggested, however I hope to play the character in PFS, which means I can't take the feats as they are monster feats.

I'm not really all that hyped about playing a summoner, what I'm hyped about is making a summoning character focused around Psychopomps. MAss attacks have been done far to often on summons which lead me to look elsewhere.(swallow whole)

I would have a few extra evolution points compared to your assume points however. at lvl 9 i'll have 7 from level, +1 from psychopomp, +2 from FCB for a total of 10 evolution points at lvl 9.
I agree Swallow whole isn't great, which is part of the reason i seek advice in how to make it workable and if it is so without having to go for the aberant subtype and so might as well drop the idea.

Scarab Sages

Was wondering if anyone got some suggestions for a Swallow Whole build.
I'd prefer a Psychopomp Eidolon.
I'm thinking about limiting it to a Bite attack for 1½ times str to dmg.

Any suggestions? should I look at another subtype so I could get poison and disease? or could it be done for this archtype?

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Granted it could get pretty interesting with Improved Natural attack Claws, large size and the animal companion multi attack for a third claw attack.(3 attacks of 2d8+x dmg), Probably ideal for Greater natural fang assuming it's 1 type of attack that gets the bonus and not just 1 claw.
Had it move around with Rake, It might have been a popular companion.
Still it's easy to hit, moves around slowly and got relatively low stats.

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Having in the past considered getting a Glyptodon animal companion, I discovered It isn't listed as a legal PFS companion.
Which lead me to the question, why is it and some other animals not legal while others are...
Is it based on the setting? Surely can't be power, with the glyptodon's stats granted strong claws.
What about other companions from old books not yet PFS legal, is there an official reasoning or are we just to guess at it?

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thorin001 wrote:
Azullius Koujou wrote:

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, I meant for the unchained Rogue.

So it would cost 5 pp + 50x lvl 5 = 250 gp?
Or does the retraining option compared to the fighter training cost differently?

No idea what you mean. Retraining a class feature costs 5 days (or 5 PP in PFS) and 50 X level GP. It does not matter if it is a rogue, fighter, cleric, or anything else, the cost is fixed,

The Thing is I'm not sure if it's a class feature I'm allowed to retrain or not, since it's not a rogue talent but a standard unchained rogue class feature. I've never used Retraining before.

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Hate's to do this but, bump

Scarab Sages

Thanks for the replies.
Yes, I meant for the unchained Rogue.

So it would cost 5 pp + 50x lvl 5 = 250 gp?
Or does the retraining option compared to the fighter training cost differently?

Scarab Sages

Just wondering is it possible to retrain "Rogue's finesse" to a different weapon?

if yes how much would it cost in gold and prestige for PFS

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Khudzlin wrote:
Age, height and weight are not very relevant rules-wise. So you can tweak them if you want.

It's relevant for a trait such as: Bred for war where you have to be a human of 6f or taller.

So it would be relevant to qualify for a trait there.

there's also a trait that require your character to be 100+ years old

Scarab Sages

i know about the BMI, the reason i bring it up is the "Mostly human" part

Granted at the tallest height and lowest weight you would be in the low overweight of around 29 part.

I'm just a little curious about why this trait went for humans and not dwarfs, since unlike the other elemental races oreads got their connections stronger to the dwarfs than humans i think.

Scarab Sages

Just wondering if alternative racial traits such as "Mostly human" would allow a player to go by a mix between human and the given race for this(as long as the character stay the same category)

Could an Oread mostly human for instance be something like 5'5f tall instead of the general Oread's max height of 5'0f tall? (given that humans can be up to 6'6 tall)

Also when comparing the Oread to the other elemental races they appear to have a much stronger connection to dwarfs than humans. Be it their height, speed, weight or even feats.

Going by the listed numbers you could have a mostly human looking girl of 3'11 f with a weight of anything from 134 ibs to 204 ibs. In BMI measures thats a minimum of 42.6 and a max of 64.9

and could this height difference have in game significance, such as being abile to reach areas more easily or dug under more easily, or even help qualify for feats traits etc where height weight and age are of importance.

What do you think?

Scarab Sages

I think you're plenty strong for a lvl 1 compared to commoners, it's when you compare a lvl 1 character with higher level character it start getting odd. How in your backstory you might have undergone a decade off adventuring leading to you being lvl 1, yet 2 years later you're lvl 5.

Stuff like that is the odd part, not that a lvl 1 can die to a crit.

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Nefreet wrote:
In order to roll a DayJob in PFS, you must have at least one rank.

Which makes sense, what doesn't make much sense to me is listing Lini as having +3 to craft Jewelry if she can't use the craft for anything.

If she can roll it in game sure else why bother listing it under her skills when they've already spend space in traits that she got +2 to craft jewelry

Scarab Sages

so every character can in theory make a dayjob roll without a rank in craft,profession or perform?

Scarab Sages

Looking at her skills it say she got craft jewelry+3
but with an int of +1 and a racial bonus of +2

What can this be used for? can it be used for dayjob when she doesn't apparently have a rank in it?

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What about the option of a under sized weapon would that work?
making the rapier a ~light weapon to the user, I assume it won't work but rather than break the puzzle and start over, much easier to just replace a single piece.

Scarab Sages

Does the Inspired Blade lose the option of using cloak & dagger styles with Rapiers that ordinary Swashbucklers keep?

due to having "Rapier Training" instead of "swashbuckler weapon training"

if yes, could using an undersized Rapier count as a light weapon and so qualify to be used with the feat?

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hmm troublesome, I'm starting to wonder just how much photobucket might have changed.
I can't get images from it on my myth-weavers sheets anymore and people appear to have a hard time viewing them. If it's like this other than personal storage i see little reason to keep it :(

anyway been told what i had found was most likely a piece of bone from recent years, given it was exposed to sun,wind & saltwater it looked more worn than i'd imagined it would.

So probably a leftover from when someone had a trip to the rockey beach, though lets see if i can have you guys opinion before throwing it into the trash.

i'll try and see if i can find an alternative but just got my suspicion confirmed about photobuckets change unfortunately:

"Photobucket tells users no more free hotlinking for you, replaces millions of images with 'ransom demand'"

Scarab Sages

Probably nothing special, but got curious after a walk at the beach what it was i had stumbled across among the rocks.

took 2 pictures(1 from either side)

I'm guessing it's either a piece of plaster, bark, bone or something else entirely.

Was wondering if by chance you could tell me what it is based on these 2 images?

[IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v423/StoneTitan/nature/Billede0149_zpsobs lmeba.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v423/StoneTitan/nature/Billede0150_zps1yg ybiem.jpg[/IMG]

Scarab Sages

Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunate not seeing how ace trip and ranged trip deliver.

Could be if i try a wizard one day I'd try your suggested trip build sounds quite interesting.

Scarab Sages

Lady-J wrote:
Azullius Koujou wrote:
(add to that the Paladin is one of the strongest martial classes if not the strongest)



i agree bloodrager, barbarian, unchained monk, fighter(with the appropriate options)and slayer are all better martials than the paladin

Damage dealers perhaps, staying alive not so much, at least based on my experience so far.

Good ac, good saves, many immunities and lay on hands = Paladins is probably the hardest martial to take down.(at least based on what i've seen)

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Is there a way to get these 3 spells on the same character?

character idea:

Turn people into trees
turn trees into people
turn carnivores into herbivores
turn herbivores into carnivores

Either go CN and be a npc that just like to mess things around or be a Neutral pc that teach how to see the world from both the eyes of the hunter & the hunted and user and abuser view.

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Megistone wrote:

I could totally play a lawful stupid character without being a Paladin. What's the difference?

If a character is problematic for the group because of her beliefs or her goals or her ways, the problem is not her class.

So, it's good if every player agrees beforehand on what is or is not acceptable for the group; of course if it's an evil campaign, paladins won't be a choice. But in most cases, why not? Just don't play the paladin in a stupid, exaggerated stereotypical caricature of the class, and everything will be ok.

I'm just against people being told as a group, "you are not allowed to play this and this" yet one guy asked nicely so he can play this character type the rest of the group were not allowed to play."(add to that the Paladin is one of the strongest martial classes if not the strongest)

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If possible pick a class able to cast Strongjaw or be in a group where someone can cast it on you.

= Druid, Ranger, Hunter or possibly an archtype or domain of another class.

Scarab Sages

I think you should stick to the no paladins policy unless the group as a whole agree.
I played in a campaign once where we were told no prestige classes.
Later on new characters were allowed to take prestige classes, I accepted it, but found it annoying to be honest.(mostly because the rest of us were not told right away)

there should be plenty of archtypes around that could resemble a paladin

Scarab Sages

I did aim for those goals, but i don't think the situations appeared where it wouldn't be better to just full attack the flying target instead of attempting a ranged trip.
and with flying creatures often having a higher speed than movement speed of party members, for them to fly way for 1-2 rounds would require several turns of tripping for the party to catch up to them on the ground i fear.

Yes in the case it's someone we want to take alive it's better but that was pretty much what it became.
Sure I could trip the target and give my allies a +4 to hit the target, Or I could deal 120+ damage to the target and have a high chance of taking them out of the picture.

Scarab Sages

A couple of months ago I finished playing "serpents skull" where i played a lore warden focused on ranged tripping. I could trip flying targets, I could trip huge targets, and when we finished at lvl 17 I had + 41(42 pbs) to my ranged trip attempts and my tripped targets would provoke aoos from me.
Yet even with all this, I hardly ever attempted to trip a target after getting my third arrow a turn and once i hit 6 arrows a turn I don't think I ever used the tripping at all.

So aside the archer archtype that could have gotten trip on each arrow, is there a way to make this work(my problem was i could only get 1 tripping arrow a turn to work with my feat selection)

Basically the choice turned into try to trip the target an do little damage or take away half if not all the hp of the target(and possibly hit more tagets).

Scarab Sages

I suppose the party might be very well prepared and never taken off guard could be one of the main ways they could survive.
Having a sub par save on a character can go alright if your not the usual target.
My previously mentioned fighter had the second lowest ac in our group at around AC 26 but it didn't really become much of an Issue, due to it being rather rare for him to get targeted.
Flight, Ranged combat, and blinking if necessary, a decent chunk of hp and the ability to Almost be certain to turn a critical hit a turn into an ordinary hit helped.(might also have deflect arrow)
While we had 3 meat shields at ac 36+ handling the frontline

Scarab Sages

would be through the "Monstrous Mount" feat(as that is the one way i know of getting one)

Warcat would simply be an animal companion/mount

Scarab Sages

VampByDay wrote:

Oracle with higher INT than Charisma

Graneted not great, but with a mystery granting a growing bonus to int it shouldn't be all that hard to get Cha and Int close to each other if you wanted to or become the knowledge dude Philosopher

Scarab Sages

What would be the pros and cons of a Griffin mount compared to a Warcat mount?

Scarab Sages

Lady-J wrote:
DoubleBubble wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
those saves are actually terrible for level 18
+6 base on their weakest saves, +5 resistance bonus from cloak of resistance, +1 luck bonus from a Luck Blade. What more can you get? Pathfinder doesn't give you much options for boosting saves, you know?
my level 6 anti paladin monk multi class character had each save into the low 20s so yes low saves especially for the paladin by level 9 most of my non paladin/anti paladin characters are sporting what the paladin in their group has for saves except a few points higher

You should expect that from multiclassing you typically get better saves, add to that you got Cha to saves your sample is a character very focused on saves.

Saves are important and I admit in pfs I generally prioritize a cloak of resistance+1 above a +1 weapon or armor.

If just going for good saves at lvl 1 Dwarf monk with glory of old hardy and steel soul could have the following saves:

fort +6, ref +5, will +6
vs spell like abilities and spells: fort +11, ref +10, will +11
Not really fair to make those saves the standard.

I think it's interesting that the entire group have managed to get that far staying mono classed.

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the folliwng probably wouldn't fit Tony stark, but for a character to get "summon" his armor perhaps the Legate paladin

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Dasrak wrote:
Azullius Koujou wrote:

Drakes are interesting, but with to many drawbacks.
Definitely, and by about 17th level it's a very nuanced tradeoff with steep downsides but some pretty cool advantages. If the drake companion rules offered this level of power consistently at all levels I think the view of them would be much more favorable. As it stands, though, having to wait until the very highest levels just to be a mixed bag is terrible as far as archetypes go. If you are at those high levels, though it is a mixed bag and a perfectly playable option.

If they however were allowed monster feats, I could see a fair use for a Drake in the lvl 6-8 area, maybe longer.

Would however limit you a lot in what type of drake you can make.
Acidic bite and making damaged opponents have to make a dc 15-17 fort save at that point or get nauseated for 3-4 turns sounds workable to me, the 7 years to get a new one who's not strong enough compared to what it costs(and unfortunately not allowed to take monster feats in general even though a drake if anything should imo)

Oh yeah, heard that if the drake die your new drake will start out as lvl 1 tiny which makes it even more troublesome

Scarab Sages

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They'll more than likely have other weaknesses to exploit, cmd, ac, touch, flat fotted etc.

but really I don't think your players are necessary all that high up in the saves for you to be all that concerned.(granted somewhat high for mono class)

The only character i've had at that level range was a lvl 17 fighter/Slayer with 14 lvls lore warden and 3 lvls spirit slayer.
His saves were: Fort 22, Ref 24, Will 20.
Yet even with saves like this he'd typically fail 1/3 or 1/4 attempts. we were hit a lot with failed will saves in that campaign.

Our save champ character who i think made a mistake getting these high numbers somewhere but as they are listed at lvl 17: Fort 24, Ref 33 will 29 add to that evasion. ac 46, cmd 59

It sounds to me like you just need them to make more saves and they should fail sooner or later.

Then again I've never Gm'ed

Scarab Sages

Not a shaman archtype and so probably wouldn't work with yours, though it does use wis to cast.
Here go: Storm Druid, Get 2 domains and spontanious domain casting, there might be options that give more options but thats the archtype i recall with the most options for spontanious casting where it's listed

Scarab Sages

Dasrak wrote:
The Drake companion rules have been mentioned a few times, but not with a very important caveat. These archetypes are only unplayably bad at low levels. The power scaling of the drake companion is very weird, and they actually catch up to where they need to be by level 11 or 13 (depending on your build). By 20th the drake is a proper upgrade over comparable animal companions and the archetypes tradeoffs make sense. These archetypes are still regarded as terrible since most players do play at the lower level range, but for tables that are playing at higher levels it actually works.

Drakes are interesting, but with to many drawbacks.

1) stat growth being size bonuses
2) 2 animal spells can't buff them(as far as i recall)
3) 1 Primary attack and 1 Secondary attack(probably the worst possible option imo)
4) No barding
5) Max 1 magic item and very limited at that
6) Size, It might be cool when it become huge, but to few areas got the space for it to not get in the way for the rest of the party.
7) takes 7 years to get it back if it die
8) you give up to many features in general for it
9) doesn't work with boon companion

There's probably more drawbacks

main strength imo:

1) more Skill points
2) If allowed monster feats, could be a more unique experience
3) a reasonable bit of customize able options(drake powers)

I don't think all drake companion archtypes are unplayable, but i do think they went overboard with how much they've weakened them.

My current main idea for having a drake in pfs is getting it to focus on out of combat stuff, unfortunately aside for it getting a familiar theres not many intersting feats for outside of combat for a potential int 10-16 area.
So yes I would degrade the drake companion to be mostly flavor and my characters advicer rather than throw it into combat in pfs

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

L from death note would be a different take on a detective to the traditional one, but just as qualified.
A person who view solving crimes as a game rather than a job

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

A very tough mono class option would probably be the "Drake rider" Cavalier archtype.
You give up basically everything to get a drake, and if said drake die you'll be without a new one for 7 years, add to it it's not necessary better than your original mount(and at high level it might be troublesome moving around due to size)

If you go for a party you could play a "Weapon Bearer Squire" more or less focusing on making sure your knights gear is in top shape, a squire without a knight now that would be unfortunate

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Possibly go for summoning Psychopomp beings that appear to exist to hunt and feeding on the undead.
Personally especially like "Psychopomp, Esobok"
which a witch can get as a 5'th level spell, so depending on the level you play.

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

all depends on how you run the ancestors weapon.
It could have a ceremonial value or specialize against a most hated foe or whatever you decide.

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You could go for a ratfolk wizard addicted to "warpstone" and if possible turn your familiar into some kind of abomination if possible.
In general for ratfolk warhammer Skaven gives plenty of ideas, especially for alchemists, investigators and ninjas.

Wayangs is a tougher option, possibly a melee character or a mounted character, being small without a penalty to str. A focus on shadow spells could also be interesting.

Scarab Sages

by name alone I'd go for jabbing style and probably also dodge as the first to come to mind.
Anticipate dodge, Circling Mongoose, counter reflexes, false opening, sidestep, improved sidestep, counterpunch.

I'd also relate to a boxer

Scarab Sages

Your probably right that leadblade and gravity bow are not that great to use a turn on casting, but since they last min should work well for prepared combat

Scarab Sages

Was wondering if anyone tried out having an entire group consisting of mounted characters?

If so how was the experience? If not what do you think of the idea?

Could be something like an organization with all sort of classes they just all have to be mounted(preferable also workable in close combat)

I just think it could bring a much different experience and be pretty interesting to see 4-7 lined up regiment moving around.

Probably should be for a home game.

Finally how would you make the strongest mounted unit if everyone were to be mounted on animals and be able to move with the unit?(at the majority of the time)

Scarab Sages

Not sure how the underwater rules are for natural attacks, but whales and other animals that use their tail as a weapon underwater should not get a penalty for using their tail to do Bludgeoning damage imo.

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Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Doesn't Catwoman have some line about bats being mice with wings...?

more than likely she does, and several langauges have their word for bat including mouse.

Scarab Sages

This here got a wider scope than simply bats.
Shouldn't Birds be categorized as dinosaurs?
I could also imagine that Hyenas often are mistaken as dogs.
Hopefully not many will mistake whales for fish, the list goes on about potential mistakes.

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