Duration of Authoritative Vestments?

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A fine Christmas Eve to all who celebrate such things!

I've a question, that I guess is related to divine celebrations, so I'll throw it out now:

How long do Authoritative Vestments remain charged after you channel into them? All of the other channel foci include some sort of duration in their description, generally 24 hours or until they're expended somehow, though some have much lesser durations. The vestments are the only ones that don't say how long an activation lasts, except to say "When activated, the garments make you seem more impressive and worthy of respect to all viewers within 60 feet of you; you may make a single Diplomacy check to change the attitudes of these viewers as a swift action. You can only use this ability on a particular viewer once per day (additional attempts have no effect, though you can still persuade viewers normally without the help of the focus)."

Any ideas? How have others seen this played? It could be that you have to channel as a standard action and then use the swift action that same round, but all of the other foci are able to hold the activation charge for a much longer period than that. It could be that it stays charged until it's used, but that seems longer than is typical for a channel focus.

So - how long does it last?

Bumping this once, in case it got lost in the Xmas Eve distractions. Or perhaps no one has run across this question? If so, what am I missing?

I would say until you expend the charge that you placed into it.

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