Building a Spiritualist... Need to Increase Phantom's Stats, and Damage Output


So, I really like the spiritualist, as a concept. I have a great idea, and it utilizes a phantom with the hatred emotion. However, unlike the old-fashioned eidolons, it seems that all phantoms share the same base stats. And those base stats aren't really that great.

So, I'm looking for advice on how I can pump up my ghostly companion. It has some advantages (free Weapon Finesse, and the hated enemy provide some snazzy bonuses), but I'm going to need more than that. So are there any good ways to really boost this class feature, since it can't wield weapons, can't wear armor, and gets a very limited number of feats?

Thanks in advance!

Why not check out a guide for the class?

nope, the phantom is worse than the eidolon, and comparable to the animal companion in combat abilities. You need to want to leverage their special stuff to make it worth it.

I made an Anger Phantom that did decent damage.

Strength to damage, + Power attack on a primary natural attack, the Slam counts as one size larger and I took improved natural attack and Furious Focus to do yet more. At level six he was doing something like 2D8+8 that on each slam, full round action 4D8+16 was pretty nice.

these figures are off the top of my head, but he was pretty kewl. at level 9 I was contemplating taking Vital Strike to increase his accuracy since he got such large damage dice anywho. Not to mention Aura of fury at 7 increasing his and my accuracy (sometimes I flanked with him if the field wasn't too dangerous) And at twelve you get Enlarge on him, making his investment is damage dice for size and Vital strike even more kewl.

not that familiar with hatred sorry.

Liberty's Edge

The shadow caller one can be made into a reasonable fear/intimidate bot.

More generally, I think if there is some useful ability that is gated behind a bunch of feats, you can have the phantom do it.

There is probably some amusing thing you can do where both of you take the monkey style chain and intrepid rescuer.

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