Toughts on this build idea?


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This is for PFS. I'll probably full character rebuild into him at second level, since I don't have any GM credit.
Human unarmed fighter


H-Dirty fighting
1-Improved Dirty trick
1bonus-improved unarmed strike
1bonus-cloak and dagger style
2-improved trip
3-combat reflexes
4-kitsune style
5-kitsune tricks
6-greater dirty trick
7-weapon style mastery
9-kitsune vengeance
10-greater trip
11-weapon focus unarmed strike
12-cloak and dagger subterfuge

The idea of the build is to lock down foes with harsh status effects, primarily blinding and tripping, though other dirty trick options are certainly available.
As early as 2nd level the basic battle plan will be to move up to an enemy and blind them with dirty trick. Then when they go to remove it to trip them with the AoO. It doesn't directly gain me any action economy at that level, but in a lot of PFS scenarios the PCs out number the foes, so trading 1 for 1 is still good.
Really, variations on this are the entire plan. I don't know if this character is specialized enough reliably land combat maneuvers at higher levels, but I can't think of a better way to utilize cloak and dagger style. I want to make that style work, but it doesn't really come into power until you get greater dirty trick.
I was theorizing a similar build using a master of many styles monk, but that pushes back greater dirty trick even longer.

Anyone else have ideas on how to make cloak and dagger style work best and earliest?

Well, first thing I notice is you don't qualify for Cloak and Dagger Style at the level you're taking it.

Cloak and Dagger Style requires Int 13, Combat Expertise (which Dirty Fighting feats doesn't meet the requirement for because it's not a combat maneuver feat, it's a style feat), Vital strike, weapon focus, and BAB +6.

Edit: Never mind, just saw that unarmed fighter would allow you to take it.

However, it's worth noting you can use multiple styles at the same time.

Now, once you have weapon style mastery you could use Cloak and Dagger style with kitsune style, but not until then.

Also keep in mind that an opponent can 5ft step away from you to avoid the AoO from Cloak and Dagger style.

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I'm aware that I cannot use both styles, but it's not unrealistic to be in kitsune style at the start of a turn, charge a foe into a dirty trick, and switch to cloak and dagger with a swift. It'll be awkward for a few levels, to be sure, but I think it might be okay.

I'm actually totally fine with that for non-casters. They'll almost certainly provoke the first time, since it's a rather rare feat. But even if they do 5 foot away and spend a move action to clear, they're stuck in that spot since they can't 5 foot and regular move. Smarter martials can sometimes 5 foot away from me while still being in range of a PC to hit after spending their move to clear.
I won't be doing this as much against casters, since they can 5 foot back, clear as a move, and just cast normally.
Once level 6 rolls around, this situation no longer matters since it takes a standard to remove.

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