Looking for a cyberpunk female cyborg / android miniature


Aesthetically going for something very Tsutomu Nihei (Blame!) if possible.

Does anyone know of a miniature that resembles Pcell or the Dismantler (Netsphere Engineer)?

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I can't find a good image of what exactly you're looking for with a quick google search, but Privateer Press has some good cyborg female models.

http://privateerpress.com/files/products/34055_MasterNecrotechMortenebraand Deryliss_WEB.jpg


reper Miniatures has some really nice one, they also have a pathfinder section ;)
as Android would that fit for example?
hope the link works otherwise search for Meyanda, Android Priestess

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I've been enjoying Hero Forge's custom miniatures. There's an android section and a variety of cyberpunk clothing.

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