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Just ran into a situation where a player used a polymorph effect on a construct... and apparently it works. Is this intended? Constructs are immune to anything requiring a Fort save unless it works on objects, but everything from the (Animal's) (Attribute) spells with their "Will negates (harmless) to Polymorph targeting only willing creatures but still having a Will save for some reason just bypasses that immunity. Are constructs supposed to be able to benefit from all the same sorts of transmutations as other creatures, or is there some bit of errata I missed?

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Seems fine to me. Most wouldn't work on any Golems or anything else Immune to Magic, though, because most transmutation spells allow SR (Disable Construct being a notable exception).

Just double check each spell to make sure it doesn't require a living creature as a target and you're good to go.

Thanks for the quick reply then, seems I have only myself to blame for not realizing they could turn their homunculus into... stuff.

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