Need help designing bad guys- Definitely NOT Runelords


Working on the last few encounters of my campaign, and I have come to a point where things are getting complex as far as encounter design goes.

Story happens, and my players are going to have to defeat these seven bad guys who are all holding onto some Mcguffin Items.

Each bad guy is going to somehow incorporate Sin Magic, either directly as a wizard, or more appropriately as other classes, who take the wizard VMC options and select their respective sin at first level.

Envy (Abjuration}

The envy school is based on dispelling and suppressing magic, so I would like to have this character be a counterspell specialist of some kind, possibly with an Antimagic field or two thrown in. Beyond that I am open to ideas.

Gluttony (Necromancy)
Since the gluttony school gives up abjuration, I am considering something that goes all out with a large army of undead. I do already have a Gravewalker witch as a different NPC, so I think this one would be more appropriate as an actual wizard, or something like an undead lord or Agent of the Grave.

Greed (Transmutation)
I like the idea of a blaster with Transmutation spells. Disintegrate, or even having this character go all out physical and use Transformation and Idealize. Another idea is to go with a druid or alchemist, and specialize in Enhancement.

Lust (Enchantment)
I want a bard or Evangelist for this one, really really badly. I could also see a Fey Sorcerer or something.

Pride (Illusion)
I am not very enthralled by any of the Arcane School powers of illusion, so I will most likely go with someone overly confident who uses Illusions to blast, and defend. I think I like a Wayang Illusionist, who specializes in Shadow Conjuration or something else thematic.

Sloth (Conjuration)
I love a summoner for this build. Most likely going to forgo the Eidolon and actually have a bunch of summoned minions/mooks for the players to slaughter through.

Wrath (Evocation)
Blasting builds are pretty obvious, I think the Admixture subschool would be most appropriate to be able to add variety to everything. Perhaps some sillyness with Toppling spell or something.

Notes about the campaign: Hell has been taken over, a new god has stepped up (happens to be a not closed content version of Asmodeus that I'm writing up) and reorganized hell into seven kingdoms based on Sin. As such devils and infernal magic is prevalent. I am loosely using Hellknight classes, feats, and traits to serve this purpose.

What would you think about using a spelleater bloodrager for the Envy school of magic? Nothing suppresses magic like eating spells lol.

I love it.

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For counterspelling, an arcanist with the relevant exploits is pretty good. Probably a school savant arcanist rather than VMC so they can get counterspell mastery at a reasonable level (I assume 19th would be too high? What level are these?.) Thematic allies would be some heavily armored goons, or perhaps golems made by the arcanist.

Greed and transmutation says alchemist more than anything to me. They can blast if so inclined too. Allies might mean just hired guns, or it might mean servants with preserved monsters (see the preservationist archetype) ready to use.

Using illusion to be a second-rate conjurer sounds unimpressive. Really a maze of permanent illusions and traps seems more like their style. I suppose you could do both.

Liberty's Edge

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Yeah, I'd go Arcanist Counterspell master for Envy.

For Gluttony, go Oracle of Bones or Juju. It has a very different vibe from Wizard, but should be fun and cool.

For Greed, Alchemist seems singularly thematic, I'd go with that.

For Lust, Bard seems a solid call. Or Sorcerer, I suppose.

For Pride, yeah, I'd go straight Wizard.

Sloth being Summoner works.

For Wrath, Evocation specialist Wizard would definitely work, but Bloodrager seems a singularly thematic alternative if you like].

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For Gluttony, maybe go the Necrocultist archtype Occultist? That focus power to create a skeleton that duplicates into more skeletons when you kill it is pretty fun. Especially if the party can't find the Nec'ulist and deal with him directly. Just have him chillin nearby spamming component-less skeletons at them.

For Lust, the Lotus Geisha archtype is fun. Have her pretend to be a subordinate of a big bruiser. Make him all rippling muscles and leering lustful stares at her and any other females (or males) so the players assume he's the BBEG. Then have him "order" her to dance/sing/whatever while they fight. She can alternate using Enrapturing Performance on a PC to hinder him/her or on her bruiser to buff him.

for Wrath, a Bloodrager seems thematically appropriate. Although if you want a bit more magic an Eldritch Scion Magus gets a bloodrager bloodline, more spells and better gish abilities. Theme his 'Mystic focus' as an unearthly fury and you're good to go.

APL may vary depending on the party make-up by then, it should be at APL 17.

These are all supposed to be one-off villains with gimmicks (I've found them to be the more memorable of the different types of enemies) that are easy to defeat. There may be one or two groups, not sure yet. I'm guessing enemies will bounce between levels 15-18 depending on my needs.

I use the Elite Array for enemies (15 14 13 12 10 8) and for enemies I need to be stronger I apply the Advanced Simple Template Advancing a monster in class levels template (+4 +4 +2 +2 +0 -2), and it usually yields enemies that are exactly as strong as I want them to be.

If it matters to anyone offering insight, I am using Marshmallow's Revised Revised Action Economy.

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