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Making Fighters, Thieves, studded leather and kicking ass viable options since 1975...

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Jesus christ don't scare me like that. Haven't spoken to Lemmy in a few days and I thought you meant him.

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So did I!

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I never was much of a Motorhead fan, so of course I only discovered two songs that I instantly fell in love today...

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i met Lemmy years ago at a show in Toronto....hw had his assistant get me and a buddy coffees...we were first in line for a show in January....he invited us inside where we shot the breeze with the band and got autographs too. a legend who will be missed

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Drejk wrote:
I never was much of a Motorhead fan, so of course I only discovered two songs that I instantly fell in love today...

The only Motorhead song I really like is Year of the Wolf, but most of their songs are pretty good.

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Rest in Rock'n'Roll!

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Killed by death.

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And one by one, actuall rock is slowly dying off.

RIP Lemmy, I spoke to him when he came to my city to play. It was an awesome concert and I worked with the roadies in setting up the stage and everything, and after the concert they invited us all backstage for dinner and we ended up eating, drinking and laughing our assess off.

He will be missed.

Holy s+**. Please change the title of this thread quick. I thought something happened to Lemmy!

Freehold DM wrote:
Holy s#!~. Please change the title of this thread quick. I thought something happened to Lemmy!

No, sadly, the thread title is accurate. :(

Edit: And (former) Motorhead drummer Phil Taylor just died back in November.

Okay, the Lemmy that frequents these boards, then.

Unless....they really are one and the same?

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Well it is in the Music part of the boards.

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I find it telling that both BBC World News and NPR News honored the band's wishes and played Mötorhead LOUD after their obituaries.

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Maybe now the question will be answered...

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It's a trick question!

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Peace Out Lemmy I have enjoyed much of your music over the years and consider you a HEAVY METAL ICON enjoy your next adventure.

Rest in Peace is somehow not the right thing to say :-(

Rock on forever, Lemmy and Philthy Animal

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Heh... Forgive me my little joke, but Lemmy always helped me cheer up when going through difficult times, so it's only fitting he does so one more time. Motorhead certainly wasn't made to make anyone feel sad.

Seriously, though...

I had no internet for the past couple weeks, since I was travelling. My phone was broken so I couldn't use it either. It was my sister who gave me these sad news. I was devastated at the moment. One more of my idols was gone... Not since Ronnie James Dio I had felt like rock n' roll had suffered such a terrible loss.

I just found this thread... So I'm here to leave my condolences and thanks to the man whose songs mean so much to me.

Motorhead, along with many other awesome rock bands really helped me through my teenage years... Sure, I was a socially awkward kid with very few friends, but when I went to their concerts and listened to their songs, I couldn't help but get hyped and feel like I was The King of the World! No anxiety left, only excitement!

I know it sounds cheesy, but that's honestly how I felt. Lemmy's iconic voice and heavy bass have always been and will surely always be a big part of my self. Hell! I met my first serious girlfriend on a Motorhead concert!

Lemmy may be gone, but his legacy will remain. His songs still wake me up in the morning (Literally. Ace of Spades is my alarm tone), carry me through long trips and help me recover from sadness.

Thank you, Lemmy. For all you've done for me and so many others. You can't hear me anymore, but I'll hear your voice (and bass) again and again! It was chance that made me choose your name as my tag, but I'm happy to pay this little insignificant homage to you.

R.I.P, Lemmy. Thank you for everything.

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He's back from the dead!

Get the axe!

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I'm considering deafening myself with Hawkwind now. Ill have to watch for when the neighbour's out!

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