Enemies as Weapons, Op help.


So, the other day I found the Barbarian rage power: Body Bludgeon, as well as the Abyssal Blood powers that increase the Barbarian by 1 size category while raging.

I started wondering what the best way to go about optimizing this ability would be.

Multiclassing into Brawler would grant access to the Grabbing style, Grabbing master lets you grab 2 opponents at once.

Greater Grapple lets you make two grapple checks each round (so you can grab and pin in the same round).

Obviously starting as a 1/2 giant, you can be considered large for CMB checks. Raging w/ Abyssal Blood lets you count as huge for those CMBs.

Toss in the Throw anything feat and you can start throwing the enemies you pin (because they now count as improvised weapons).

What I'm seeing is by Barbarian 10/ Brawler 8, you could dual wield enemies and pitch them in 5 ft increments.

Can we refine this further? Maybe be able to start using the enemies as weapons before lvl 10?

This is actually something I have been playing around with the idea of; specifically a barbarian who can use his opponents as ammunition. Something that I found while looking at this was the 'hurler' rage powers. They are specifically about throwing things while raging.
I have a feeling that RAW will never specifically say "why yes, you can break the game by using the enemy as a weapon" since "Damage done to a target is also done to the object thrown" based on the information related to the Hurler I mentioned. However, it does not specifically say that you can not do this. If anyone knows more on the rules related to this, I would love to hear what they know.

This is a neat concept, I already had theory crafted up a thrower that throws weapons (I was thinking of throwing javelins, Greataxes, or something similar, but throwing enemies sounds so much more fun).

Standard ranged feats will help (point-blank, precise, deadly aim)

Two-handed thrower and quick draw could help you throw the people you have grappled (brawler two weapon fighting to grapple and then throw? seems fun)

Charging hurler - really unload your enemy into his bro

Perfect Style (Unfolding Wind) & Unfolding Wind Strike (get a ki pool and then double your range increment of thrown weapons, maybe you can make the people you are throwing returning or seeking with the use of ki? probably will need a laid back GM to make the returning work, but would be hilarious the first time you do it)

I want to somehow work gunslinger in here but I can't.

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