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I'm creating a level 3 Human Druid in a Pathfinder Skull and Shackles campaign. We are using Core Rule Book and Advanced Player Guide only.

Our party consists of player PCs of Druid (me), Ranger, Fighter, Monk, and Cleric.

NPCs with us that some of us also play are Ranger, Bard, Wizard, and another fighter I think. LOL. So many.

I am wanting to do a Human Druid, and want to take one of the domains instead of an animal companion. I am leaning toward the Weather Domain, but might change it.

I plan on spell casting more than meelee since we have our far share of fighter types, however I will be taking the Shellah spell so that my Quarterstaff can be a 2d6 weapon if need arises.

What are some good feats I can take for all my levels so far? I have not done my stat array yet. Using epic point buy.

Thanks ladies and gents!

Druids can be good summoners, so Augment Summoning is never a bad choice. Natural Spell has uses even for spell-focused druids; why worry about them breaking through the melee line when you're a bird? Druids... don't really need a ton of feats, but taking Spell Focus can help as a caster too. It might be worth it to pick up some archery feats so you can contribute other than spells at times, especially at lower levels. Druids aren't great blaster casters, so it's a better bet to run with some auxiliary fighting style. At the very least, Point-Blank/Precise Shot is a good idea.

As a side note, an Aquatic Druid with the Weather Domain/Storm Subdomain is a terrifying, horrific thing to visit upon your enemies in Skulls and Shackles. I ended up not playing mine because he didn't end up fitting in the campaign--he didn't want to be a pirate, he just wanted to fish--but he was set to become an absolutely fearsome combatant.

Scribe Scroll is fantastic, Improved Initiative is also very good.
Natural Spell is almost necessary for spell focused druids, especially if you need to be able to cast underwater while in shark/fish form.

If you really wanna get into some funny business, you can invest a bit into your INT and take advantage of crafting, and scribing scrolls to get your buff spells at higher levels/durations. For example, if you take Extend Spell, you can scribe scrolls of Extended Longstrider and Extended Touch of the Sea seem incredibly useful.

Power Attack is helpful if you need to mix it up in melee. Natural Spell is more important for a caster, though. Archery will be rather feat-intensive, but it makes an excellent backup combat style.

If you want to get the most milage out of your feats, Craft Wondrous Item (3) and Leadership (7) are the way to go. When abused, they're both more than a little problematic for the GM, but if not abused, can make you instant friends with everybody in the party- everybody likes an extra hand on deck and cheap gear.

If playing Druid don't forget recent errata of Wild Enchant, which makes you apply all penalties while in Wildshape.

Everyone agrees that SNA is not as good as SM, specially because of the Spell Like Abilities you get with SM, but you can always summons stuff anyway.
Considering druids don't really need feats to be effective, you can mostly go with whatever you want.

I like Natural Spell always because you can take a flying form and use it to lay down Crowd Control spells, maybe damage, or buffing, it's all about flexibility.

Power attack can be taken at level 3
Natural Spell can be taken at level 5

For caster = Improved Initiative is a good option at level one.
For fighter = Toughness is not a bad option for level one.

You said level 3, so will not sujest stuff past level 9

Vital Strike at level 9

Which leave level level 7 = Caster Reach spell / extend spell are cool flexable option.

Fighter at 7 = no idea now with the wildshape/wildling enchantment change ( would have said Heavy armor profiency before the change ), but do not think it is worth it anymore..... Maybe Craft Wondrous item feat: For some stat enchantment belts to str/dex/con, or a robe/amulet for better armor/attacks.

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Improved Initiative, Combat Reflexes and Power Attack are nice. You can stand 5 feet back and cast spells and make AoOs with a longspear. They're also good feats for when you eventually wildshape and tank. Or just wildshape and cast (with Natural Spell) and still use reach.

Spell Focus conjuration, Augment Summoning is a great combo. DEFINITELY pre-stat your summons. Extend spell is great, too. Both for buffs and to double the duration of your summons. A Lesser Rod of Extend is invaluable. Or 3000 gps. :-P

I had an elf druid with Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot and used them with produce flame.

At higher levels, I actually had a lot of success using the Improved Counterspell feat. Trading out flamestrikes to negate enemy fireballs and lightning bolts saves a ton of healing. Maybe consider it for your 7th level feat?

Druids also have great battlefield control spells.

What do you plan on doing? It sounds like you want to mostly do casting, but summoning, blasting, buffing, battlefield control, de-buffing?

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If you are playing Skulls and Shackles you are basically pirates. I would consider playing a Storm Druid (no archetype but get Weather Domain) buff you wisdom, and throw around some flaming spheres. At higher levels turn into a bird and do the same thing, at 5th throw in an aqueous orb or a call lightning, especially at 6th when you can go air elemental and whirlwind for more call lightning fun. Keep in mind you can have an orb of sphere moving around and still drop lightning so you can cast 2 spells and have fun throughout a fight.

Summoning is another great option especially when you are flying around away from the fight.

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