I need help with using Pheremone Arrows


So I am building a Melee Sacred Huntmaster that will eventually ride on his big cat animal companion. The cat has Scent, and there are a few ways I can get it too, but I don't have an easy way of marking my targets with Pheremone Arrows.

My first idea is to buy the arrows and provide them to the archer in the party, but I am not sure we will have one. So I had the idea to just use the arrow as an improvised weapon and was wondering if you guys had any good ideas to go along with that.

I could just fire it from my bow, but I would actually do much more damage with it and be more accurate (even with the -4 penalty) stabbing with it.

All I could find was a trait that reduces the penalty for using improvised weapons by 1. I'm hoping there are ways to make this more effective, or maybe to learn why this is not such a great idea.

Catch off guard feat i think makes you proficient in improvised weapons

I'm not sure that would work.

FAQ wrote:

Can I use my longspear to attack at both 10 feet and 5 feet? I know that the rules for reach weapons don't allow them to attack adjacent foes, but can I use the improvised weapon rules to say that the blunt end of my longspear resembles a club and use it to attack adjacent foes? I know that the improvised weapon rules say they are for objects not designed to be weapons, but the blunt end of my longspear was not designed to be a weapon, right?

You could choose to wield your longspear as an improvised blunt weapon. In this case, it threatens only your adjacent squares, and not the further squares. If you are wielding it as a longspear, though, to threaten the further squares, then your grip precludes the use as an improvised blunt weapon. The rules are silent on how long it would take to shift between the two, but switching between a one-handed and a two-handed grip with a one-handed weapon like a longsword is a free action (and can thus be only taken on your turn), so it should take at least as long as that, thus preventing you from simultaneously threatening all of the squares at once. Incidentally, using the longspear as an improvised weapon in this way would not allow you to benefit from any magical enhancements it may possess, nor would you add benefits that apply when attacking with a longspear (such as Weapon Focus (longspear), but you would apply any benefits from using an improvised weapon (such as Catch Off-Guard).

It looks like attacking with an arrow as an improvised weapon prevents you from gaining the benefits of the arrow itself.

is it for pfs? If not ask your GM about pheromone darts, at least you don't need a bow for them. Throw one, if it hits switch to your main weapon. You might even add the opening volley feat to get more benefits from that tactic.

I think there was a ruling that you can make special arrows in the form of bolts instead, so darts should work, too.

Scarab Sages

If you have the alchemy manual, you can make any of the alchemical ammunition for any type of ammunition. Just a note, darts are not ammunition, they are ranged weapons. They lack the text that shuriken have treating them as ammo.

Thanks Demo I'll see if I can fit another feat in there somewhere. Although it might not be worth it if that is the cost

@Just a Guess: The problem is I get a larger bonus using it in melee even with the -4 penalty because of flanking and strength bonus. I guess I'll just have to judge on a case by case basis if a possible +2 to hit/damage for me and my companion on future attacks is worth the -4 to hit on my attack. (I think it probably is most of the time)

Is there a particular reason you want to use pheromones instead of just a random, pungent substance?

Zhayne wrote:
Is there a particular reason you want to use pheromones instead of just a random, pungent substance?

I guess because pheromones give him and his mount +2 to hit and damage. Random pungent substances lack this rule.

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