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What are the limitations on templates, ive found numerous answers as to the available races, but none have answered the question of racial templates for pathfinder yet.

I am not sure what question you are asking. Can you elaborate, provide examples, and list the specific ability you are asking about?

I don't understand the question. Do you mean as player options? By default templates are DM tools so not a part of standard character generation. Or do you mean alternate racial abilities, like for instance Adaptable Luck for Halfling? For alternate racial abilities, you can take as many as you like, but they cannot stack, i.e. they can't trade out the same racial ability. Going back to Halfling, if you took Adaptable Luck you couldn't also take Craven as both trade out Halfling Luck.

I was mostly talking about as playable options, seeing as how you already stated that they are mostly for Dungeon mastering purposes i shall thank you and plan for future characters :)

They can be used by Players with GM permission. If the GM is playing a higher powered game they may allow it. I have seen some use the Advanced template or at least a version to help off set someone with poor dice rolls.

Basically just confirm its cool

lost? need more info...

I think he wants to know what templates he can legally add to his character.

In which case, the answer is none. The GM may decide to let you use a template, but what mechanics that involves in terms of level adjustment or CR adjustment is left up to GMs to decide. Templates weren't really meant for players to use.

Unless, by "racial templates", he means "Alternate Racial Rules", or "Racial Archetypes", as explained in ARG.

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