Hexcrafter with a Witch dip: how to compute Hex levels

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I've seen questions posted about level stacking that kind of get at this question, but I've never seen it answered directly.

Here's the scenario:
A character starts out as a Witch. As her initial hex she takes slumber.

She then takes her next four levels as a hexcrafter magus. At level 5 (her fourth hexcrafter level) she uses the class feature to take the misfortune hex.

She gains two more levels as a magus, and uses her seventh level feat to take Extra Arcana: Hex Arcana: Flight.

She gains two more levels as a magus, and uses her ninth level feat to take Extra Hex: Evil Eye.

The question is: what level do these hexes use?

I could imagine several possible logical rules.

Level stacking: Add together "hex-capable" classes and use that level (in this case, 9).

Highest level: All hexes use the highest hex-capable class level (in this case, 8).

Originating class level: Hexes use the level of the class used to acquire them. Here Evil Eye and Slumber would be at level one, while Flight and Misfortune would be at level eight.

In general my understanding is that you can only stack levels if the rules explicitly provide for it. I don't think they do so here (do they?). So that's out. Is there anything in the rules to let us choose between the highest level theory and the originating class theory?


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Unless there is something that states that Hexcrafter levels and Witch levels stack, or that the hexes stack with class levels that also provide hexes then your answer is that it is determined by the originating class. Because why would powers that are dependent on a specific class in the first place benefit from having levels in another (unless clearly specified to do so).

Extra Hex -> Witch Levels (Hex class feature)
Extra Arcana: Hex Arcana -> Magus Levels (Arcana class feature)

I agree with Claxon and DeathlessOne. There is no wording stating that Hexcrafter levels and Witch levels stack for the purpose of Hexes, so you use the originating class level.

(Technically Flight would remain at 1st level since Hex Arcana, unlike the 4th level Hex Magus feature, lacks the language stating that your Hexcrafter level counts as your Witch level. But I've never met anyone who plays it that way.)

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