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So... my kingmaker group is all arcane casters (been a blast so far.) We are building a kingdom with lots of magic. Anyone, rich or poor, noble or common, with talent is allowed to study magic, but in return they have to do some community services. So... What are some things that low to mid level arcane casters can do with 1st - 3rd lv spells to make things better for everyone? Are there any potential alternations to common spells that might come in useful (example - Phantom Plow Ox... Like Phantom Steed, but comes with a plow and yoke instead of reigns and saddle. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Prestidigitation is useful for cleaning, entertaining, and creating basic tools.
Charm animal, handy for ranchers and hunters alike.
Create water, create water.
Identify, useful for merchants.
Detect poison, everyone could use this in a land without refrigeration.
Mending, cheap repairs.
Resistance, great for healers helping with disease and poison.
Light, at high levels a replacement for street lamps.
Any battle cantrip for basic hunting/guard duty.

Alarm, and peacebond. Handy for town guards on patrol.
Air bubble, if someone needs to dive for clams, or gather sunken treasure.
Mount, no reason it can;t be attached to a plow, or used by couriers.
Infernal healing, for healers.
Summon monster, coupled with handle animal, useful for short term assistance (hunting, clearing pests, scouting, guarding, etc).
unseen servant, really handy around the house.
Comprehend languages, for trade and negotiations in a trade town.
Sleep vs those having trouble sleeping naturally.
Floating disc for moving resources around the town/farm.
Silent image, ventriloquism, great for artists and entertainers.
Restore/decompose corpse for mortuary workers.
Ant haul on the dock workers.
Crafters fortune on craftsmen.
Polypurpose Panacea, snapdragon fireworks, for tavern owners/entertainers.
Feather fall for construction workers.
Longarm, Reduce/Enlarge person for everyday help reaching objects up high, or down low.
Youthful appearance for vanity salons.

And that is just the 0-1's, almost every spell can be used in some way productively (burning hands for forge work, etc).

The list is long and full of potential, and finding out creative uses is half the fun.

Continual Flame for street lamps (( light has a one use limit )).

Endure Elements = on Crab Fishermen = to help vs cold
Tiny Hut = on a boat deck, for protect vs wind, hail, snow, rain.
Phantom Steed = aka a really nice car that can turn into a hovercraft at high levels.
Spider Climb = window washer / Sailing boat rigging.

A couple that immediately come to mind I don't see mentioned above.

Floating Disc - haul loads around.
Grease - Make it easier to move heavy objects by using on surfaces beneath them. Possibly also to grease the object being moved if one can get around the issue of handling the greased object. Note lack of size/weight limit on the target object.

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I remember in a PFS module the GM was describing the scene as we were briefly walking through a REALLY fancy restaurant, and I asked him:

"So the waiters have wands of Prestidigitation and Create Water?"

He glanced at me and said: "It's not THAT fancy."

Track Ship; use unaltered to check whether river barges have come to grief, or in an altered form (Track Wagon?) to check on trade caravans.

Whispering Wind; secret messages within a city, or set up relays to send orders or get info quickly.

Make Whole; obvious use.

Book Ward; protects anything valuable, not just books.

Discern Next of Kin; a paternity test for a start, but generally useful in court.

Grease for moving heavy loads easier.

Floating disc, likewise

Breeze for an enjoyable AC like effect in a restaurant

Surprised not to see unseen servant yet. Have it hand you tools while you work under the hood of a ... Wagon.

Make it clean the stables.
Have it write down everything you say.
Give you a foot rub after a long day.
Serve drinks at a bar.
Distract the town guard while you pickpocket.
Wash and hang clothes.
Play jacks with little Timmy.
Stir the stew pot.
Pick up litter.
Empty the chamber pot.
Hold the door open for you.

Chamber pot? More like one way portal to someplace else with lid, amirite? Eh?

Hedge maze that is really just a trap that casts maze on those that go through it. The maze is communial for the masses enjoyment.

Heat metal fireless forge (and another one for the bakery).

Goodberry tree for the city's... Transient population.

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