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I don't know about inquisitor. Originally I was looking at just building a straight inquisitor, but I don't think it's the best dip class because of the 3/4ths babness business and their best abilities and spells come much much later. Plus my stat array will be

str 10
dex 18
con 13
int 10
wis 14
cha 14

so I'd need to dump cha and pump wis to be a viable inquisitor

Awesome advice! yeah for my table full optimization isn't very important, we are a very story based group so its more important for me to pick stuff that "makes sense" to whatever is going on as opposed to getting the best numbers. So they would probably look down on the growing extra arms and stuff, just because of the locals with pitchforks and such. But that is an awesome idea and I totally want to do an alchemist with extra arms someday.

So no one is suggesting slayer, I thought that would get a little love. Great advice guys.

Edit: ninjaed about slayer haha

I had no idea flurry stacked with rapid shot! I was going to ask my gm if we could houserule that I could use my rapier.

ONLY downside is no fullbab progression but not a problem when flurrying. Thanks a ton! Eldritch Guardian fighter also looks super cool

i really don't like much of anything after five levels of bolt ace. For my build I'm actually splitting wis and cha and going one level dip in inspired blade to be good at melee at level 3. so after level six I'm not sure what to do.

I thought about going inspired blade the rest of the way but man, the saves are really brutal. Maybe go five levels in order to critical bonuses and then bail.

Monk has good base saves but offers very little else.

Fighter gives the feats I covet but the saves are barely better than swashbuckler and I hate the lack of skills.

Cavalier could be interesting for at least four levels to pick up an animal companion and pick up the feat to full level it out, but thats taking AWAY feats for something I don't really care if I have or not.

Sniper Slayer is probably the safest pick, full bab, good saves, no wasted abilities, great skills. Problem is it just feels so uninspired. 1d6 of extra damage I have to WORK for. yay.

Oh, btw he would be a vampire hunter in a post apocalyptic type setting that's a little like the witcher combined with van helsing.

So beyond one level of inspired blade I'm open to be convinced of ANY combo of anything.

Bonus advice, would it be worth it to take half elf over human? more favored class bonus, plus +2 to will saves?

Thanks in advance!

I'm working on a gnome cleric that will focus on necromancy spells. I want him to be neutral and channel negative energy. He's more of a hermit and selfish then evil. He has no desire to destroy anything or anyone who doesn't bother him, but has gained a begrudging bond toward a local aspiring hero who saved him in a pinch.

anywho, i was wondering if anyone had an idea of what deity fits this character well. Appropriate domains would be nice but not as important. I feel weird picking an evil god since not following the god's creed can lead to losing powers, and if he's out killing some powerful lich (though it would be for purely selfish reasons) it seems like that could cause problems (though maybe I'm over thinking it?) I guess I'm looking for a God that perpetuates selfishness then pure evil. I dunno.

Any suggestions are welcomed! Thank you.

I would definitely go ranged. If you're not interested in wildshape the nature fang is a fun archetype that swaps out wildshape and some more of the druid fluff for slayer talents. Problem is no bow proficiency for druid, so if you can either get bow proficiency with a trait, or maybe you could use a halfling sling.

I've played a paladin once and a cleric that channeled positive energy once. Neither time did I ever channel to heal during combat. However, outside of combat channeling was fantastic. It was used after every combat, no one else had to worry about healing, and I didn't have to take any feats in order to make it better or anything. The one feat I would consider taking would be selective channel since the times when you want to heal all your allies at once during combat must mean things are in dire straights. So even though it might be extremely situational those situations can save multiple peoples' lives.

I just wouldn't want to invest in making channeling viable as a go to move during combat (unless it was negative energy/death domain cleric) only because it doesn't seem fun to me. As a cleric I would A. use big spells against big baddies or to thin out herd, B. pull out my weapon and smash some skulls C. channel at the end of combat.

Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:

Envoy elf.....1 Inspired blade swashbuckler/ X Emp. investigator

First level Fencing Grace and profession Sailor.

Focus on dex and take mutagen and quick study @ 5.

Mutagen + cats grace + reduce person= +10 dex, +2 NA, +1 size bonus to hit and to AC. At level is a huge combat boost.

Basically you will be boss hog with insane amount of skills and an insane dex to do damage with. Let's not forget parry and ripose option for combat and to mix of inspiration and daring do for skill boosting.

THIS. Since you already have a grenadier alchemist, playing a melee focused one would be much different. Don't need a high cha. I built a inspired blade 1/vivisectionist x that was pretty potent.

Hmm wrote:

Calartnick -- You're welcome. If I'd designed the gnome oracle FCB, I would have totally given them what wayangs get. Gnomes and illusions go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

As you can see, I love oracles (I've played three different mysteries and two different archetypes) and I adore faery dragons. I have one as a familiar on a sorceress, and she's great! I wish you good luck with yours!

Saldiven -- Faerie Dragon

Yeah, it probably makes more sense to go sorcerer. I'm not going to use combat so I waste oracle BAB. I'm actually totally fine with the lack of illusion spells on the cleric spell list, but if I'm taking 3 feats already just to get my faerie dragon and skill focus, I would love to be able to take the next step in order to get a very good ability with improved eldritch heritage. I may end up going sorcerer and still taking eldritch heritage, or I could just boost up my illusion capabilities like a boss.

Hmm wrote:

Ancient lorekeeper is a bad idea for a heavens oracle.

Ancient lorekeeper wrote:
Elven Arcana (Ex): At 2nd level, an ancient lorekeeper’s mastery of elven legends and philosophy has allowed her to master one spell used by elven wizards. She selects one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least one level lower than the highest-level oracle spell she can cast. The ancient lorekeeper gains this as a bonus spell known. The spell is treated as one level higher than its true level for all purposes. The ancient lorekeeper may choose an additional spell at 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 18th levels. This ability replaces the bonus spells she would normally gain at these levels from her chosen mystery.

It replaces some of your mystery spells. You cannot do that as a heavens oracle. You'd gimp yourself.

If you want to go for a different race that does get sorc-wizard illusion spells as its favored class bonus, go wayang.

Wayangs get the following oracle FCB.

Wayang (Advanced Race Guide) wrote:
Add one spell known from the wizard’s illusion school spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the oracle can cast. That spell is treated as one level higher unless it is also on the oracle spell list.
The only problem with Wayangs... No charisma bonus, and no racial boost to illusions. It helps for heavens oracles to get that charisma bonus sky high. Still, if you want more illusion, that is one way to go.

Odd Wayang oracles can get wizard spells via FCB, but little Gnome can't get a few high level spells through eldritch heritage feat chain. Ill definitely have to look at wayangs closely, make great sense for a stealthy oracle. Ill check with GM to see if he'll allow them in his campaign. Great advice

strayshift wrote:

Piercing Spell may be better for you than Spell Penetration?

Certainly Extend Spell and Persistent Spell are also good Metamagic options.

Playing a human will give you a bonus feat (Spell Focus) countering the extra +1 Save D.C. advantage a gnome would have AND you get a better favoured class bonus (divine spells for when the illusions don't work).You could also take Focussed Study for up to 3 skill focus feats at higher levels.

In terms of your curse, would Haunted not be better?

Haunted would probably be better. I like deaf because it would be a different experience for me, plus I want to make a sneaky caster, being small I can make him very stealthy, even cast silent on myself and still cast spells.

We are starting at level 10. 23 point buy (weird I know)

Right now I have...

Gnome Oracle of Heavens

Str 10 (-2 racial) 8
Dex 12
Con 12 (+2 racial(|) 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 18 (+2) 20

1: Skill Focus Knowledge X (still thinking which one I want, maybe religion)
3: Eldritch Heritage
5: Divine Protection
7: Spell Penetration
9: Improved Familiar (Faerie Dragon)

1: Awesome Display
3: Lure of Heavens
7: Coat of Stars

Curse: Deaf
This is one of the reasons I'm a big fan of upgrading to the faerie dragon since they get telepathy. I'm wondering if I should use the racial favored bonus, at level 10 I would have tremor sense, but I fear that might be a bit too much cheese considering I never had to suffer from the serious problems of being deaf starting at such a high level as it is)

Clearly I will be focused on casting and have no real combat abilities (which I'm fine with)

Any suggestions on items, play styles, or changes I should make?

Also, if I take improved eldritch heritage at 11, there is no problem with me adding a sorcerer spell to my spell list correct? would LOVE to add more illusion spells. Thanks guys in advance for your posts

Archaeik wrote:
calartnick wrote:

Especially when looking at the serene strike ability: At 3rd level, when a tranquil guardian confirms a critical hit, she may convert all damage from her attack to nonlethal damage, and when she does, she can activate Touch of Serenity through her weapon or unarmed strike. Using serene strike is a free action.

At least this way touch of serenity can be used through a weapon, and again doesn't specify melee.

After reviewing the archetype, and given the lack of IUS coupled with "even if you don't meet the prereqs", I'm mostly inclined to agree, but I can't tell if the author is purposely taking advantage of the feat text to make it a "viable" replacement for Smite Evil, or if he also thought Smite was restricted to melee...

Smite is already pretty powerful when optimized for range, and ToS would be too, as it removes most of the risk/effort of closing to the caster. I wouldn't allow ToS for anything but melee attacks. (ymmv though)
Also, keep in mind a Zen Archer has to be level 17 before they could use ToS at range as a point for comparison.

But, I agree with Imbicatus that using the feat this way is on treacherous ground because it would need an exemption (like Zen Archer and Perfect Strike) if this gets FAQ'd, however unlikely that event is.

I feel like that's fair. I'm not too familiar with this ability as a monk or zen archer, so I can't comment on that. Other than the prereq for unarmed strike and the name "TOUCH of serenity," to me I don't see why it needs to be restricted to certain types of attacks. I know there are other abilities with the prereq of unarmed strike that you can use with weapons, so I dunno. Replacing smite evil, which is waaaay better and can be used with range, I don't see it as being over powered as a ranged attack, but that's just me

Especially when looking at the serene strike ability: At 3rd level, when a tranquil guardian confirms a critical hit, she may convert all damage from her attack to nonlethal damage, and when she does, she can activate Touch of Serenity through her weapon or unarmed strike. Using serene strike is a free action.

At least this way touch of serenity can be used through a weapon, and again doesn't specify melee.

Archaeik wrote:

From the table entry for Touch of Serenity

Foes hit by unarmed strikes cannot attack or cast spells

That's a good point, I didn't see that. However, the tranquil guardian doesn't gain unarmed strike and maybe I shouldn't assume, but I feel like the if the designers wanted the tranquil guardian to use this ability with only unarmed strikes they would have given it as a bonus feat. But maybe I'm reaching.

Is it possible to use it on a bow?

Touch of Serenity:
You must declare that you are using this feat before you make your attack roll (thus a failed attack roll ruins the attempt). On a successful hit, the attack deals no damage and bestows no other effect or condition, but the target cannot cast spells or attack (including attacks of opportunity and attacks as immediate actions) for 1 round unless it succeeds on a Will saving throw with a DC of 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Wisdom modifier. You may attempt a touch of serenity once per day for every four levels you have attained (but see Special), and no more than once per round.

As far as I can see it doesn't state that you need to utilize a melee attack to use the feat, though improved unarmed strike is normally a prereq. Does anyone know the official rule?

Sorry I'm pretty new to official rules, the group that brought me in and taught me pathfinder play a little loosey goosey.

So if I have long arm cast, and someone comes through my threatend square to approach me in melee i get an AOO right?

After that's settled than they still can approach me and attack me which is fine.

However, if I have opportune parry and riposte I can use a panache to use one of my AOO's to block the attack and than strike.

Is this legal? Can I use TWO AOO's in one round against the same PC? Obviously I have combat reflexes.

Thanks for the help!

Rynjin wrote:

Use Long Arm and just pretend it makes you big.

Your Dex mutagen already gives you a big Dex boost.

Yeah that's fair. Don't need enlarge person and Long Arm really.

I'm playing a Vivisectionist4/inspired blade 1

Basically I really wanted the feel of a guy who is pretty meek until busting out the mutagen, so having a guy start with a big strength kind of defeats that purpose. Anywho, I love the idea of enlarge person, but right now it kind of sucks for my character since i have fencing grace (no need for str for damage or to hit) and I lose out on my primary stat, however I WOULD like to get big, and I personally think it could make sense to homebrew enlarge person to increase dex instead of str.

So ideas I had Maybe...

Give +2 to Dex no penalty to other stats?
Make it a second level extract instead of first?

Thanks all!

A halfling swashbuckler inspired blade could be very good at level 1. You can take slashing grace level one because you get finesse and weapon focus for free. you get the +1 to attack and ac for being small with no penalty for crappy strength.

Awesome! Thanks! We probably won't ever get beyond 15th level, I'm guessing we stop somewhere between 10-12. I'm not too worried about spell DCs since I plan on mostly using spells for buffs, summoning and utility.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

Why is your charisma so low for paladin?

edit oh they're rolled stats

I'd go with wisdom, based on his history. It's less of a flawed perception, and more of he's just not good at listening to his own feelings and needs, which is why it took him so long to figure out his true calling.

plus with a high charisma, the negative to will saves won't hurt quite so bad. I agree it's also an option for some interesting role playing.

So I'm doing a negative energy cleric that will focus on raising undead starting at level 5. I will be taking feats to make channeling more viable (with extra feats I will take spell focus, augment summoning to give me some more options pet wise). As far as spells I plan on mostly using buffs.

We roll for ability scores (i know i know, what is this, 1987?) and I was lucky enough to get an 18. my second highest score was a 14.

My biggest question, should I put the +2 in cha to make it a super score of 20, or boost my wisdom up to 16?

Stunning barrier greater was nice for my recent cleric

I think a zen archer nature fang could be an awesome combo, get a full level animal companion and swap out wild shape for slayer abilities.

OK I've worked it a little, realized the error of my ways, decided to go with the rapier and be an inspired blade instead of mysterious avenger.

Level 1: Inspired Blade, feat: slashing grace
Level 2: Enlightened paladin
Level 3: Enlightened paladin
Level 4: Inspired Blade

This way I can slashing grace level 1 and dump str.

currently the stats im toying with is

str 10, 8 after racial
dex 18, 20 after racial
con 10
int 10
wis 8
cha 16, 18 after racial

I know weak con for a front line fighter but hoping to rely on tough AC, amazing saves, and laying hands on myself.

Right now the thing Im thinking about most is feats. Other than risky fighter at later levels, combat reflexes, and the critical focus chain, nothing really jumps out at me. Thoughts?

(also final time I'll bump my own thread)

cnetarian wrote:
The Pale King wrote:

I'm actually currentlty considering a Half-Elf Oradin, take the first two levels in Hospitaler Paladin, grab some life Oracle levels to get life link. Probably try to have at least 12 intelligence so I can grab a perform skill. Be a healbot who fights when he has no other options. Not sure what combat style I want to go with though.

Plus is seems like a heal bought would be a huge help in Serpent's Skull.

Assimar pally archetype Tranquil Guardian?

especially if you pick an Azata, the "Muse Touched" Aasimar would make tons of sense to have a love of all things artistic.

Is your party 4 people? So three humans and you? I would say, depending on your GM, it could be nice to have someone with Darkvision, so a Dwarf would be very useful to the party that way.
That being said, a Tengu ranged monster hunter sounds pretty darn cool to me.

If you're not going for optimization like you said, I think all these builds are more than viable. You should play the character you really want to play.

It sounds like the vines are attached to the creature you hit itself, as opposed to something else anchored. I would rule that wouldn't entirely prevent movement.

Yeah, charisma is an absolute given. Bard makes the most sense to me. Focus on orator, use fascinate and suggestion, buff your allies so you don't have to get your hands dirty, certainly use charm and dominate spells.

I want to start this character for my next home brew game.

Basics: he's a halfling enlightened paladin for two levels to boost up defense and gain divine grace. At that point he feels like he's not doing enough for his community so he puts on a persona to help liberate others, while still being the paladin back home. I picked mysterious avenger mechanically because he can use charmed life in a way that still stacks with divine grace and the mysterious avenger can't use a shield either.

Goal: I'd like to be able to be a front line fighter even though being small. Should have high AC especially with the charmed life ability, and can also do some lay on hands as swift actions to heal.

Help: biggest help I need is proper feats. Second biggest help is the right weapon. Should I go with whip? Won't really be able to trip or anything being small, but whip still has fun abilities with right feats. Also, is there any time where I should go back to paladin?

Thank you all

VERY sorry to necro, but I just played a character I had a blast with. Mechanically, it was a Filcher Rogue archetype (the best thief in the game) but the first two levels i went with Mysterious avenger. He was a Robin Hood style Halfling (which in our game, halflings weren't common in our area of the world, so EVERYONE knew who he really was behind the mask, which would lead to some very funny role play) that used a whip. First two levels of Mysterious Avenger grants you whip proficiency, panache, weapon finesse, and charmed life. The next 8 i went filcher and used my powers of theft to steal from the rich and evil and give to the poor. Rest of the levels I went with Swashbuckler and would continue to do so.

The character himself was actually not terrible in combat, but he was no where near the damage dealer the party barbarian was. However with being able to steal, trip, and do lots of other fun stuff he was a very good battlefield controller. Also, beyond awesome to play.

Oracle is a good idea, thanks for the advice guys! I do wish there were more ways to get a familiar but I think I could convince my GM to allow to take leadership to acquire an improved familiar without getting the spell bonuses from a familiar. I do like the sorcerer still because I like the idea of relying on magic armor. I feel like there could be a bard arcetype that works but none seemed to jump out at me, I may have missed a good one though. I'll definitely check out oracle though.

selunatic2397 wrote:

One of my players runs a ranger with dips in mage...he took advanced familiar to get an azata...

Named her "Navi"...yup he also dresses in green and is a blonde elven male!

If you have a tiny faerie companion you might as well go all in for Link!

That's freaking awesome!

So I saw the Azata Aasimar is supposed to be the epitome of beauty, and I wanted to build a charisma based spell caster that uses a lot of diplomacy, bluff and even intimidate. I was thinking a sorcerer with the arcane bloodline and take improved familiar to get a little shoulder angel friend. However with the bonus to perform I was thinking maybe bard would do the trick. I do love the idea of more skill points. However, I don't know if the bard is the appropriate class for a beautiful angelic woman who is powerful enough to intimidate forces of evil. Keep in mind I'm looking more for flavor then the best mechanics, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the best class for my character idea.

Hey guys, I've searched the forums for similar topics, so I'm sorry if this question has already been answered.

I'd love to play as a lizardfolk but am bummed they don't have the +5 natural armor.

I created a homebrewed Lizardfolk that has +2 to str, +2 con, -2 to int, and +5 to natural AC and nothing else.

According to the race builder this doesnt make my lizard folk any higher then, say an aasimar. Do you think this makes my playable race too powerful?