D&D Reign of Winter (interest check )


Hello all, I used to run pbp on here but have not in some time. I know there is some interest in 5e on here but thought I would see just how much there was before I dived right in.

So, any interested in a reign of winter game converted to 5e?

It'd be interesting to try it out. Why, I have a fighter/barbarian in mind already!

Would it still be played in Golarion?

Yes,only the rules would be converted.

Then count me in! Any guidelines for character generation? Restricted races, classes, etc?

5th edition, I cannot resist. More details I need... said in my best Yoda imitation.

I have a Fire Genesi Wizard already made, but can make whatever the party needs.

I've a Reign of Winter PC that made it through the first book that I'd love to revive as a 5E arcane trickster. I've been looking for a chance to try out the system for a while also.

I would love to play this. I will drop off a character here this afternoon (Eastern time US). I really enjoy 5th ed and have been wanting to play this adventure.

Four is enough for me to work on this. It may be a few days or a week before I get something up. I have been working on this for a little bit. I'll answer some questions below.

@ Aneirin Rhodri: I will likely use point buy, core rules. I am working on some things, like setting/AP related background options and at lest one new patron for the warlock.

@ scranford: Details will be provided when I place the ad up. Also, you may not recall this but you played in a game I GMed back in 2010. Nice to see you still around.

@ Vazlow, no point in trying to make a PC at this time. I will not have the add up for a few days and will have more char gen info up at that time.

If you have room to squeeze one more, I would love to play a cleric. I'm thinking Life or War domain offhand.

Also interested... in both RoW and in trying out 5.0. I'll keep an eye out for an official recruitment thread and in the meanwhile be thinking about a character. I had a witch in a RoW that went belly up shortway in, so I may rebuild her as some kind of arcane. Or something else depending on what else is thrown into the ring.

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I'm potentially interested as well, depending on certain logistical details: namely whether combat mapping will be heavily relied upon (my work filter makes all the usual map solutions into major pains) and what the expected rate of posting would be.

I am dying to pbp a 5e campaign! I have only play it in person and roll20. I love written story, is so much easier to RP and come up with story enriching elements, character inmersion, etc. I have several Characters interesting to use, just let us know the background :)

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How'd this turn out?

I'm very interested in playing Reign of Winter with 5th Ed. Rules...and learning the conversion process.


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Was ther enough interest?

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Happened to come across this thread and saw the two recent posts. Sorry, the game's already in progress (I know because I'm in it). Once the first four people had expressed interest, a separate "real" recruitment thread was made, and the game started shortly thereafter. Sorry folks.

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