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Full Name

Bastagar Swiftthicket





Init +3 Per +5 | AC 16/14/14 | HP 25/25 | F +4/R + 5/ W +0| +2 vs illusion | CMB +0 CMD 13 | spells | 1st (4/4) | Spell Failure: 10%






143 (Middle Age)


Chaotic "Fey"


Lantern King


Stolen Lands


Skald, Gnome, Sylvan, Aklo, Taldane, Varisian

Strength 10
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 18

About Bastagar Swiftthicket

Init: +3, Senses: Perception +5; low light vison

AC: 16, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (2 armor, 3 dex, 1 size); defensive training
HP: 25 (1d8+2d6+9)
Fort:+4 Ref:+5 Will:+0; +2 vs. illusion

Speed: 20ft
Melee: shillelagh +5 (1d4/10 ft.), shocking grasp +5 touch (3d6 electricity; +3 to hit vs. metal-wearing foes)
Ranged: shillelagh +5 (1d4/10 ft.), ray of frost +5 touch (1d3 frost)
Special Attacks: sneak attack +1d6, laughing touch 6/day, invoke the vaetirr 1/day
Spell-Like Abilities: (CL 2; Concentration +6)
1/day - Dancing Lights (DC 14), Ghost Sound (DC 15), Prestidigitation, Speak with Animals
Sorcerer Spells Known: (CL 2nd; Concentration +6)
1st (5/day)— shocking grasp, echoes of the first world (infernal healing)
0 (at will)—daze (DC 16), detect magic, mending, message, ray of frost

BAB: +1, CMB: +0, CMD: 13
Skills: Acrobatics +7, Bluff +10, Climb +6, Disguise +7, Disable Device +9, Escape Artist +9, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception +5, Sleight of Hand +7, Stealth +13, UMD +9
Favored Class: Skill (2)
Feats: Weapon Finesse, Eschew Materials, Toughness
Traits: Magical Knack, Restless Wayfarer, Invoke the Vaetirr
SQ: gnome traits, fey bloodline, black rider bond
Combat Gear: alchemists fire, bone bag (DC 13), charm case with charms of endure elements, silent image (DC 11), unseen servant, drow poison x3 (injury poison, 1/min for 2 mins, DC 13 or unconcious for 1 min/2d4 hours), greenblood oil x5 (injury poison, 1/rnd. for 4 rnds. DC 13, 1 Con), smoke pellet, wand of goodberry (4 charges)
Other Gear: shillelagh (as club), dagger, leather armour, oil of taggit x2 (ingested poison, DC 15, 1min onset, unconcious 1d3 hours), cold iron saucepan, peasant's outfit, cold weather outfit, mwk. thieves tools, bandolier, sack, bedroll, winter blanket, flask (empty), ball of twine, wooden flute, pouch of tobacco, tripwire, Druman brass smoking pipe, bell, ioun torch, snowshoes, grappling hook, 100ft of silk rope, flint and steel, whetstone, potatoes, onions, turnips, four chickens 18gp 6sp 9cp in assorted coins and brass buttons

The Lay of Grungir Wood:
cross whale-road and rocky sea,
An earnest youth, unblooded he.
Travels far, finds glory naught.
Wither-death takes him by the hearth.
Down frozen road to rocky fjord,
Through Thanelands vast and forests thick
Deep in Grungir's grove is found
There, the liesmith, Lantern King...

Thence the fearsome fairie king
Holds him in godless heathenry.
Yearning for his stolen youth,
The withered-wretch serves willingly.

Bane of the wood burns bright in hearth
As the craven visitor comes again.
"Your treasures and trinkets be mine to take,
Weregild for my wretched fate!"

For stolen-silver stashed away,
Trinkets for the trickster-king,
A boon for his favoured-fool,
A grinning gift of prophecy:

"Weather of wolves is come again
Seek the witch-queen, sealed in chains.
Far from Thornwall, far from Thane
Steal youth stolen back again."

Character Summary: Bastagar is an otherworldly being, a gnarled, white-haired creature old as the ash trees, although not nearly as tall. He serves an otherworldly master, and the suspicious folk that inhabit the lands near the Grungir Forest, even his fellow Gnomes, are quick to cast him as a witch, evil spirit, or worse, forcing him to live in hiding. He takes freely from the villages he inhabits, though often leaves repayment in work or service. The terms of this arrangement, however, are always up to him. When asked about his goals, however, he chuckles merrily and taps his crooked nose, stating that they are for "Me to know, and you to ponder."

Background Summary: A wanderer and scribe for the Pathfinders, Bastagar lost his nerve after a brush with death and lived a life of seclusion in Delgan's Grove to the north, withering away under the curse of the Bleaching. Cast out by his kinsmen unwilling to see him wither into madness and expire, he wandered deep into Grungir Forest and begun worship of the Lantern King (whether the Eldest of the First World himself or some malicious fey trickster or other), who began to whisper lies into his ear, ways to steal back his youth. The wisdom of his early years half-lost to madness, he lives a life hiding in dank cellars and haylofts, chuckling wildly as keys, trinkets and valuables are inexplicably lost, driven from village to village by suspicious townsfolk damning him as an evil spirit or worse. However, he has increasingly come to believe that the long winter is linked to the bitter chill of the Bleaching. If he can undo one, he might just undo the other...

Appearance and Belongings:
A crooked grin and twinkling eyes peer out behind bushy white eyebrows the colour of winter, and a bushy, tangled mess of hair, filled with bits of straw, leaves, and the occasional cobweb, it's clear it's been a long time since this gnome has slept in a bed. Gnarled and crooked with age, he stands barely over three feet tall, and seems something out of a skald's tale than a creature of flesh and blood. He wears no bright colours, in fact the colour seems drained from him as if sucked out by some demon, and the only fine thing in his possession are his handsome, curled brogues, which the gnome seems eerily attatched to, polishing them to a mirror sheen each morning.
His true prized possession is a boon from his master, a branch from a dryad's heart-tree. This acts as a wand of goodberry with a few charges remaining, sprouting and bearing fruit when he whispers to it. This is the secret to his survival, and he clings to it dearly, his only tangible connection to the First World and his fairie masters.

Bone Bag: one of the items Bastagar lifted without knowing it's purpose, it is a small black leather bag that has a half dozen vertebrae from animals within it. All vertebrae bear a horizontal nick from when they were used as sacrifices to a dark god. The residual magics have faded... but animals still hold an unnatural aversion to it.
If the bag is held before you and rattled, it forces animals of 4 HD or lower to make a DC13 Will save or avoid Bastagar
Cold Iron Saucepan: with black wooden handle carved of bog pine. Can be used as an improvised weapon.
You can also expect that interesting things will start happening when you use up the charges on your wand...

Personality and Traits:
Wily: Bastagar is a canny trickster with many aces up his sleeve, and a cunning only slightly lost to madness. Bastagar has travelled very as far south as Kintargo, and as far north as the Thanelands, and has much experience to draw from (as well as a wealth of unconvincing tall tales to tell.)
Zeal: Despite the Bleaching, Bastagar is still a gnome, and powers through life with a mixture of senseless optimism and stubborn persistence, that often tends to rub off on those around him.
Restless: Bastagar is in constant motion, as if fearing as soon as he stops his frantic activity his heart swill stop with it. He is the last to leave the fireside and the first to rise, and it would take the most vigilant observer to determine if he sleeps at all. His haste often leads him into dire situations, but so far lies and magic have been tools enough to weasel out of them.
Mad: Mind frayed by the rigors of the Bleaching, Bastagar is prone to shrieks of laughter, mad ramblings and nonsensical tunes, as well as deep fits of lethargy and sadness, when all the world seems to hold no colour for him. His movements are stiff and erratic, more like those of a toy-soldier than a human, and his eyes beady and frantic, often setting those that come across him on edge.

Level Up:

L3 Stealth +13, Disable Device +9, Escape Artist +9, Knowledge (arcana) +7, UMD+9; +1 Fort +1 Will, mending FEAT
L4 Stealth +14, Disguise +7, Disable Device +10, Escape Artist +10, Knowledge (arcana) +8; +1 Ref, +1 BAB, woodland stride, vanish entangle,
L5 UMD+10 Disable Device +11, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Acrobatics +8; +1 Will ((+1 4/6, 4 2/6, +2 2/6)), mage hand, hideous laughter/alter self/[/ooc] FEAT
L6 Assassin +1 BAB, +1 Fort ((+2, 4 5/6, +2 4/6)), sneak attack, death attack, poison use, 6 free skill ranks (UMD to max, linguistics, swim, appraise, craft (alchemy/poison), diplomacy, fly, spellcraft, acro, perform, swim)
L7 Trickster - ranged legerdomain, (knowledge (all) snowball, glitterdust FEAT