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How'd this turn out?

I'm very interested in playing Reign of Winter with 5th Ed. Rules...and learning the conversion process.


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If someone added the fun of filling out a 1040 Form every time you passed "Go" in Monopoly... it would explain how I feel about Pathfinder.

I WANT this game to be FUN... I WANT to make friends playing PFS...

So far... its not.

(Older beginner player)

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A gross of goblins.

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Samy wrote:
Oooh, Lirianne is joining Mavaro in representing the thicker among us. Very inclusive, thank you!!

More to love...

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Lucas Servideo wrote:
Woran wrote:

I love these! For the kids. Of course. Just for the kids.

happily colours away

Don't worry Woran, the PDF will be available for everyone to download and Colour after Gen Con.

I've got my colored pencils ready...

err... I mean MY Daughter's colored pencils...

errrr... I mean My Daughter has HER colored pencils ready!!

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Thanks for offering this gaming opportunity.  Sorry that I missed it... THIS time.


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Sorry I missed out...

Keep me in mind for your next one.

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Do you need some help drinking the wine there?

You know...

... in the back.

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I'm still somewhat a noobie... started a few games with PFS... was ok but seemed overly rule-ish.

When I finally found a 5th edition Excursions/Adventure League group... LOVED IT... but I have to admit... we have a great DM and some really good folks of similar backgrounds.

Yesterday I played my first post 5th Edition Pathfinder game at a PFS Gameday ... and I thought it would NEVER END.

Oh Lord... I have to seriously think about it if I'm going to PFS again...

Just the fun seemed all sucked out of it.

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kinevon wrote:

No, it only affects ammunition purchase, not a weapon purchase.

Mmmm... Ok.

Good thing I asked.

Thanks very much!!

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Merisal The Risen wrote:

I was thinking it was either +1 or +2 ammunition only myself until I reread the boon. It is actually +1 ammunition with a +1 or +2 enhancement bonus added. (I assuming the boon is a Season 5 player boon #1)

So glad I did look at this aggain +2 arrows in batches of ten did not appeal that much. But now i am thinking and pondering possibilities...


Season 5 Spoiler:
Season 5 Player Boon #1.

Here's the text:

"Custom Order: You have a special contract with an ammunition crafter, and you are able to order small batches of specialty ammunition as a result. Choose either a +1 or +2 ranged weapon enchantment. You may purchase +1(enchantment) pieces of ammunition in sets of 10 instead of sets of 50. Once you choose the weapon enchantment, you may only change the enchantment type by spending 4 Presitge Points."

I read that as I can buy +1 ammunition AND get a +1 or +2 Ranged weapon enchant.

oooohhhh... Ninja... nice suggestion.

However... I've already invested an hour or so in learning Rangers.

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I played an Investigator during Virtual Table Top day... and received a Boon at the end of the game for a +1 or +2 ranged weapon enchantment... and I can purchase +1 enchantment pieces of ammunition in quantities of 10.

2 questions.

1. I'm still learning how to play as a newbie and want to re-roll for a basic class since I'm still level 1. Which class could make best use of the Boon?

2. Why would the Boon say (+1 or +2 Ranged weapon enchantment)? +2 is always better... right?

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My Investigator would like to join please.

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I'm a noob older player, and for my fourth RPG session ever, I chose an Investigator with a sword cane. It just SEEMED like the right weapon for this character.

Perhaps it was TOO right for the character. A weak sister as a level 1 character, with a wimpy weapon I discovered.

Don't know if it's too late to magnify this set...,but with studied attack, this character should be able to find the weak spot in any opponent's armor with a precision blade of stabbiness.

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Thanks Drinking_J.

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Play test characters? Investigator ok?

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I'd like to join. I'd like to wizard it up... But I'll have something with a bit more blade and brawn ready to go if needed.


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Thanks for replying

US Central Time...

Late Wednesdays (8pm), Fridays (8pm), Saturdays or Sundays I can make time.

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Hey.... I got a Roll 20 account... played Pathfinder Society ONCE... would like to learn and play more... but live in the sticks and hard to get a game going.