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So without getting into the back story of why I am asking this question (unless it becomes important later), if something grants you the use of another class' ability, like in the case of Amateur Gunslinger or Amateur Swashbuckler granting you the use of one deed of your choice, may that choice be from an archetype of the class you are choosing from, or must it be from the unmodified class itself? Would you allow this if it is not RAW, and if so/not, why?

I... don't actually know.

To answer your second question, I'd be hesitant on allowing any archetype's deed, so I'd allow things case by case. There are two reasons:
1) Theoretically, a designer might make a powerful 1st level deed and balance it by nerfing other class features for the archetype.
2) The list of 1st level Core Gunslinger/Swashbuckler deeds is limited. The list of replacement Gunslinger/Swashbuckler deeds from archetypes is unbounded and grows as Paizo releases more content. As a GM, I can memorize and gauge the power level for the former but not the latter.

I'm also interested in learning the RAW answer for the OP's question.

Off the base, archetypes things are only for those archetypes. Example is wildblooded bloodlines and eldrich heritage. faq

Hmm...dunno if that applies necessarily. It's not an entire class feature that is replaced...

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While the example might not apply to you, the question and answer seem to directly speak to your question.

Let's look at it if you remove the example

FAQ wrote:

Archetypes and Gaining Powers: If an archetype like wildblooded sorcerer grants new class features like bloodline powers, domain powers, or the like, if I don’t have that archetype, can I use feats like [Amateur Gunslinger or Amateur Swashbuckler]*and choose the powers granted by the archetype.

No. These powers only exist for the archetypes that grant them.

*Substituted for clarity.

Seems clear.

Agreed, the answer is no.

Alrighty then. Thank you.

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The only way I know of for getting archetype abilities from a class is if a prestige class gives you abilities as if you gained levels in a class I.E. stacking bloodlines, evangelist, etc.

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